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Tag a friend who needs to hear this. 💕 #swiftwellness #mindbodygram

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Thank you, @sarahshawconsulting for being such a wonderful supporter of our mission. 🙏 Our loyal, dedicated customers inspire us daily to keep creating and empowering women of all ages. 💕🦋 • • • • #bodypositivity #youareenough #beach #glam #beyou #travel #summertime #destination #gratitude #neon #girlpower #womeninbusiness #sandy #glamour #ootd #swim #beachwear #lifestyle #blogger #wednesdaywisdom #womenempowerment #network #womeninspiringwomen #selflove #testimonial

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We’re excited to chat with Miss Smith, owner of @hhluxuryevents . Check her out as she explains how AMAZING the luxury photo mirror is and how you can book it for your event. #weddingwisewednesdays #silverconfettievents #luxury #614events #communityovercompetition #bossbabes #womeninbusiness #womeninspiringwomen #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #womenempowerment #blackownedbusiness #blackbusinesswomen #blackgirlmagic #weddings #parties #photobooth #photofun

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Protect your peace. If it comes to a point when you can't seem to grasp who you are anymore, take a step back. You'll find exactly what you need 💋 It's impossible to stay sane in this patriarchal society, so don't lose your peace 💕 #crazybrave #selfmadewomen #unapologeticallyme #womensupportingwomen #femalepower #girlboss #independentwoman #artforwomen #femaleempowerment #womeninspiringwomen #selfgrowthjourney #hanginthere #intheprocess #mindsetmatters

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Do I look EXCITED about #avoiceliberatedfromfear tonight?! It’s because I am. Join me @behindtheconfidentsmile live at 8pmCST...just a few moments away! Rocking my tee from my friend @e .volving.mama @antitrendapparel #womensupportingwomen #blackwomenrock #womeninspiringwomen #behindtheconfidentsmile

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Can y’all guess how many teas I got in here??? 👀 ———————————————————— Whoever guesses correctly gets a FREE SAMPLE... 😊goooooo!!!

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These are just a few of MANY messages on a thread of 11 of us. Eleven. 11 women that have come together with one common goal - to help each other succeed🤍. . . We broke records last night. We pushed through limits we thought we had + soared WAY above them. And NONE of these things could have been done without the support + love of each + every one of them. This community is one I never knew I needed + one I’m thankful for every single day. . . . #lifechangingskincare #thiscommunity #leadersshowup #leadership #leader #thesegirls #mygirls #friendship #friends #goals #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurmindset #friendssupportfriends #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womeninspiringwomen #hustle #heart #grit #goalgetter #businessowner #businesswoman #support #team #teamwork @lauren_lawrence_ @jessicalynne1984 @ccollier04 @samantha .minuta @faithhopeandlashes @tpe1979 @kcdots @pineapple .and.prosecco @sodapop232 @glowwithmc @andrea .dora.turco

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When does this senselessness stop? They murdered this man in plain site. Everyone needs to watch the video then let’s act! The days of senseless murders are over! Rest In Peace dearest brother George Floyd we promise you your death will not be in vain. We stand in solidarity to #endracism #endbigotry #blacklivesmatter #justiceforall #endsexism #endviolence #georgefloyd #saymyname #remembermyname

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While listening to one of my FAVORITE podcasts ( @kacia .fitzgerald ) today, she talked about thinking about my environment and who is in MY TRIBE. She then got into the different types of people who might be in my tribe such as “back-in-the-days,” “maintenance,” and “growth!” • • These girls right here are all in my growth group of my tribe!! They are constantly pushing me to rise and level up! They are always there when I fall to catch me as well as encourage me to keep going and pushing through whenever I begin to have doubts. • • I am beyond thankful for them assisting me with this journey we call life. ✨ • • #sbimpact2020 #wcw #wisdomwednesday #teamcall #womeninspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #empowerandimpact #empoweredtoempower #inspire #empowerherpodcast

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Untie your own shackles ✨✨✨ And let your light shine > for you and for others around you! Courage has a ripple effect 💜 #shineyourlight #letitgotoletitflow #wellnessweek

