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COLORISM, through the lens of African American women, is our discussion this week at the table. The politics, prejudices, discriminations and myths around skin color amongst Black people runs deep and holds historical, painful wounds no matter which side of the spectrum you sit. Many dark skin people are considered “too black” while light skin people are considered “not black enough.” But today, our table is dedicated to the specific plight of our Beautiful, Dark Queens. This topic is delicate, painful and sensitive. Let’s be kind and gentle with one another as we reach for more understanding from all sides with this issue. STREAMING NOW. Join us❣️ #redtabletalk THIS EPISODE WAS FILMED BEFORE COVID 19 WHICH IS WHY WE ARE NOT ADHERING TO SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS.



We shot Menace II Society 27 years ago??? Unbelievable!

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In honor of Memorial Day and every Man and Woman who has served our country. Thank  you✨

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RTT show’n some love to an angel of service.🙏🏽❤️✨

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Congrats to everyone nominated! I want to give a special shout out to @tamronhall ! Congrats Beauty!!!!!!!👏🏽✨

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When we are training our more primal/killer instincts to ease and be more gentle😆💕

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All you need is some fluffy, comfy socks😜Happy Monday Beauties💕

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Love your imperfections💋Happy Sunday✨

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That moment somebody looks at you like “Don’t you wish you were me?!”🤣 @lilmanlife

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Will and Willow both dropped songs today. We got a Father/Daughter Friday on our hands. Very different genres but both very hot. I hope you enjoy💕 #FatherDaughterFriday

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An iconic Essence anniversary cover with some of the most incredible, iconic women I’ve been so honored to know. #Blackgirlmagic all day!

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When your pain and loss increases your need to recognize the beauty, possibilities and triumphs of life. I absolutely love this moment. @jaydenigutierrez

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@ivormerlyknownas EVERY character I’ve played has taught me so much about myself. The good and the baaaD😜 You are very talented. Thank you for such a beautiful celebration✨

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I honor all Mothers around the world today and everyday. 🌸Happy Mother’s Day🌸

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Thank you @davidandtamela and #SandraBullock for helping us honor our Heroic Moms for Mother’s Day🌸These mothers go above and beyond for their families and communities. Please join us at the table as we celebrate them today and everyday. Hear their incredible stories on the latest @redtabletalk episode, streaming now❣️✨

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Join us at the Red Table to help us honor Heroic Moms who have been putting in work for their communities in this time of need during Covid-19. These Heroic Moms have no idea what surprises we have for them for Mother’s Day❣️ STREAMING NOW. Link is in my bio❤️

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A lil mother/daughter Mother’s Day prep😆🌸

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When jokas mad cause you can multitask! 🤣✨

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Wishing I could give each and every one of you a hug 🌸✨ @franknitty3000

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So many of us have no understanding of our self worth and that the true gift in any relationship is the giving of our heart, spirit and presence. I’m learning this everyday❣️Streaming now. Link in my bio ❤️

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Have you felt pressure in your relationship during quarantine? One thing I’ve learned is it takes a whole lot of listening and understanding ❤️ Join us along with @micboehm77 @realjohngray & @iamaventergray as we discuss how relationships can survive quarantine ✨ #redtabletalk streaming now!