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23 minutes ago

First family photo with my furrr-ever family! I may look a little ruff but I am on my way to a great recovery! 🐾🐶💙 #chubblovee #chubbz #rescuedog #seniorrescue

28 minutes ago

This is a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot I had today with my siblings and the BEST DOG PHOTOGRAPHER EVER @brentdsilva He was totally up for the challenge of shooting me, a blind dog, my sister Precious, a #seniorrescue who isn’t very trusting of men and my bro Kip who is a paralyzed #wheeliedog who is mostly deaf and suffering from dementia. Wow did he ever impress me and my pawrents with his patience, kindness and professionalism. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND him if you are looking for a dog photoshoot and you are in the #greatertorontoarea #dogphotography #dogphotographer #GTA #smallbusiness #supportyourlocal

1 hour ago

🎉 🅽🅴🆆 date for my bday party ! 🎉 all are welcome ! 🎉 i accept gifts ! #bostonterrier #miami #hollywoodflorida #poincianadogpark #dogbday #dogparty #seniordog #apollo11 #nasa #rescuedog #seniorrescue

2 hours ago

Are you tired and upset about constantly seeing so many dogs let down by their owners? At Bubbins we believe it’s time to try a new proactive approach... EDUCATION 📚. Be part of our humane education movement and let’s save rescue dogs one book at a time. “We can spay, neuter, shelter, foster and adopt, but until we educate it won’t stop.” - Bubbins ⬇️JOIN THE MOVEMENT⬇️ www.bellyrubbinsforbubbins.com (link in bio )

3 hours ago

My booty got a bath today and now I need to be comforted with snacks 🥺🍑🚿 #cleanbutt #goodboy #gooddog #cleanbooty #cleandog

3 hours ago

Meet Bebe!!! Our newest senior rescue. She is so sweet, great with people and other dogs. She was abandoned by her owners because they don’t have the time for her. She is sooo loving and deserves to go to an amazing home!!! #adoptBebe #adoptme #seniorrescue

4 hours ago

Lou: “Play with me!!!” Stan: “Why you bein’ so rough woman?” Loulou and Stan are figuring out their place at home Sometimes, she gets up before he does in the morning and will come in and pounce right on him. No sleeping in for this old man... - - - #chihuahua #chihuahuamix #seniorrescue #sweetbabies #chihuahuasofinstagram #playingdogs

5 hours ago

Move over Ivy... Welcome to Tinley takeover! Today marks 6 months since the sweetest, most special girl went over the rainbow bridge. October 11th would have been her 2nd Gotcha Day. So between now and then we are going to share all about #ourwinkyangel Today’s pictures are from her adoption profile - it was love at first site, can you blame us?!? Our goal through this series is to spread awareness for dogs that seem ‘unadoptable’: by all metrics Tinley should have been put down. She was unspayed, had mammary tumors, and needed an eye removed. She was covered in filth. She was old. She had the body of a dog who’d had several liters of pups. She was terrified of humans and being touched. Really just scared of everything. It was clear she had lived her whole life in fear. It’s unknown what her past was like but it definitely wasn’t easy and she’d be ‘a lot of work’. All this to say: her 536 days in our home taught us so much, she changed us to our core, all for the better. We hope this helps opens eyes and helps some other ‘unadoptable dogs’ find their retirement homes. All culminating in the grand finale (drum roll please ) - we are announcing that October 11th will hereby known as #internationaltinleyday 🎉 We are hosting a virtual party and invite you all to join us!!! For every use of hashtag #internationaltinleyday we will donate $5 to @rescueeverydog who saved her from euthanasia and cared for her for 8 months until we adopted her. There are many ways we can celebrate Tinley so we decided not to have a ‘theme.’ We want to leave it up to you how to honor her. We will share some ideas in the posts that follow.

6 hours ago

These two are a mess! We purchased this little cat bed for Luna because (a ) she's so small; (b ) she LOVES little cozy places; and (c ) we call her "little mouse" sometimes. Well, Luna hates it and Foxy likes to get in there even though she's fallen over in it several times because she's too big for it. What can ya do, amiright?

7 hours ago

Help us reach $40K by donating today! We are less than one month away from Strut Your Mutt, and we have $14,812 to go! Thanks to supporters like YOU, we have already raised over $25K getting us closer to our goal of $40,000 (double our original goal! ). The more funding for 2021, the more shelter pups we can save. Donate now at link in profile to make an impact for shelter dogs around the country! Pictured above is Gus (formerly "Hamilton" ), an adorable 8-year-old who came to us from the shelter in July. When we rescued Hamilton from the ACC, he had a massive growth in his groin which hindered his walking and urinating ability as well as allowing cancerous cells to spread. Thanks to his amazing foster folks, great vet care, and many generous donors, Hamilton's happy ending was made possible; he had his surgery with time to heal in a restful, loving foster home. Gus was adopted by @donteatscrapple and gets cuter every day. Photo by @donteatscrapple #fosteringsaveslives #seniorrescue #fdialumni #fosterdogs #savethemall @bestfriendsanimalsociety

8 hours ago

As you can clearly tell, I love Fall🍂🍁🍃 The cooler weather...lots of sniffs...Happy #wontlookwednesday Frens 💚 #thisismyhappyface #floppyface . . #seniorrescue #dogsofalberta #yycdogs #dogsofinstagram #calgarycanines

