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PEELS — Big thanks to everyone tuning in and showing love for this project right now despite the hardships. All tracks mixed & mastered by @loverossylo .

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There are creatures in the basin, and from the swamp they came. Pipes hum and echo as they rot and roll in vain. “We warn you of the future, we watch you through the drain. Pesky worms are wriggling, and call their home your brain. They feed on cheese and crackers, and mean to cause you pain” Cried the filthy incarnation, dwelling deep within the drain. - uǝɹplᴉɥɔ ɹoɟ sǝᴉɹoʇS . . . . #grainisgood #blackandwhite #photoeidolo #lensculture #obscurelens #fineartphotography #experimentalphotography #artphotography #art_camera #fineartphoto #artdocmagazine #blackandwhitephotography #longexposure #bespoke_gallery_IG #burndiary #expressiveart #monochromephotography #abstractphotography #experimental #unseenplatform #revolvcollective #haftakeover #deepblackmag #eyephotomagazine #thecitymag #biinin_bw #pimagazine #afilmcosmos #noportraits #blackhaus_mag

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Kudzu encroaching on a shuttered Japanese restaurant somewhere in rural North Carolina. East meets west meets south etc. etc.

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I will be back with another lengthy project about rural Australia/our relationship with the environment/animal agriculture in a few weeks (months? ). Meanwhile, I will be sharing other or older work. So I want to thank @annikahaasphotography , who invited me to participate in Isolation Dialogues. Over 120 Estonian photographers participated in this project, creating amidst and in response to quarantine/global pandemic. The collective project will be exhibited in the Museum of Photography in Tallinn and printed as a book. For the dialogues, photographers were paired up and I was lucky to be in conversation with @iriskivisalu . We took photos throughout the official quarantine period in Estonia, even though I am currently in Australia. Each new photo is a response to the other photographer’s image. We did not have to address a specific topic and the aim was to respond intuitively. We were not allowed to discuss our own or each other’s photos. I started our dialogue and the second photo is Iris’s response. __________ 1. © Karoliina Kase, 20.04.2020 2. © Iris Kivisalu, 23.04.2020 __________ #karoliinakase #fotoroomopen #lensculturediscovery #humbleartsfoundation #haftakeover #pupilsphere #25bluehours #unseenplatform #gupmagazine #selfpublishbehappy #millennium_images #palmfeatures #flakphotorecs #ignant #photographmag #subjectivelyobjective #aperturefoundation #soundvision_mag #fasmedium #ig_onstandby #349amcollection #fstopmagazine #papermemoryzine #cinesomnia #nightmeansnight #forthetones #nowheremagazine #thezonezine #thisaintartschool

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🖤I see you 🖤

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another shot from my first experience shooting a show in madrid. i was given the opportunity to photograph this show because of random encounter with a stranger at a bar, who happen to be friends with a promoter. it’s kind of crazy how life works like that sometimes. these 2 guys quickly became my friends and we had some great times together before they both moved back to france last year! miss you guys, @mrgiraud and @florent_grr !

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#Repost @chapscabin • • • • • Next friday! NEW song - Headless - available! Check it out! Photopraphy by me! 😃 Give these talented guys a like and a follow and listen to their lovely music! Sharing is caring! . . #singersongwriter #westcoastmusic #chapscabin #rock #pop #surrealphotography #mysteryscapes #infrared #infraredphotography #irphotography #creativeir #infrared_images #creativeir_europe #creativeir_global #infrared_global #INFINITY_INFRARED #infraredworld #infrarrojo #kolarivision #falsecolor #dualspectrum #unseenplatform


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Peter Puklus: "I collect the portraits of the people around me. (🇳🇱 below ) I map and document those who are close to me in one way or another (I collect memories ). Slowly I will get to everybody. Relatives or friends, the important thing is that the photograph can be the symbol of my relationship to them. Or the relationship of the people in the photograph. Or that personal secret, one's eyes may reveal. I capture a moment, the magic of which lies in trust; intimacy and photography, in other words, the story of love, friendship and identity.” Hungarian photographer Peter Puklus is fascinated by the photographic gaze and the fact that photography is full of cultural, political and commercial connotations and contexts. Besides photography, his practice also includes sculptures, objects, installations, drawings and videos. His work was on show in the @RobertMorat Gallery booth during Unseen 2019.

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“I've always been so amazed by how people could have so much life; dreams and visions. How they were so full of their passion that they clearly know they're on the right path towards a greater cause, towards a beautiful life. There were so much hope waiting ahead of them. Yes, there could be mountains or dark alleys or rough pitted road but for all I know, there will always be a ray of light shining at the end of every hurdle. A light in the face of utterly fulfilling success. And I wish I had that in me, too.” • As this pandemic is causing mental health problems to rise I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to your friends, check on them. I think this is the best way we can use social media. A simple “how are you?” goes a long way. • “Things you wanted to say but never did.” • I started this project back in November 2019 to provide a safe place for the things we find hard to confront when we’re alone. Things that we wanted to voice out but couldn’t, because we lack the courage to do so, because we might sound crazy, because it’s too late, or because we might hurt someone. We put it out here with the hope that someone going through the same thingwill read them and feel less lonely even just for a day. I’m always thankful for all the support towards this project, now I’ve published more than 200 notes, and still have a lot of notes to read. ❤️ You can always send a note, just click the link on my profile and answer the form. Have a good day. 🌹

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Errances en Belgique