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Headsup for photography customers: not all photographers higher than your budget are over charging. Headsup for photographers: Not all clients are meant to be yours. . ____________________ No matter how big or small the client is, they are not buying from you how expensive is your gear or how long did you spend (money or time ) in learning what you're doing right now. Client is buying the outcome. . ___________________ Have you ever saw a customer convinced to pay thousands in Louis Vuitton actually convinced that they are paying that much because of the materials used? Obviously not. Does that mean that Louis Vuitton is the competitor of Marks and spencer? Hell no. It is the brand and quality of service rather than the matterial. * I am buying Mercedes benz because of the image I want to appear in, infront of my clients. * I am buying Toyota because I want to go to work everyday. BMW will never go cheaper because some passing consumers came asking for cheaper cars. All the above companies are big respectful companies cooperating in serving a wide range of market needs. ---------- As a photographer, you also charge not only according to your expenses but also quality, reputation, name ...etc See how much you worth and charge your clients accordingly. No photographer can serve all kinds of clients. #photographerindubai #photographer_in_dubai #fashion_photographer #dubaifashionphotographer #dubaicontentcreator #helpmediumsizebusiness #dubaionlinefashion #onlinefashion #onlinefashionstore #onlinefashionshop #legsfashion #highheels #footwearfashion #foot fe ashion #pantyhosefashion #nylonlegsintights #nylonlegs #legsintights #legsinpantyhose #legsinstockings #sheertights #sheerpantyhose #sheerstockings