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good night. sorry i haven't been very active. please remember that i love you n i'm always here for anyone

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goodnight luvies 🥺🌟 creds - @megan .shay28

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What's up everybody🖤 lol

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Mysterious craters have been popping up in the Arctic tundra in recent years, and the latest example is 50 meters deep. Siberian media reported the discovery of a 50-meter deep crater in the Arctic tundra that suddenly opened up. Craters like these have been found since 2014, and scientists believe they may be a result of cryogenic eruptions—in other words, ice volcanoes. According to the Siberian Times, a TV crew from station Vesti Yamal observed the massive crater by chance while traveling from an assignment. The crater is one of several on the Yamal and Taymyr peninsulas in Siberia, and these geological phenomena have been subjects of research for years. One research group led by Lomosnosov Moscow State University geologist Andrey Bychkov proposed that the first discovered crater in the region was caused by an ice volcano eruption. In 2018, they published a paper in the journal Scientific Reports to explain the origin of what they dubbed the “spectacular crater.”

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Is it really possible to colonise the Moon? In theory, yes. It can be done through building and living in domes with thick walls that shield us from the sun's harmful radiation and provide a place where we can grow vegetation for food and oxygen. However, vegetation on the Moon will need added nitrogen (from earth ) and an immense amount of artificial light (with growth through hydroponics ) due to the Moon's two-week-long day and night cycle. If food is too difficult to grow on the Moon, it can be imported from earth along with animals for meat and improved ecosystems. In time, the Moon could breed and grow the animals and crops it already has to become self-sufficient. Oxygen can be mined from the ground (as 40% of the Moon’s weight is oxygen ) along with various minerals and energy while water can be produced by mixing hydrogen (from earth ) with the locally available oxygen. In addition, both air and water can be continually recycled when there is enough of it. If the construction of lunar buildings is too difficult or expensive (in gravity that is about one sixth that of earth's ), colonists could look at living underground. It will certainly help to shield them from the sun's harmful radiation and various bombardments from outer space, which the Moon has no atmosphere to protect against. While the Moon does have a lot to offer in the way of oxygen and metals it lacks a lot of vital elements such as carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. However, this can always change with future discoveries and breakthroughs in technology.

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I suspect the moon wasn’t hungry last night. It looked full.

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Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles Duke left not only his footprints, but a photograph of his wife and their two sons sitting on a bench. Duke signed the back of the photograph and wrote the following message: “’This is the family of Astronaut Duke from Planet Earth. Landed on the Moon, April 1972. The photograph remains to this day.

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Doja Cat confirms her collab between her & Ariana!

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what was ur favourite moment at arichella !

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take me back .... pls ♡

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baby song : pink champagne (unreleased ) #hmtchulavista

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last show tonight. woke up feeling so incredibly sad. but also incredibly grateful. and filled with so much love. thank you. Ariana Grande via Instagram 3 years ago today! September 20 2017

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her hair down with this outfit >>>> show : #swthamburg night 1 creds lilla matrahazi on yt ——————————— #q : favorite swt visuals ? #a : the moon, one last time & sweetener

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one of her best performances. i said what i said.

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rate Sweetener (album ) from 1-10

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HMT OUTFITS ELIMINATION GAME !!! outfit number 4 has been eliminated !!! the game is v easy : ) i'll comment all of the numbers of the outfits and y'all will have to like the comment of the outfit that HAS to be eliminated!!! the comment that gets the most likes will be the eliminated outfit !! do not comment, i'll delete your comment anyway enjoy : )

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hide yo mans..... again. new fragrance out now 😘 Scott via Instagram 1 year ago today! September 20 2019

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baby i : BOP or FLOP ?🎤 • ☆| follow @arianaslivevideo for more subtitled videos! ♡| follow @ariishows for daily throwbacks of ariana's shows! ~ @arianagrande #arianagrande

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hi welcome to my account ! i just wanna do something cute n simple !! i hope u like it : )♡

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Brian via Instagram Stories! September 20 2020

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baby i or the way ? 💕

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rom or swu? 🦋☀

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Had the best time celebrating the launch of #ArianaxReebok today with my @reebok family and my friends who inspire me most 💛 love you @brilovelife @iamskot @alfredoflores @harleypasternak @luxurylaw @reebok Ariana Grande via Instagram 3 years ago today! September 20 2017


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hi i have been kinda lacking with posting but I’m back now : ) 📸: @vdsariana #arianagrande

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No matter how many times you watch this video, it gets funnier everytime : ). Btw, thank you so much for concerning bout me, my eyes are getting better tho, although, i wasnt expecting that much support at all, you are the best people, always, this truly means a lot, because im a really anxious person and i easily worry bout anything. its a relief to know that in this word there are still good people : )♡. If you ever need anything, im here. - - - - for more follow @arianasysmiles - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #arianagranderare   #ilovearianagrande #arianagrandefans #arianarare #arianarares #arianagrandevideos #ariana #sweetener #arianagrande #arianator #arigrande #butera #arianagrandememes #grandefamily #swt #arivenchy #dangerouswoman #arianagrandevideo #weloveyouariana #thankunext #sweetenertour #sweetenerworldtour #happiana #grandebutera #thankunexttour #arianagrandevideos #moonlightbae #dwt #thankyounext #7rings #90s

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ᵗʰᵃᵗ’ˢ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗ

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hi #arianagrande