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When I was 10 years old my parents took my Sister & I over to Seattle where my dad is from. We went to the SkyDome, I remember sitting so high up I could barely recognize the players. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game. There was a place where they put kids in a jersey, took a photo and made a baseball card, right there on the spot. It was the coolest thing ever. My very own baseball card I thought to myself with a smile ear to ear, it was magic!! I wanted that feeling forever, I decided to make that my life right there on the spot. Someday, I was going to be there, in that stadium, on the field. Fast forward 27 years (I know holy moly ) & I received these baseball cards in the mail today to sign and send back to an autograph collector. Hard to explain all the memories that come back looking at each card and recollecting the amazing players I ran out between the lines with day in day out from all over the world, the futures game in Pittsburgh and my bag getting lost by airline, so I had to borrow @cargo5 glove for the game, the MLB rookie card and the whirlwind of getting called up for the 1st time, New Britain Rock cats purchasing a car for $500 between 3 of us for the season. It’s a phrase we all here over and over again, happiness is not found in the destination, it’s in the journey, it’s the person we become and grow into pursuing that goal which is currently outside of what we’re capable of. Going through the struggles, falling down, getting back up, keep on going because that is where the magic is. . . . #dreambig #believeinyou #obsessions #resiliencetraining #mlb ⚾️ #grit #baseballlife ⚾️ #baseballcards #journeynotthedestination #goalgetter #comfortzone #thethrowbackzone #tbt 🔙📸 #flashback 🔙 #raisethebar #iamnxtgen #mlbdraft #marinerslife #vulnerabilityisstrength #growthmindset 🌱 #dodgersnation #dbacksfanfest #autographcollector #greatfullheart #getbackupandkeepgoing #motivationeveryday

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Tonight became the third player to have 6 career 3 homerun games...and he’s only 27. And one of the other players was cheater Sammy Sosa. #mookiemookiemookie #dodgersnation #allbettsoff

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Sammy Sosa 🇩🇴 y Johnny Mize 🇺🇸 eran los únicos los únicos jugadores en la historia con 6 juegos de 3 jonrones ☄️ hasta que Mookie Betts 🇺🇸se les unió esta noche 🔥⚾️ #mookiebetts #ladodgers #ladodgersfan #dodgers #dodgersstadium #dodgerstadium #dodgerssocial #dodgersbaseball #dodgersst #dodgersnation #dodgersff #dodgersgame #mlb #mlbb #hardball #mlbnews #mlbnetwork #mlbbaseball #mlbbfanart #losdodgers #beisbol #be ́isbol #beisbolista

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This man has 3 HR’s tonight, unbelievable... 🥶🚨 ( 🎥 : @dodgers ) • • • #LABleedsBlue #LADodgerNews #DodgersNation #DodgersStadium #ThinkBlue #ItsAnLAThing #LADodgers

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Apuntale otra más a Mookie 🔥🔥 3-3 , 3HR , 5 RBI ,4 anotadas subió su promedio de bateo a .310 y el OPS 1.062 🔥 #DodgersNation

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Mookie with his 3rd home fun of the night 😱😱

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for the Duke.⁣ ⁣ If you haven't already, I would recommend picking up a copy of Roger Kahn's 1972 book The Boys Of Summer. It's a fantastic read for any baseball fan and it dives deep into the golden years of the Brooklyn Dodgers, profiling almost every player on the team with an interview on what it was like to play on those teams. The names on those teams are part of baseball lore and Duke Snider is certainly one of them.⁣ ⁣ Funnily enough, Snider debuted in the same game in which Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier. Although his wikipedia page says that his father gave him the nickname, Edwin Donald Snider was also rumoured to be nicknamed the Duke for how he looked like royalty when he trotted around the bases after a homerun. He pinch-hit for Tommy Tatum in the bottom of the 6th inning in his debut and singled to right field before coming around to score on a Spider Jorgensen double. What names they had in the 40s and 50s.⁣ ⁣ It is difficult to pinpoint which of Duke Snider's all-star seasons in the 1950s was his best when looking at his baseball-reference page, so I decided that I would just show his average numbers from 1953-1957, which were clearly his peak years in major league baseball. During that time, Snider AVERAGED the following numbers each season:⁣ ⁣ 651 PA⁣ 41 HR⁣ 117 RBI⁣ 34 2B⁣ 89 BB⁣ .311 AVG⁣ .407 OBP⁣ .618 SLG⁣ 1.025 OPS⁣ 161 OPS+⁣ ⁣ The Duke of Flatbush was an absolute force in the middle of the Dodgers' lineup, driving in 100+ runs six times in his career. During his time as a player from 1947-1964, Snider's 407 homeruns were good for fifth during that timespan, behind Stan Musial, Eddiw Mathews, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. But nobody was better than the Duke from 1953-1957; he hit 207 homeruns in those five seasons, 10 more than any other player. His 585 RBI were also tops during that time while his 581 runs and 169 doubles were second. Snider appears in the top ten in nearly every hitting category imaginable during the 1950s and ranks in the top five in most power categories.

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MOOKIE ON TOP OF THAT DEATH ROW LINEUP!!!! RESERVE YOURS NOW! SWIPE UP IN OUR IG STORY! #MookieWood - #DodgersNation #dodgers #losangeles #lafans #doyers #baseball #mlb #besbol #fans #lableedsblue #thinkblue #ChavezRavine #HollywoodLifestyle #ItsAnLAThing #mookiebetts

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Mookie Betts’ 2nd HR of the night 💪 (via  @mlb

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Mookie Betts lleva 2 en el juego de hoy frente a los Padres.🔥 Festival de Jonrones es lo que hay en la Dodgers Stadium. #DodgersNation #MLB 🔥

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Love early presents. Thank you my love. #fire #dodgersnation #losangelesdodgers ⚾️ #kobeforever

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SPEAK UP 🐐 Kelly proving every day why hes the goat 🔥What are your thoughts on this? Comment and follow @houstoncheaters for more content 👍🏽⚾️ Also, make sure to follow @bigswingpodcast for more of this treasure 🙌🙌

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ITS GAMEDAY! The Dodgers will look to split the series tonight with the Padres. The Dodgers will send Urias to the Mound to face Paddack. This will be a pitching duel.


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Monster Big Red⁣ I want to give a huge shout out to Dustin May for stepping up in a year that has been so different and difficult in so many ways. Thank you Dustin for backing up our ace on opening day and for giving us amazing baseball to watch every time you’re on the mound! Keep throwing that heat! 🔥

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They’re coming 👀 •︎ •︎ •︎ •︎ #seanwotherspoon #atmos #atmostokyo #atmosnyc #teamasics #asicsaddict #asicsworld #asicssquad #asicsteam

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This ham’s going to be hitting dingers in no time⚾️ #GoDoyers #DodgersBaby #ITFDB