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The Steve Harvey store is now open, t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories that will inspire you - and make you laugh.

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2 days ago

I invited @Jeezy and @DrStevePerry to #HarveyMentoringMondays for a powerful conversation about dreaming big, living life with purpose and pursuing greatness!⠀ ⠀ Tune in TODAY @ 7pm EST/4pm PST for another great virtual mentoring session with The @Harvey .Foundation on IG Live!⠀⠀ ⠀ #HarveyFoundation

2 weeks ago

It takes a village! @KirkFranklin & @AnthonyHamiltonOfficial joins me for a powerful #HarveyMentoringMondays !⠀ ⠀ Tune in TODAY @ 7pm EST/4pm PST with The @Harvey .Foundation IG Live!⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #HarveyFoundation#SteveHarvey #KirkFranklin #AnthonyHamilton

2 weeks ago

I joined forces with @FacebookApp and @Instagram to celebrate grads from all over the country for #Graduation2020 ! I surprised a few from my hometown!

2 weeks ago

I’m joining forces with @facebookapp and @instagram to celebrate grads from all over the country for #Graduation2020 ! Don’t miss it Friday at 11a PT/2p ET.

3 weeks ago

@NBCChicagoPD star @RoyceDaVoyce joins me with The @harvey .foundation for #HarveyMentoringMondays and surprises one of our mentees who aspires to be an actor just like him! ⠀ ⠀ Tune in TODAY @ 7pm EST/4pm PST for another great virtual mentoring session on IG Live!⠀ ⠀⠀ #HarveyFoundation#SteveHarvey #LaRoyceHawkins

5 weeks ago

You getting it man!!!! Keep the Hustle and Grind!!! Don’t take you foot off the gas pedal!!!! Hella proud of you SON....!!! HAPPY ASS BIRTHDAY BOY!! @bharv

5 weeks ago

NFL Hall of Famer @RayLewis joined me on this week's @harvey .foundation #HarveyMentoringMondays and shared some powerful words of encouragement with our young men! Tune in TODAY @ 4 PM | 7pm EST on IG LIVE‼️ #HarveyFoundation #SteveHarvey #RayLewis

last month

Happy Birthday to @cedtheentertainer my Dawg.... my Dude.... met bout 30 years ago and have made some of the biggest steps in my career right beside this man right here!!!! ALL THE BEST TO THE BEAR 🐻 KINGS OF COMEDY... #20yearsKOC 📸 @ryan .berg.a

last month

Now this is Extra....ordinary Check out www.leodance.in I’m posting your videos across my social media! I’ve been watching a lot of people with EXTRAORDINARY TALENTS the past few weeks, some good and some ... just crazy 😂🤣😆 Email me at ExtraOrdinary @SteveHarvey .com. I’ll be posting my favorite videos.

last month

I got involved because it’s R&B @teddyriley1 VS @babyface rematch today at 8 pm est it’s going down on IG live 🚨 @therealswizzz @timbaland @verzuztv #verzuz

last month

Check me out in the new @clevelandbrowns 🔥 uniform. All proceeds from jersey sales go to benefit the Browns “Hats off to our Heroes” fund, which will aid health care professionals, first responders, educational professionals...

last month

This mans music and songs will always be in my playlist and heart .... Man I loved his SOUL .... this  was a great one if you don’t know it !!!!! For real!!!‬ ‪Rest In Peace Brother Bill🙏🏽‬

Mar 2020

Shopping while Black: enjoy [Donnel Cross @imonlydonnellcross & Cassandra Nelson @ctnexy ]

Mar 2020

I'm a fan of God when I am winning or loosing.

Mar 2020

Just a quick vibe for everyone this morning

Mar 2020

Today I honor the most special group on planet earth, WOMEN ... the one group who is responsible for every single human life ever made in the world ... Past present and future .... I honor and thank you For your amazing accomplishments

Mar 2020

Happy birthday lil brother .... @realdlhughley The fellow KINGS OF COMEDY forever grateful for our friendship and what we built .... keep telling the truth!!!!

Feb 2020

My oldest sister Ramona Brown was honored for her services as President of the Usher Board Ministry (1969 – 2020 ), Cleveland Church of Christ Citadel of Hope Ministries. Pictured here is Bishop Lincoln Haughton, my sister and my nephew El, who is more like a brother to me. Bishop Haughton has been a longtime friend and his father was my coach. Proud of my sister’s dedication. YOU BETTER SERVE HIM!!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽😂😂..... I’m happy to see her be honored.

Feb 2020

So I wore the green vest on New Years but I passed on the coat.. Was this a opportunity missed or no? #tbt

Feb 2020

@SteveTVShow on @FacebookWatch has over 100 MILLION VIEWS! I couldn’t have done it without you 🙏🏽 I'm so thankful. I can’t wait for you to see all the new episodes still to come. Go to Facebook and type "STEVE on Watch" in the search bar and click the "follow" button. It's that easy.

Feb 2020

Before I talk about this bottle of water and shoe.. “As” by Stevie Wonder is the greatest love song EVER WRITTEN.......Now back to these shoes...fellas listen up....I’m sure everyone misses that brand new shine on their dress shoes...go grab a pair real quick...along with your good silk dress socks...hit the dull areas with a little water (using your finger )..TAP IT...then tuck that shoe in between your legs and start buffing out that shine naturally. #itworks

Feb 2020

......how did Monday get here so fast?.....

Feb 2020

Ok people..Let’s just be clear.....Baby oil ain’t just for babies... I recommend that everyyybody go out and get yourself a bottle in preparation for Valentines Day...Spice up the moments and be different this year! @remixgodsuede #babyoilbabyoilbabyoil

Feb 2020

This one right here will help you rid of those cat eyes.......Roll the towel up...Place it inside the jacket at the shoulder...Hit your steam(not too hot )... QUICK TOUCH!.. Gone.