8 hours ago

Our beautiful Sweet Tart grizzly bear has passed away. Saying goodbye to her was so terribly hard, but I feel like she’s already sending us signs to let me know that she’s OK. 🐾💓🍂 When we adopted her at 12 years old, we weren’t sure how much time we would have to make her golden years happy and full of love. We were so very lucky to have over two years of her powerful love change our lives. She taught us how beautiful and special senior love is and her gentle soul completed our home. We love you so much, Sweetsie girl. You will always be part of our pack. #seniorrescue #foreverpackmember #olderlabs #seniorrescuedog #packlife #ourangelinheaven

9 hours ago

Mommy took me to the groomer to get a bath and a little trim today. And it’s fall so now I get to wear a warm sweater. ~ Lenny #AdventuresofPeteandLenny #seniorrescue #seniordog #seniordogsofinstagram #seniordogsrule #adoptdontshop @wagmore235

10 hours ago

Look who's back!!! #BattyInTheHouse ♥️♥️♥️ Our old girl went for her surgery yesterday & returned today. Everything went well, the wound is big but will heal quickly for sure. Blood results show that Batty is doing okay for her age, we just have to watch her kidneys... But now she can recover and heal and live a happy healthy retired life! 🙏♥️ Currently Batty lives in foster care with my mom, but sadly my mom will return to Germany in 3,5 weeks. We think Batty deserves a loving home and lots of attention. We learned how loyal and grateful she is and how quickly she bonds with a person. She doesn't ask for much beside senior food, a warm place to sleep, cuddles and a nice garden for play and walkies in the sun 🌞! We're sure there is someone out there for our girl... 🙏 #adopdontshop #seniordog #seniorrescue #hogsback

11 hours ago

REMINDER! You have until Friday to donate $25 to Chloe's Fospice Friends and enter to win a $500 gift card for @drhempdog (the CBD that changed Kimchi's life ) !! For every $25 you donate you get 1 entry. And there are 2 available so that means if you donate $50 you could win the full $1k! Link to donate is bit.ly/fospicefundraiser (in bio ). We ask that if you can't donate, you please share so we can raise as much as possible for #chloesfospicefriends 🙏 .. Donation deadline for this prize is 10/2/20 at midnight EST. Winner(s ) will be emailed with instructions. ... ... #DrHempdog #WeDoThisForThem #raffle #raffles #strutyourmutt #Fospice #fosteringsaveslives #chloelivesforever #strut #win #prize #prizes #fundraiser #fundraising #incentive #derp #dog #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescued #rescuedogsofinstagram #ADOPTDONTSHOP #seniordog #seniorrescue #share #Thursday #chihuahualover #chihuahualove #chihuahuaproblems

12 hours ago

Good morning! It's time to get up! Open your eyes! Alright, fine, you can just open one eye if that's easier. Or no eyes. But getting up and feeding me is the important part! #oneeyedwednesday

13 hours ago

There’s a recliner in our bedroom at the beach, and having second sleep on a pillow on my mom’s lap while she stares at the ocean isn’t too bad. 🌊❤️ #adoptaseniordog #adoptdontshop #seniordog #seniorrescue #olliethesealpup #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #rescue #rescuechihuahua #chilove #dogsofinstagram #seniorchihuahua #seniorchi #sealpup #snaggletooth

21 hours ago

Longing to chase every leaf he sees blowing through the yard. 😂🥰 #adoptdontshop #seniorrescue #bruceisboss #chartreux #greycatsofinstagram #furbaby #catsofinstagram #catsofinsta


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3 hours ago

Meet Bebe!!! Our newest senior rescue. She is so sweet, great with people and other dogs. She was abandoned by her owners because they don’t have the time for her. She is sooo loving and deserves to go to an amazing home!!! #adoptBebe #adoptme #seniorrescue

2 days ago

Sound on to listen to my apple chomps! 🍎🍏🍎🍏💦 #dogvideo #goodboy #gooddog #applesnacks #monday #chomps #muppetmunching #hungrypup


Once again I’ve disappointed Sir Riley. Tried passing a chili cheese dog off as a taco for Taco Tuesday. He’s not amused.😠 . . . . . . #lifeofriley #sirriley #ohspets #instadog #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog #scruffy #rescuedog #doglife #dogdays #seniordog #seniordogsofinstagram #seniorrescue #tacotuesday #chilicheesedog #adoptdontshop #pdxdogs #portlanddogs

4 weeks ago

I’ve seen people doing this so I decided to do it with Posey and he’s basically Sid from Ice Age.


Jeffrey Dog Morgan giving off Hannibal Lector vibes at the vet. Apparently he “bites faces” and “makes people threaten to quit” when he’s at the vet. I did my best, y’all, but his home training is still lacking.

4 weeks ago

My morning routine involves following this patch of sun as it moves across the rug.

5 days ago

My best boy. Senior rescue dogs are the best! #unconditionallove #seniordogsofinstagram #seniorrescue #minpin #adoptdontshop

2 weeks ago

Kiwi Biscuit thought he found a dating app for dogs and made me take this super sexy and lewd pic of him for his profile. He was later devastated to learn that Growlr is in fact not for dogs.