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Repost from @repaint .history • It’s happening! We are kicking off our Artist Studio Talks with the one and only Delita Martin @blackboxpress this Thursday, May 28th at 4.30 PM EST, 3.30 PM CDT, 1.30 PM PST. This is going to be a casual conversation meant for all of us to get to know Delita, her practice, inspirations, success and much more while visiting her studio! Link to the event in our bio! Can’t wait to see you all. About the artist: Delita Martin is an artist currently based in Huffman, Texas, She received a BFA in drawing from Texas Southern University and a MFA in printmaking from Purdue University. Formally a member of the fine arts faculty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Martin is currently works as a full-time artist in her studio, Black Box Press. Working from Oral traditions, vintage and family photographs as a source of inspiration; Martin’s work explores the power of the narrative impulse. Her process of layering various printmaking, drawing, sewing, collaging, and painting techniques allow her to create a portraits that fuses the real and the fantastic. In her work she combines signs and symbols to create a visual language. By fusing this visual language with oral storytelling she offers other identities and other narratives for women of color. Martin’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Most recently Martin’s work was included in the State of the Arts: Discovering American Art Now. An exhibition that included 101 artist from around the United States. She was also included in International Review of African American Art as one16 African American artists to watch who are gaining national and international attention in 2015. Martin’s most recent exhibition was held at the National Museum of Women In the Arts, ( @womeninthearts ) “Delita Martin: Calling Down the Spirits" which showcased seven monumental works combining tradition with innovation. Through her rigorous and meticulously layered process, Martin creates striking images that bridge time and space between generations. #repainthistory #artiststudiotalkswithrepainthistory #supportwomenartists #womeninart #womeninspiringwomen #womensupportingwomen

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It’s important to recognize when to move from one scene to another. Once you give the viewer a critical piece of information, it’s time to move to the next scene. Soundbite: “This kid is dead.” Viewer: 🤔 Ok, so how? Why? Edit: 👋🏽 WE OUT! You can add some shots/sounds before moving to the next segment to allow the viewer to absorb the information, but you need 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 move 👏🏼 on 👏🏼as soon as you drop that information. . . . . . . . . . @filmmakersworld @filmgeeking @filmschool @filmfatalesorg @womeninfilmmaking @womeninnewyorkcityfilms @womeninmediainc @women_in_entertainment #redcamera #onset #onset 🎥🎬 #filmmaking #preproduction #postproduction #postsupervisor #editbayfilms #setlife #btsedits #btssetups #director #producerlife #produce101 #directorslife #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womenhelpingwomen #womeninfilm #womeninmedia #bossbabes #bosslady #videoeditors #screenwriting #scriptsupervisor #script #storyboard #storytemplate #savethecat

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Getting it done✔ ⠀ I procrastinate. I research. I plan. I get it done. ⠀ 🌸🦚🌸 Time goes by fast, time is not slowing down for anyone. Everything is moving as it should be, in complete balance. Move with time by being mindful. Chase what you want, but be present. Change unhealthy habits with healthy habits, gradually. Get out of your comfort zone, to grow and glow. ⠀ 🐛🦋🌺🌻 -Meditate (zikr, affirmations ) -Stretch/yoga -Cardio + Strength training (HIIT ) -Journal -Clean ⠀ ⚖ The main goal is to be disciplined, which is self-love/care. Do what needs to be done without worrying about what someone else is doing. ⠀ Social media has distorted many minds. When we grow, mature and become wiser we will understand that not everything is supposed to go as we planned it 5 or 10 years ago. Or, what we see on social media is how our life is supposed to be. There are people who still use Nokia phones and are living life to the fullest. ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • #thisgirlcan #motivatedmindset #motivated #ambitious #studyinspo #selflove #selfconfidence #movemakers #quarantinechangedme #changes #brownskingirls #southasianblogger #hijabisofinstagram #goaldiggers #womeninspiringwomen #sciencemajor #biologymajor #medstudent #disciplineequalsfreedom #disciplineislove #enjoylittlethings #mindovermatter #justdoit ✔️ #getshitdone #outofmycomfortzone #healthyhabits

