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Bescheuert sein - Kann ich😜 #lesbian #leipzig #girlwhokissgirls #langeweilebeimtrinken #single


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Feb 2020

Ich kann kaum laufen, aber sieh mal wie ich tanz. Unsicherheit überspielt mit Arroganz Ich hab' es denen, die mich mögen, niemals einfach gemacht Dinge einfach gemacht, die man einfach nicht macht Doch bin ich bei dir Ist alles anders, alles inklusive mir Du hast mich ein kleines bisschen repariert Denn bist du da Bin ich nicht mehr dieser Wichser, der ich war ♥️. Danke für alles @vanic173 👭🏼 • • • • • • • • • #loveislove #liebeistliebe #lgbt #🏳️‍🌈 #🌈 #rainbowlove #gay #girlwholikesgirls #girlwhokissgirls #lesbian #lesben #lgbtgermany #lesbianlove #couplegoals #gaygirl #lovewins #lesbiankiss #queer #gaystagram #liebe #futuremrsandmrs #pride #kiss #beimitchells

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"Love I'm at home". And you find her there, maybe tired, maybe in pajamas, maybe while washing the cup of your breakfast. And she comes towards you with her hands still wet, with her bare feet and a smile that says "I was waiting for you". And with a kiss she touches your lips, but in reality also your heart. "How did it go today?" asks you. And you put the bag on the ground and you get lost in that embrace that gives you back all the strength you thought you had lost. . Isn't this basically love? All the difficulties of life reduced in four words: "Love I'm at home". —————— 🇮🇹 "Amore, sono a casa". E la trovi lì, magari stanca, magari in pigiama, magari mentre lava la tazza della tua colazione. E ti viene incontro con le mani ancora bagnate, con i piedi nudi e un sorriso che dice "Ti aspettavo". E con un bacio ti sfiora le labbra, ma in realtà anche il cuore. "Com'è andata oggi?" ti chiede. E appoggi la borsa per terra e ti perdi in quell'abbraccio che ti restituisce tutte le forze che pensavi di aver perso. . Non è in fondo questo, l'amore? Tutte le difficoltà della vita rimpicciolite dentro quattro parole. "Amore, sono a casa". . . #inspiration #dirtybootsandmessyhair #loveathome #interiordesign #prideandprejudice #lovestoryphoto #lgbt #pride #lgbtq #fridaylove

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Yin e yang ☯️ . Waking up after a perfect breakfast 🥞 🌟 . . Questa mattina visto il tempo abbiamo deciso di stare in coccola ancora un po’ 🥰 foto imperfetta, di una giornata perfetta! . . . per voi quali sono le piccole cose che amate della vita? NON VALGONO GLI ALCOLICI😂 . . auguriamo un buon inizio settimana a tutti!💓 . #mondayinspiration #globalgaygirlgang

Oct 2019

- It’s 5 months later since I can call myself a mrs ‘van Leijden’. When I’m thinking back on our wedding day, there's this magical feeling going around in my belly. I can never tell in words how special this day was. There are probably people who don't understand the fact that to get married was one thing on top of our list. Getting married takes a lot of your time, effort and money and it's only just for this one specific day. - But for me, it became a thing when I met Inez. I never thought of wanting to get married someday before. But when I found out how deep our love was, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, whatever happens. She gave marriage a new meaning to me, to us. It makes our life complete and married life has never been so good for me. I also still love to say my wife instead of my girlfriend tho. 😍 💁🏼‍♀️ - - So tell me; who wants to get married someday or is already married with the love of your life ?👇🏼

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a happy family 🥰 . . . . Questa mattina ci siamo svegliate con dei LEGGERI sensi di colpa per ieri sera (per chi non ha seguito...le stories testimoniano ) Diapositiva di un post work out, dove ovviamente Nina si sentiva esclusa e quindi, come non renderla partecipe in questa foto di famiglia?😂 🐾 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . E voi cosa avete fatto ieri sera? Raccontateciii😍🙌🏻 . Ps: La foto probabilmente è sfuocata quanto noi ed è giusto cosi, per testimoniare la verità 😂