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Mar 2020

Woke up at 3:00 am and thought it was 3:00 pm bahaha! 🙌😭😴 . . . #earlybird #3am #sleepygirl #cloudedthoughts #cutiewithabooty #whitegirl #alieneyes #naturalbeauty

Jan 2020

LA is totally convincing me to change my address ☀️ #cutiewithabooty

May 2020

🍑🍑 #cutiewithabooty

Jul 2020

✨🌸focus on the good stuff🌸✨ Although I‘m really not a fan of living in times of a global pandemic, I really enjoyed the time I had, without stressing about getting things done. I watched so many beautiful sunsets and really enjoyed the beauty of nature in general. This year I feel like I see some things for the very first time and all the color combinations in nature are super inspiring 💖 Tell me a positive thing you experienced during the last couple months corona-time ✨ This piece is also for SALE. Dm me if you are interested✨ #fatpositive #cutiewithabooty #bodypositiveart #embroidery #embroideryart #stitchingforever #textileart #textileartist #supportyourlocalartist #queercutie #fatbabe #fatart #textures #fabricandyarn

Aug 2020

Baby I'm worth it🤎 This is my yearly reminder for y'all that every body is a summerbody. There is no "too fat", "too ugly" or too much cellulitis. Your body is wonderful, think of the things it does for you every day. Every year I see young women (and men! ) Being afraid of putting their swim wear on because #bodyshaming is still such a big ugly thing in our society. I tell you what, come closer.... BULLSHIT! PUT YOUR SWIM WEAR ON, GO OUT AND ENJOY ( a socially distanced )SUMMER 🤙

Jun 2020

Ett lagom hårt pass ben & rumpa fick jag igenom idag💦 Lika galet svettigt som tidigare dagar men så skönt ändå. Jag älskar verkligen att nu bo granne med gymmet och speciellt att jag slipper sätta mig på bussen och åka nånstans nu med Corona och allt. Har ni nära till gymmet?💪🏻