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Art by @mikealadraws ! . . . You are the Universe, babe ❤ . . . Follow @mikealadraws for more awesome cultural and digital art. Her concepts are so beautiful✊🏽 . . . Follow @islandgirlshustle for more island girl features and artists around the 🌎 . . . . . . #islandgirlshustle #micronesia #polynesia #melanesia #asiangirls #islandgirls #sisterssupportingsisters #womenempowerment #womenofcolor #millennialentrepreneur #womeninspiringwomen #islandwomanrise

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Giveaways for all our followers coming soon. Keep following us in order to win multiple prizes monthly 🔥🔥‼️

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treat my goals like property; collect them like monopoly ✨

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📍Target- prices vary🌈🍧🍭 All of these look awesome to me! Which one would you purchase?🍬 I’d be interested to try the waffle cone maker!🍦 If you’ve tried this brand, how did you like it? Most of these items are on sale on Target’s website! You can find the link in my story!✨

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welcome to the George Mason chapter of @ignite_national ✨✊ . womxn represent 51% of the population and less than 25% of our elected officials. beginning this fall, we are working to flip that statistic. join us and #declareyourambition . . . #womensupportingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #ignite #believesurvivors #tothegirls #yesallwomen #everydaysexism #feminism #womeninpolitics

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𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐢 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐭! She doesn’t know it, but when the first ideas of the @thunderpress ‘Women in Motorcycling’ issue were swirling around, @staciwilt was one of the first women I had on my list because I loved what she was doing with Ride to Food. First of all, when it comes to riding to food, I’m down! But more importantly, I loved seeing the way she struck out on her own and created something so amazing. I’ve totally enjoyed getting to know her and appreciate the fact she loves the Disney movie “Motocrossed,” because to be honest, I still love to watch that movie! There have been multiple times in our talking back and forth that I’ve totally FELT what she was saying, and I continue to be impressed with her perseverance and determination as she does something so unique in the motorcycle industry. Another favorite, and another woman who has inspired me! Be sure to check her and @ridetofood out! 🙌🏻 #womeninspiringwomen

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Just added to the shop: lil 4” tie-dyed embroidery for all the badass babes out there who aren’t taking anymore shit 😤 Only one of these available to head to the link in my bio to snag it ♀

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🗣PULL UP 🗣P.S. We’re tired....😢💔 #GeorgeFloyd #Justiceforfloyd

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 🤫 There’s a common misconception that you need to have thousands of dollars up front in order to start a business. Even the Small Business Administration says most small businesses cost around $3,000 to start, while most home-based businesses cost between $2,000 and $5,000 to start. ⠀ But did you know you can start a business for MUCH LESS than that? ⠀ It’s true. You can partner with me in this beauty business for less than $1,000 — in fact, the maximum only goes up to $799. And it’s not like you’d be forking over that money for nothing — you’d be receiving over $1,800 worth of products, a free website and free training on how to launch your business, how to share on social media and how to help customers. ⠀ You may not realize how simple it is to start making money on the side. Or how we have all the tools and trainings ready for you to start anytime. Or that you’ll ever be all alone in your business. I’ll be there to mentor you and point you in the right direction to all the tools you’ll need. ⠀ We also have a special bonus structure for people just starting out, so you’re setup to earn your investment back within the first 30-60 days. If you’re willing to follow the steps, you can make it happen! It’s all about how much you’re willing to put into your business, just like any other kind of business. ⠀ If you’ve been thinking about it, but hesitating because you thought there was a huge investment — trust me, it’s really low. Low investment, with the potential for a big return. Even if you couldn’t come in for the $799 pack, there are other options available to you — it all depends on 1 ) your budget and 2 ) how much product you want to try for yourself. ⠀ The only way you’ll know what it all entails is for us to chat about it. 🤗 It’s not scary, and there’s no commitment if you just want to ask questions. Just like you — I was curious before I started but I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t brave enough to ask the questions. So let’s chat! ⠀ Comment “me” below, or shoot me a DM. Let me get you the info so you can decide for yourself if this is the right fit for you to make some extra money.

