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stop thinking economically

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3 weeks ago

coming to you live from my backyard greenhouse

4 weeks ago

pls enjoy these, hopped on my bike right aftershowering just to take em

4 weeks ago

last month i averaged 8,283 steps a day, with my highest day being 16,328 steps. my feet hurt but it’s ok pain is a temporary feeling

last month

that slow burn wait while it gets dark, bruising the sun, i feel grown up with you in your car // i know it’s dumb

last month

we came from the ocean. now it’s our job to protect it, and yet we won’t.

last month

please enjoy these dramatic sky pics from last spring (aka the best season )

Mar 2020

BIRB @lucindugh

Mar 2020

piuí, piuí, piuí, piuí, piuí, Balança a cadeira mulata não deixe o sapo cair

Mar 2020

i think it’s safe to say this week has been the third worst in my entire life

Feb 2020

this flower gives off the biggest february-april vibe ever but it smells so sweet i almost puked while tearing it off my neighbour’s tree

Feb 2020

i like it when we play 1950 // so bold, make them know that you’re with me // stone cold, will you miss me? sidenote: i spent 7 consecutive early hours with this lovely person last sunday, most of which was spent without our phones @lucindugh <3

Jan 2020

update: lots of guesswork but we escaped! this day was extraordinary, thank you guys!!

Jan 2020

pictures of houston in what looks like the middle of a hurricane. #houston #hurricane #thunderstorm #palm #abandoned

Jan 2020

i look for you in every person i meet

Dec 2019

post-workout session 🧊 only about one week out of the whole year, the sun aligns up with the windows it normally never shines on. that week is this week! anyway, i saw the shadow on the wall and thought it blended with my shirt pretty cool so i had to hurry up on the elliptical (the shadow lasts only like 15 minutes ) 😎

Dec 2019

pasta puttanesca 🎭

Nov 2019

not l.a but thats ok bc the stars here are the same

Nov 2019

was browsing my camera roll the other day when i stumbled upon this photo. it’s from november 2018. quick story. a year ago, i was in the worst place in my life. i was suffering last autumn. since then i feel like i’ve become an entirely different person, and i’m tremendously happy with that. however, i’ve always had a subconsious dread for fall. never really liked it to begin with, but the memories i made last year started to stir in the back of my mind. it wasnt until about a week ago when someone came to me about a similar situation in their life. their approach and irrational, yet rational, dread forced me to look at my own life to provide experience. i looked back on this autumn so far and realised it’s been nothing like last. i’ve improved and grown so much, and i’m happy to say that dread is no longer within me. the lesson here is that not everything repeats itself. things might not ever be the same. you can’t assume they will be.

Oct 2019

feeling very @iameden today, but in a very aesthetic way 😛 what’s your favourite artist?

Sep 2019

boom. the wait in this line was totally worth it. 😂🔅 #hoco #worththewait #homecoming #homecoming2019

Sep 2019

by far one of the coolest sunsets i’ve ever seen, especially from so low. 🌅 @jenna_caratao i promise im not stealing

Sep 2019

when your school cancels after everyone already arrived because of how bad the storms are. “get your act together CISD” they said we had to stay on campus until it was safe but no lmao me n cami n alyssa bounced 🚣‍♂️: credits to alyssa and cami for the escape ✌️

Sep 2019

beautiful people are just around the corner 🤩 #beautifulwomen #love #windowart #painting

Sep 2019

took this outside a gas station. #gasstation #texas #cooperfarmspeaches