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11 hours ago

I’m proud to say I’m going to be the Titi of another boy!!! 💙 I had so much fun making this cake!! 💙 #TitiToAnotherBoy #GenderReveal #BabyBoy #CakeGenderReveal #KimballsFarm #QuarantineBaby #ProudTiti #GirlOrBoyOnlyTitiKiaraKnows

15 hours ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH !! Wishing you everything you ever wished for . May god bless you with much more. Titi cyn loves you very very much. Can’t believe your 4 already . The coolest, smartest & funniest 4year old I know . Happy Birthday 💙 #nephew #proudtiti


The loves on my life - I’m so proud of these kids 😘😘😘 #proudmommy #proudtiti


Omg!!! Congratulations to all my nieces from left i have Gracie,Vicky,Jalyen,beba,my Daugther,Mimi... if you ladies know how proud I am of you ladies, grown to be beautiful, smart,educated, and moving on up in life♥️ #proudtiti thank you for giving me


I was 22 yrs old in this pic. The little bean just a month old. Today, that little bean is 23 yrs old! 😩😳 Happy Birthday @__s .rosa ... it’s been the greatest of pleasures seeing you grow into the woman you are today. Titi loves you!😘 #proudtiti #mybean #23birthday #wheredidthetimego


Por mucho tiempo nuestra Familia oró por un milagro y Dios nos lo concedió. La primera ves que tomé a Izabella en brazos lloré de emoción ante tanta perfección. Hoy cumple su primer año y está cada día más hermosa y simpática. Dios hace todo perfecto. La amamos tanto... #proudTiti #nomeodiesporsertanbonita

2 days ago

Little Miss Jacqui was a rockstar at today's game! ⚽️💖 #proudtiti #prouduncle #soccerstar

3 days ago

Couldn’t find a bigger bow for Niah... this one will do for now😂 #mybabies #NiahandLiam

4 days ago

The most precious little humans.. 💙💗 #NiahandLiam

4 days ago

🌹Happy Birthday Mariah Skye 😘💕 We love you more than you know! Live life in color sweetheart because nobody can dull your shine 🤗 #ProudTiti #myneiceisCute #timeflyswhenyourhavingfun

4 days ago

My Amore..... 💙💙💙 I am completely and utterly in Love 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #ProudTiti #Tribe #Family #AGirlNamedLove

4 days ago

pal cumple de la sobri 🏵 #proudtiti #siempretianuncamamá

4 days ago

The organic love of a child the pure happiness in their spirit is what God seeks its written in the Bible 🥰😊 My little nephew is everything beautiful about this thing we call life Matthew 18:3 And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. . . . El amor orgánico de un niño, la felicidad pura en su espíritu es lo que Dios busca, está escrito en la Biblia 🥰😊 Mi pequeño sobrino es todo lo hermoso de esta cosa que llamamos vida Mateo 18: 3 Y él dijo: "En verdad te digo, a menos que cambies y te conviertas en un niño, nunca entrarás en el reino de los cielos. #babylovers 🍼 #heisheavenonearth #cuteness #organicbabylife #matthew183 #fitwithfaithnyc #proudtiti

5 days ago

To be loved by this little angel, is priceless ❤️ #proudtiti #unconditionallove ❤️

5 days ago

In January I started putting money aside for my niece who graduates high school next year. Every week like clockwork, change and bills 👌🏾My mini me will be SET!!!! She won’t ever need anyone for anything. Let’s see what this looks like next year 💪🏾 #ProudTiti I touch too much money to go to the bank 💁🏾‍♀️

6 days ago

Your off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! @xjacobs87 #grad #proudtiti

6 days ago

First of all @carlos_privv34 this is a pic of CoCo not yours ok!! But since you are in Coco’s pic let me take a minute to tell you how proud I am of you!! YOU DID IT you graduated and in the best way possible Chris and I love you and we are extremely proud and happy for you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Hopefully your next graduation we will be able to be with you and scream your name until we have no voice but for now let’s just be grateful for been here now!! There’s no limits for what you can get done I believe in you and always remember that Tia is just a block away for anything you could ever need! As you know I don hover but I am always present if you need me Love you Congrats and be proud you deserve the world Tia and Chris #oneofmybabies #proudtiti #mynephewisbetterthanyours #loveyou #proud #graduation2020 #nolimits #instastory #greatmemoties

1 weeks ago

Thank you for supporting my niece @nataya_mishel_ !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ——————————- #proudauntie #proudtiti #smallyoutuber #kidyoutubechannel #youtuber #milestone

1 weeks ago

9 years ago I became a mother, as well as my cousin in law @honey_prestige You girls are such a joy and wonder to have in our lives and we love you so much! Happy 9th Birthday to my beautiful daughter and my beautiful niece! Both born on the same day : ) I love you babies! #9thbirthday #mygirls #decendants3 #birthday #proudmom #proudtiti 🖤 💜 💖

1 weeks ago

Yesterday was a great day for my family. My oldest nephew turned 23 while my middle and youngest nephews graduated from High School and Junior High School, respectively. Very small gathering due to the pandemic, but still a wonderful time. We also had a pie for my nephew’s friend who turned 21 yesterday as well. He doesn’t eat cake. I don’t know if it’s just fate and alignment in addition to another work if God, but the fact all three of these events occurred for my sister’s children at the same time was beautiful. I’m a super proud titi. #coachjes #threewaycelebration #proudtiti #nephewsaregettingolder #iamagingbackwards 😂

2 weeks ago

👨‍🎓 I'm so proud of him. #proudtiti #classof2020

2 weeks ago

Congratulations to my Cookie Monster (Rocky ) and his Princess (Sarah ) on the first birthday of OUR Jack-Jack! #proudtiti #proudauntie ❤️ #proudtia ❤️ #jacks1stbirthday @crazytoes22 #bakertia #bakerauntie

