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💛👩🏿‍💻 Hi friend! Type your favorite animal emoji in the comments 🐥🐥🐥 . Check out @overlookedbeauty .co for glowing skin!! ☺️ ✨ pictured are the More Than Skin Deep Shea butter cream and Unforgettable facial oil! . I use Shea butter on my body as a moisturizer (also sometimes as an eye cream ) and have been for years! In the winter, I get dry spots and enjoy tasting Shea butter on the spots 🤍. For the facial oil, I prefer using oils at night because they absorb into the skin better 💛✨

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The key is to get winter apparel during the summer. Buy one now, save for later. 😎

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"Surround yourself with people who call you to your greatness. For when you succeed, we all succeed."- @iamhertribe . . . Models : @naturalbabepro × @marichuimarley Creative team : @lutiseku x @33bound x @33_powers Head pieces by @naturalbabepro with inspo from the amazing @LafalIsedionn . Hair by @naturalbabehair Makeup: @shashy_makeup & @naturalbabepro . Source: @afroellemag #melanin #flexinmycomplexion #blackisbeautiful #blackbeauty #brownskin #brownbeauty #blackwomen #nubian #fleek

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Like you, I love a good body scrub but I can live without the messy process or when majority of the product literally runs down the drain. A complete waste right? To solve that, HERLifestyle.co created a unique product called Body Polish Cubes that keeps your scrubs in hand for on the go shower exfoliation or during a bubble bath to add a botanical touch! 🧖🏿‍♀️ During your exfoliation, you'll gain additional moisture from our extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil that will soften and hydrate your skin throughout your luxurious soak! 🛀🏿 Not only are you exfoliating away your dead skin while providing your melanin with the proper moisture but we have added a triple butter soap that simultaneously cleanses the skin of any dirt or buildup! 💕 A triple threat when it comes to your skincare! Each Body Polish Cube includes a pure essential oil and botanicals that works with your specific skincare need! Check us out then try us out at www.HERLifestyle.co/shop 🛍 Queen, the link is in the bio! 🖤

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Black is beautiful!! About this hot shooting. Swipe left to see the final result Please like comment and share MUA : @laurette_nyangono Model : @niellafingers Shot by : @chris .angel.photography the shot killer Retouched by you boy : @chris .angel.photography Tag your friend in comment and follow @chris .angel.photography Happy Monday my Angel Family

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So Beautiful @lovely4u75 wearing Matte Liquid Lipstick “Chill” 😍 it’s absolutely undefeated and everyone loves it. Go put it in your cart. 🤎

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#styletip pair our cree mustard jumpsuit with denim top or jacket if you’re not a fan of halter styles✨

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Monday Comes Around Fast 🥴 That Shouldn’t Stop You From Looking Your Best . Start Your Week Off By Having Your Style Together . Not Sure Where to Start ? We Can Help ! Click the Link in Our Bio & Take Our “New Client Questionnaire” We Can Handle the Rest 😏 What Are You Waiting for ? #LetsGoOnlineShopping #YourShoppingBestie 🛒🛍✨

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Monday Comes Around Fast 🥴 That Shouldn’t Stop You From Looking Your Best . Start Your Week Off By Having Your Style Together . Not Sure Where to Start ? We Can Help ! Click the Link in Our Bio & Take Our “New Client Questionnaire” We Can Handle the Rest 😏 What Are You Waiting for ? #LetsGoOnlineShopping #YourShoppingBestie 🛒🛍✨

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Grab some Lipgloss with amazing pigmentation and long lasting. “Dreamer” “Top Spot” “Sweetheart” What’s your pick?😍

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People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach. 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ 👸🏾⠀ #nyakimgatwech #beauty #blackwoman #blackskin #beautyqueen #melanated #melaninpoppin #beautyqueen #melanatedqueen #blackwomen #melaninmagic #blackbeauty #melanatedqueens #brownskin #darkskin #melanin #blackqueen #brownbeauty #baddie #flexinmycomplexion #representationmatters #blackgirlmagic #sudanesewomen #africanwomen #blackmodels #blackgirl #black

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Do you prefer your gloss in a squeeze tube or with a wand? 🌻✨ ⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⬇️ 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐎𝗪 ⬇️ ⁣⁣

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They live rent free in my head....

