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2 weeks ago

As most of you know, I’ve been through my fair share of failures & hardships. But I will continue to learn from my mistakes, accept my failures & inspire women who need to be reminded that it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to mess up. We are human beings. Whether it’s financially, mentally, physically... we are amazing & we can truly change the world if we come together with love and understanding. We are incredible, we are strong, we are determined & we are worthy!🤍

3 weeks ago

Thank you SO much for all of the Birthday love this past weekend!💓 I am so thankful for all of you & your kindness! I had the most amazing time celebrating with my close friends & family!🎉🎁 And yes, my birthday cake was a birkin😂 I can’t even handle it!💓 30 YEARS OLD BABY!🎀🎉

3 weeks ago

I love you I love you I love you❤️ Can’t wait to turn 30 with you by my side!!!🎉

4 weeks ago

I can’t wait to travel with you again❤️🙏🏼😭

last month

If this year has taught me anything, it is the importance of taking care of yourself. Mind, body & soul. The world is insane & I wish I could change it every day. But I have learned that I can not control other people, I can only control myself. I can choose to put a smile on my face, I can choose to see the bright side, I can choose to love people even when they piss me off! My life is my choice. And I choose to be happy! Putting in the effort & time into YOURSELF is not easy but you won’t regret it! Take care of you, so you can take care of others💓 For everyone asking about my lip color!!!💄 @kyliecosmetics “Valentine” & “Party Girl” with @diormakeup Lip Glow Oil in shade “pink”

last month

All glammed up & nowhere to go🤍 Can’t wait to cry all my makeup off watching re-runs of Greys Anatomy😂

last month

I love you Dad. I will miss you forever! “The Part of me that’s you will never die”❤️

last month

I’ll be honest, I’m only posting this cause I’m so proud of my butt🍑 Thank you for always having my back baby🧡

last month

I want to have your babies🤍 @farnumgrindtime

last month

How did I do? Is it Anna Wintour approved? #voguechallenge

last month

I’ll be there for you ❤️💛💙

Jun 2020

#blackouttuesday ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

May 2020

It breaks my heart & disgusts me that we live in a world where people are judged, oppressed & murdered because of the color of their skin. Enough is enough!! Change needs to happen!!! #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd

May 2020

Budweiser, but make it classy🍻 P.S if you zoom in you can see a hickey on my neck.... so I should get extra points for being classy.

May 2020

Home sweet home 🤍

May 2020

Alexa, play “Live your life” 🎼

May 2020

My brother, Step Dad & I spent the day in the kitchen cookin up some love for the mothers in our family! Feeling so grateful today!🥂🍞🍳👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

May 2020

Wanna see inside my pantry?! 🥨🍿🍪🥜 In today’s video I show you everything in my pantry & talk all about my favorite snacks & tips!! I hope you enjoy!

May 2020

I genuinely felt pretty yesterday for the first time in a long time. It was very refreshing. I have been working so hard on myself recently & going through SO much that I’m choosing not to share publicly right now. But I am finally starting to feel like myself again! Every day I wake up excited to see my progress in my mental health & my physical ability to overcome hardships. Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to put yourself first. Don’t be afraid to love yourself. And don’t be afraid to let the people go who don’t support you in your journey of self care. Also, there is no filter on this photo. Can we talk about the lighting?!? HELLO golden hour!!!☀️

Apr 2020

I spy with my little eye 👀🐶 Quarantine Queen Makeup look is on my channel!👑

Apr 2020

I miss the days when I chose to leave events early and isolate myself. ❤️🍔 Also, for all the people making comments about my weight & me eating a burger... go find yourself a life.

Apr 2020

There is a new video up on my channel with my love @farnumgrindtime !! ❤️ It’s a Q&A challenge to see who knows each other better! WHO WON?!?💯🎉

Mar 2020

Happy Birthday to the love of my life @farnumgrindtime I put this man through hell and back this past year and he has stayed by my side with patience, kindness & understanding. I couldn’t ask for more in a partner. I celebrate you every day baby, But this weekend we all celebrate you!!!❤️🎉🙏🏼🥰

Feb 2020

VOLUME 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!!🎉 On Morphe.com & ALL Morphe stores! ❤️💜💛🧡❤️💜💛🧡❤️💜💛🧡