2 weeks ago

My niece I’m so proud of you and I know your mom is celebrating in heaven!!!her biggest fear was leaving you but Dessie amazed us all how she step in an become a great sister!! My heart will always be missing my best friend sister wife but I look at how good you guys are doing n I will always be your Titi n she will always be with us!!! Class of 2020 #proudtiti DNA doesn’t make family love does and I have unconditional love for you guys always

2 weeks ago

My favorite family photo. When they can be and love authentically you show them the real meaning of family. Love who You Love. Happy Pride. #ProudTiti #loveislove #pride #lovewhoyouwant #lgbtqpride 💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

2 weeks ago

He said "I love you"😭😭😭 I was not prepared for this when leaving my family and coming back to New York 😭 Ive never seen my nephew cry because I was leaving. I guess after being home for over a month he knew this was a foreal bye bye 😥 I broke hims little heart . Clients feel free to book him so he can come with me 😘 #HeMadeMeFeelSoLoved #MyLilSchnuckums #ProudTiti #TitiDassah

2 weeks ago

Between shots there’s a momma w her cellphone flicking pics 😂 #hellaextra #cousins #mybaby #mynephew #proudmama #proudtiti #classof2020 🎓 #quarantinegrads #latenightphotoshoot

2 weeks ago

My favorite person in the world 🥰🤗❤️❤️ #proudtiti

2 weeks ago

Congratulations are in order to my Dion and my Alison for overcoming their hurdles in a time like this and doing what they need to do to move on up.. Dion you will do great in HS and Alison MS will be great for you.. Titi loves you to the moon and back #2020graduate 🎓 #myDion #myAlison #ProudTiti

2 weeks ago

My super talented niece @ariana__mua did these amazing Pride lewks inspired by the flag. Check her out and Happy Pride everyone! 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 . . . #proudtiti #prideflag #happypride #mynieceisawesome #ariana_mua

2 weeks ago

My beautiful pumpkin graduated this week from 8th grade. She is now officially a High Schooler. OMG! I am so proud of her and all the hard work she put in. #proudtiti #proudaunt

2 weeks ago

My Giaochino! We almost missed this one Jack-Jack but TiTi got your 11 month cupcake just in the nick of time. You're growing too fast😭! Wait until you see your birthday cake! #bakerslife #jacksmonths @theincredibles @disneybaby #proudtiti #tiaabuela #miamibaker #weeklydiykits #bakermom #bakershours #bakersofinstagram #staysafe #stayhome   #freshbaked #Cookiekits #DIYcakepopkits #timewithyourkids #lovewhatIdo #activitykits #diykits #wedeliver 🚗 🚚

2 weeks ago

My first born ❤️ The first baby boy who made me a Titi. We have shared so many adventures, so many milestones, I love you so much. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to learn all about your new adventures. ❤️ Happy to share this moment with you. #thisiswhyicamehome #homeforthefamily #nowtheyalwayssaycongratulations #classof2020 #graduation #covidgraduation #yousurvivedapandemic #babynephew #proudtiti #familyiseverything #virtualgraduation #latony


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My handsome ass sonphew 👶🏽 wearing his Titi’s (his aunt’s ) hat. Gahhhhhddddd I love this boy 🥰😍 • #ProudTiti #ProudAunt #TitisBoy #BigBoy #GrownAt6Months #Explore #BabyBoy

Jan 2018

On Jan25, god blessed me with another beautiful niece. 😘 titi Loves You so much Reign. 😍😍 #herFaceIsLikeTitiSeriouslyASelfie lol #ProudTiti #NinaTina

Nov 2019

TRAIN UP A CHILD. You’re gonna change worlds with your worship Elsie Joy. Can’t wait to see it 🥺 #proudtiti

May 2020

My twin is two today. Super thankful for this sweet and sassy soul 💛 #proudtiti #terribletwo

Mar 2016

We literally shut Katana down tonight celebrating my baby girls first apartment! #PooTakesOverLA #DreamsDoComeTrue #ProudTiti

Jan 2013

Dropped by to say "hi" and this is the face she makes trying to convince me to stay :[ #ProudTiti #LoveMyLina 😍❤🙏

Jun 2017

Thanks for being one of the reasons why I never gave up✨Wish I was there to celebrate her graduating kindergarten #proudtiti

Jun 2015

So crazy how much these 3 mean to me ❤️💜💙 #eli #naomi #genesis #proudtiti #of3 #mylovebugs

Aug 2018

I’ve been waiting for a specific time to create this post. Wanted to wait for some time to pass and for the new mommy and daddy to share on social media first. I’m glad I get to do so now❤️ Soooo pregnancy has made me an oily and sweaty mess lol! 😂😂 I’m always hot! 😓 BUT the best part of this picture has absolutely nothing to do with me, obviously lol Beyond the oily face, I pray you can see the EXTREME AMOUNT OF JOY AND GRATITUDE on that same face. I am so excited to have my nephew. To see my brother and sister blossom into amazing parents has been such a blessing❤️ And Ivana is literally SUPERWOMAN! Labor goals for real lol ❤️ she was and is amazing. This whole experience has been overwhelming. I feel beyond blessed. A blessed that words cannot express. I love you Ian. You are so so soooo special! As soon as I saw your face, I knew it. I know that you will be the person to bring constant joy and laughter to my life ❤️ I love you more than words can express. I cannot wait for you and your cousin to meet and grow up together. I am excited and hopeful for the rest of my life with you in it❤️ #ProudTiti #TitiLovesYou #YouLightUpMyLife #MyJoyAndLaughter #IanJosiahSerrano