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ccc '22|🇲🇽🇺🇸|📍chicago just a mixed girl tryna make it in this mixed-up world! vice-president of @ccclatinoalliance 🥀

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stay close to people who feel like sunlight💘

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as a white latina i'm always in a weird position when it comes to any situation really. though i may not look it, i'm aware that i have some level of privilege in this broken society. as a result of that, i will forever use my voice and platform to speak out on injustice and amplify other's voices. aside from the fact that i'm partially white, i am also latina and the culture is central to my identity. it's as much a part of me as i am a part of it. as a person of color, my heart hurts for the black community and good people unjustly taken from the world like ahmaud arbery and george floyd and breonna taylor and so many more like them. the american society is very unjust-very racially unjust to be more specific. it's incredible the way that the united states prides itself on being the "land of the free", when minorities in the u.s. aren't free to live a normal life and do as they please without their life being put in jeopardy. ahmaud was going on a run, george was shopping, and breonna was SLEEPING. these and countless other beautiful souls were taken from the world due to the disease of racism that continues to plague the country and the systems that uphold it. thankfully, because of this surge in activism, some justice has been served, but just because some people have been convicted and some legislation has been introduced, it doesn't mean that the movement is over. there is STILL much to be done as for civil rights in this country. we CANNOT let our people continue to die like this. i urge you to use your voice and platform to make change in the world. I also call my fellow latinx people to, if you haven't already, please help the cause. the black community has always been by our side when it comes to fighting for our causes and have paved the way for us to gain rights in this country. we wouldn't even be able to vote without them. because of that, their struggle is our struggle. we have to show solidarity for them as they have for us. i have a link in my bio with plenty of resources to help the cause. sign petitions, donate, educate, vote, do something because a better country is only possible through your efforts. TU LUCHA ES MÍ LUCHA

Apr 2020

•un momento de claridad•

Mar 2020

❌u can't sit with us❌

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Aug 2019

Aug 2019

sin lluvia no hay flores~🌻

Aug 2019


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•p a r e d e s•

Aug 2019

◇ how've you been? ◇

Jul 2019

sunshine on my mind☀️💕

Jun 2019

🌼B L O O M🌼

Jun 2019

you're such a dream to me💫💕 @arianagrande #sweetenertourchicago

May 2019

you are the cause of my euphoria~🌸 #speakyourselftourinchicagoday1 #bts

May 2019

find your name find your voice by speaking yourself💕 @bts .bighitofficial

Apr 2019

don't know what i'd do without you💕 #blackpinkinchicago

Apr 2019

♡B L A C K P I N K I S T H E R E V O L U T I O N♡

Apr 2019

♡c h i c a♡

Mar 2019

🌈only when i'm with you, colors they show through🌈 • • • #tiffany #tiffanyyoung #gg #lipsonlipstour2019 #lipsonlipschi

Mar 2019

🍿what's poppin???🍿

Jan 2019

•i'm too young to be this old• #19

Jan 2019

💫happy new year~💫 2018 was a rough year with so many endings but it gave way for so many new beginnings and memories. i started at a new school, made new friends, and gained a new outlook on life. I'm soooooo grateful for my family and friends that are always right where i need them💕 love you guys so much and i hope 2019 is good to you💖💖💖

Dec 2018

i'm dreaming of a white christmas~❄

Nov 2018

🍗super blessed and turkey-obsessed🍗 #friendsgiving