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Journaling 📝= Stress Reduction 😌 = Inflammation Reduction 🏆⁣ ⁣ If you’ve been following along in my stories, I’ve been sharing snippets from @ryanholiday ’s book Stillness is the Key but today’s chapter: Start Journaling was toooo good not to share on my feed.⁣ ⁣ Why journal? Well I could throw a bunch of research at you but here’s the reality - it’s the cheapest form of therapy. It takes the self-pity, blaming, moody, victimized swirl of negative emotion outta your head 🥴 so you can actually do something about it versus continuing to let it fester. Putting pen to paper literally transfers all that yuck 🤢 into something you can become aware of and start to process. That’s a beautiful thing because you gain perspective, are able to see things a little more logically (😭🤬 in the throes of emotion, we just want to feel not think, amirite? ) & most importantly you can find a way to grow from it. 💗⁣ ⁣ And best of all: it’s SUPER flexible - morning, night, a word, a page - doesn’t matter how much just that you SHOW UP! ⁣ ⁣ Check out the video on the quickest & most effective journaling topic - I promise this will take less than 2 minutes a day but make a HUGE impact on your life. 😘⁣


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The universe lives within you. 🖤⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” - Rumi⁠⠀ ....⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⠀ © Created and owned by The Cosmic Feminist. You can share this art by tagging me + mentioning me in the caption. Please don't crop or edit the art.⁠⠀ ⠀ ☾ Sign up for the newsletter to get this piece as a wallpaper and for 15% off the shop!⁠⠀ ⠀ ☾ Access the shop at thecosmicfeminist.com · Link in bio⠀ ⁠⠀ #feminist #procreate #feministart #womenartists #femaleartists #womxn #girlpower #girlboss #womenempowerment #femaleboss #femaleempowerment #empoweringwomen #womenhelpingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #equality #equalrights #authenticity #selfawareness #powerofthemind #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #spiritualjourney #selfworth #innerhealing #womenofillustration #mystical #raiseyourvibration #bodymindspirit #thecosmicfeminist #cosmicfeminism

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You owe it to yourself. Stay focused ✨


Get honest with people. No, it’s not selfish or rude. Because your wants and needs matter, and setting healthy boundaries is necessary. Always choose to be your true authentic self.

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Use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to ✨

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Drop a ❤️ if you can relate.

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Honestly 💯♥️ Sometimes they’re lifelong friends...And Sometimes they come in the form of people you haven’t even met #IRL ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who are yours⬇️


I received an email a few days ago that said something along the lines of, "Cara, you're all about the money these days." I wasn't offended at all because the truth is, money is not a bad thing. Having money is a beautiful resource that has allowed me to: Donate thousands of dollars to people in need during the Coronavirus pandemic. Not have my income impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic whatsoever. In fact, last week was my biggest revenue-generating week of 2020 so far. Have more time to generously help others with free content because I make money in my sleep, thanks to setting up a business model where I have multiple streams of passive income. Throughout the years, I've done a lot of energetic work around money through my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Amanda Frances. Through her beliefs and teachings, I've learned that money is a friend; an intimate relationship that I have evolved over time and I work on consistently every year as my life and my business blossom. And I want that for every single woman out there. The bottom line is this: we need more well-resourced women in this world. Women are powerful. Women are strong. And money amplifies our efforts. Money allows us to be fully self-expressed. Amanda typically only opens her Money Mentality Makeover course once a year. The reason she opened enrollment right now is because she received dozens of messages from women begging her to get involved. This course is not just for entrepreneurs. You can read the success stories from all types of women (click the link in my bio to get all the details and read these real-life testimonials ). Amanda’s philosophies around money are radical, spiritual, and powerful. She is not your average money expert. But she’s the only one that matters right now. Enrollment is only open for a few more days. When you join me in the 2020 class, I'm also gifting you 3 free months in the Style Your Mind academy because I want to continue to support you even further. Click the link in my bio to sign up now. As Amanda says, “Remember: life is meant to be good.” It's time to drop the struggle babe. Send me a DM if you have any questions about the course! 🥂

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If any guy ever tells you your muscles are getting too big, you’re getting too strong, you’re working out too much, hit them in the face for me—then turn around smile and flex like this 💪🏼😉 . . . #fitgirls #strongwomen #strong #strongnotskinny #strongwoman #strongisbeautiful #womenempowerment #womeninspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #womenentrepreneurs #womenpower #womenwhohustle #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurmindset #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspirationph