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23 hours ago

@swaylake will be free through the next week on VOD if you follow the link in my bio. Happy watching, everyone.

3 days ago

Imagine you can hear Tokyo Drifting blasting. *you can find this mask and other fabrics at Bridgetown Bow Ties on Etsy. Select a fabric you like and submit a “custom request”

1 weeks ago

#bts of how sfx makeup happens. Shout out to @vincentvandykefx for their killer work (and incredible bedside manner, this was scary )

2 weeks ago

Staying safe while channeling Guy Fieri

2 weeks ago

All of us at the series wrap party.. followed by some BTS photos I took a few years back. Found while going through some memories today. I’m gonna miss everyone so much. I’ll miss Connor, too. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

3 weeks ago

Missing theatre... performing it, watching it... can’t wait to be back

3 weeks ago

My mom rocks. Get it? Love you mom!

3 weeks ago

Today we #runwithmaud Today would have been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday. Ahmaud was killed by two white men while he was out jogging. It was a modern day lynching. RIP Ahmaud.

3 weeks ago

Remembering restaurants, remembering laughing at restaurants #fbf

3 weeks ago

Excited to share that you can rent or buy The Song of Sway Lake by @arigold @swaylake . This was one of the first movies I was in and I’ll forever be grateful for the experience. A portion of the funds raised from renting/buying the film will go towards the Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund, organized by former Attorney General of the Navajo Nation Ethel Branch. These communities have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic and need our assistance gaining access to food, fresh water, PPE and other health supplies. Follow the link in my bio to buy/rent and enjoy the film!

3 weeks ago

Banjo misses me even when I’m in the same room as him (old picture, that’s why my hair is short )

4 weeks ago

I had never used a sewing machine before this and I may or may not have wanted to throw it against a wall a few times... but we got through it and I was able to donate some masks to @masks4medicine , an incredible grassroots campaign that is helping to get PPE in the hands of of healthcare providers who need them.

5 weeks ago

Missing my grandpa and my big Italian family so i made some gnocchi using a recipe from the family cook book. It was dope.

last month

Thank you to everyone who donated to our @nokidhungry campaign through Cameo. You all are the best.

last month

Be kind to the earth #earthday2020 #earthdayeveryday

last month

What’s on everyone’s quarantine playlist?

last month

Wishing I could be back in India, falling out of this hammock

last month

Matching for a Hawaiian shirt zoom birthday, Banjo’s had enough of me

last month

Thanks @ajanaomi_king for nominating me to shout out a small business! Today I’m highlighting @thehideawaylo , a small winery and tasting room in Santa Barbara County. The pandemic has been devastating to small businesses, so if you’re able, please support your favorites so they can stay in operation. (Pictured here is their “Flocking Fabulous” Sauv Blanc. Can’t wait to try. ) 🔸🔸🔸 @conradricamora , I nominate you to shout out a small business that’s been helping you through quarantine. #biglove4smallbiz

last month

LA: This is awesome! Help @fewforall donate 500 lbs of pasta to @lafoodbank this week by ordering pasta, sauce and cookie dough through their IG page. Every item you purchase = 1 lb donated. they’re also providing free pasta to hospitality workers that are unemployed as a result of coronavirus. Deliveries are contactless. LOVE THIS. LOVE PASTA. I JUST ORDERED PASTA FOR THIS WEEKEND. We’re all in this together.

last month

📸 @michaelgeorge

last month

Hi all 👋 in honor of #HTGAWM returning tonight I’ll be on @cameo for the next seven days doing personalized shout outs and raising money for @nokidhungry . No Kid Hungry does great work providing meals for children in need and their services are crucial right now. Find me on Cameo and let’s raise some money to help the kids!

last month

Moody Jack. 📸 @michaelgeorge

last month

@trevorproject found that 39% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past twelve months, with more than half of transgender and nonbinary youth having seriously considered. The current pandemic has increased Trevor Lifeline call volume significantly in recent months, and has spiked at ​nearly 2x normal volume​. They need our help. If you’re able to right now, please consider making a donation to The Trevor Project through the link in my bio. You can help save young LGBTQ lives.