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Journals was literally his most underrated album ever

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Why fake it if you can make it happen 😆

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I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is with you in it 🍁

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Belieber till the end 💞🥺

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The FBI is now making Breonna Taylor’s case a top priority following meetings held yesterday with Christoper 2x and @tytiannawellsbooks . GOODProjects will continue to fight, advocate, and hold the FBI or any other judiciary force of law accountable until her killers are charged AND convicted. She did not deserve this. Her friend didn’t deserve this. Her family didn’t deserve this. What they do deserve, is JUSTICE. #PurposeTour #WhyGOODProjects #SayHerName #sayhernamebreonnataylor #breonnaslaw #justiceforbreonna #justiceforbreonnataylor #arrestthecopswhokilledbreonnataylor #accountability #lawandorder #victims

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on the border in el paso, texas we heard the stories of hardworking immigrants who come into the US everyday to work, to go to school, and to visit family. the perspectives we often hear from the media lack the color and nuances which actually reflect the diverse experiences of the immigrants entering the united states at the mexican border. we must be sure to capture our own stories and gain awareness around the issues of people from across difference. the treatment of ice against immigrants is deplorable, at no point is it every appropriate to separate parents from children and put children in cages - exposing them to violence and sexual predators. we stand with our latinx brothers and sisters fighting this battle against systemic racism and ice. #purposetour @goodprojectsdc #abolishice

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el día más inolvidable!! ❤ #purposetour

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look at his beautiful smile😍

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Overboard with Miley or Jessica?

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a little more than two weeks ago, when we were in houston to honor the life of sandra bland - we went to waller county jail where sandy bland was found hanged in 2015, after being arrested for failure to properly signal. the death was ruled a suicide which was followed by protests disputing the cause of her death and surfacing racial tensions by the police officer who pulled her over. i cannot explain the heavy, painfully piercing, energetically draining, infuriating experience it was to be in this eerie forgotten about place, where they thought she was invisible. when we arrived the officers didn’t speak a word to us. the energy was terrifying. we were all afraid, but we stood and kneeled, and prayed, and cried in front of that jail for sandy - despite coos staring at us from their vehicles... we will continue to stand because justice was not served for her. stand for something or fall for anything. no justice, no peace. @goodprojectsdc #purposetour

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Jeliebers 💜

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We’ve traveled thousands of miles and seen dozens of memorials to lives lost. The toughest thing is that the world done made me so cold I can’t even shed a tear. This country has robbed me of my ability to feel because I grew up having guns pointed by police, losing friends, family, and kids in my program to gun violence because they never had a shot. I’m mad at you America because you robbed me of my innocence to the point I can’t even feel the pain of losing my brothers and sisters to hatred. I see these memorials and people crying around me and am so numb to the pain because you conditioned me to think this is normal. I hate you America. I just want to cry again #PurposeTour _ #blacklivesmatter #blackwomenlivesmatter #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #tonymcdade #blacktranslivesmatter #unity

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Yasssss 🔥🔥🔥 #changes #jb5

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The hottest

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Currently at the park where Tamir Rice was murdered AT THE AGE OF 12 in cold blood by police. There are several kids here now and as we watch them play we can only think of how Tamir came here to PLAY and didn’t leave ALIVE. GOODFamily - this is what we are up against. Tamir, we love you, we ARE you, and we will fight for you! #PurposeTour #WhyGOODProjects #StaySolid

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Justins reaction, when i meet him and tape our hands together 👀 @justinbieber 🖤


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voice of an angel


oh my god his hair 🥺🤧

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they are so lucky and Justin is so cute


🤔😅 The world's about to end in 5 mins. You've got one song to listen to, which song are you playing? @thegr8sahil -------- @justinbieber