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The color of the natural black woman itself is life and her form is beauty. We are the embodiment of everything that is good. Africa is born in our character and our style. Celebrate your pride, our heritage, the diverse beauty, art, and culture with our Africa Map Earrings and Necklace. . . Model: @ambeassata 📸: @ewill_photography

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​​8/6 ​🎂​ ​​Two times for the #birthday gurlll

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“Be Bold, Be Bold, and Everywhere Be Bold‼️“ ~Edmund Spenser • U N D E R • A R M O U R 💋 ⬛️ ➖ I’m The Thickest I’ve Ever Been, Consider Me A Heavy Weight Champion‼️🏆🎖🏆 Like Every Woman (Don’t Let IG Fool You ), I Have Insecurities About My Body Too. Howeva, I AM Comfortable In My Skin. I AM Confident That I Can Always Win. 🥊 #BodyPositivity Is A NEVER ENDING Journey. Some Days You Love Your Body, Some Days You Hate It Or Dislike Aspects. But Every Day You Should Appreciate YOU‼️ Ladies, Own That Journey b/c It’s Yours. Nobody Else’s. Be You. Be #Bold . Be #Confident . You Are #Beautiful . #CoCoKisses 😘 We ALL NATURAL ~ THICK‼️ P.S. My Waist May Not Be #Snatched , But My Finances Are. #Priorities 💯 📸 : @eve_laurynn \\ 🖤 : @underarmour Before #Sunset ➖ ⬛️ #YvetteToko #StyledByYvetteToko #CoCo #Lewk #NoFilter #NoBotox #NoFillers #NoButtPlants #FlexinMyComplexion #MelaninPoppin #AllNatural #Skin #NaturalBeauty


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“She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.” - Toni Morrison . . . Photo by @jessyjphoto Swimwear campaign for @asherahswimwear Models @_lilianl @phoenixvalentine_ Assisted by @justshauntra . . . . . . . . . . #melanin #flexinmycomplexion #blackisbeautiful #blackbeauty #brownskin #brownbeauty #blackwomen #nubian #fleek #myblackisbeautiful #blackisbeautiful #blackgirlsrock #melaninonfleek #melaninpoppin #blackgirlmagic #myblackisbeautiful #melaninonfleek #blackqueen #queen #melaninmonday #melaninqueen #blackgirls #blackgoddess

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Promise this is our mood forever ✨⁠

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The day before I had this flag wrapped around my shoulders someone posted a picture of me calling me the N-Word. • • • We were in Belarus Minsk for a track meet and if you don’t know where that’s at, it’s by Russia. The night before the guy in the picture asked to take a picture in the hotel lobby. As a professional athlete people ask to take pictures with me especially at meets so I gladly said yes. The next day, the day before my race I see this post on Instagram. I remember sitting in the hotel so upset and sad because the derogatory use of this word originated in the same country that I was representing. I was miles away from home and still one of America’s ideology have seeped into to my hotel room. • • • However as most Black americans do, I pushed my emotions to the side because I had a job to do and yes I won but this post is NOT about triumph or overcoming despite of racism. • • • It’s about the fact that we as black people as POC show up to do a job for a country that has failed us. It’s about the countless times I’ve brought up issues of race and nothing was done, it’s about the fact that I constantly push aside my hurt, it’s about #breonnataylor #vanessaguillen #jeremiahchapman these black and brown people who put on uniforms to do a job only to be dehumanized. • • • So America I ask I did my job when will you do yours?

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Thank you to @notalonecrafting for my Ankara and Kente cloth face masks! They also made great gifts to my friends @monetxchange & @bobthedragqueen ✊🏾 #naturallyshesdope #melanin #blackgirlmagic #blackandproud #flexinmycomplexion