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A condition that occurs from exposure to high ⬆️cortisol levels for a long time.🧭 ⬇️ The most common cause is the use of steroid drugs💊, but it can also occur from overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands.🧬 ⬇️ Signs are a fatty hump between the shoulders🦾, a rounded face, and pink or purple stretch marks.🧬 #CushingsDisease

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📍NEW DIAGNOSIS Honestly? I’ve been struggling since my most recent anaphylaxis & hospital admission last week. I’ve been trying to process, accept & grieve a new diagnosis. I now have Cushing’s Syndrome. This has been caused by the high doses of steroids I’m on. Cushing’s Syndrome is a rare condition where your body has too much cortisol. It can develop suddenly (like mine ) & can be fatal if not recognised, monitored & treated. Thankfully I’ve been diagnosed early. It causes huge amounts of symptoms, which I now have many of. Some are dangerous; some are painful; and there are some that forcefully change your body & mind. I had my suspicions & the sudden onset of multiple different symptoms over the past few weeks now makes a lot of sense- it was the sudden onset of Cushing’s. My current treatment plan is to continue weaning my steroids at the same rate & for this to be overseen by Endocrinology & Immunology to get to as low a dose as I can. I can’t speed up the process due to how unstable my body is. It’s a balance of risk & is ultimately a lose lose situation. However, I’ve been told because my body has basically “shut down” due to Cushing’s, I need to prepare to be on a low dose of steroids for a few YEARS whilst my body “fires up” again and starts producing its own cortisol. I’m still trying to process this diagnosis. I’m still trying to process the effect it’s having on me. How much my body & brain has changed over the past few weeks. I’m trying to process how I won’t be able to start to recover from Cushing’s until after I have stopped all steroids. I’m still trying to process how I “should eventually” recover. But it’s not guaranteed. Steroids saved my life. I will always be grateful to be breathing & alive. But they’ve now forcefully turned it upside down & are destroying my body & mind. I currently don’t recognise myself & I’m finding that even harder to deal with than facing death frequently. So I’m spending all my time trying to process. To understand & feel my emotions. To allow myself to grieve. Embracing the sadness & not fearing it, because it’s a natural response. I’m scared but I’m not done fighting & at the moment that’s enough 🍀

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It's our very last #weeniewednesday 🌭 for 2020, and Dr. Kelsey wants to leave you with some information about Cushing's Disease that could possibly affect your weenie baby's life. ❤️🐾 Check out this video to get informed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwGVKlSuEhM #weeniedogs #kelseycanine #cushingsdisease #caninehealth #petownereducation

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30 SEP 2020 (1 of 2 ) **Brain Tumor Awareness** Good Morning Positivity Warriors, 🌞 Lolo here! I’m slowly getting back into my early routine. Today I woke up at 0600. Hey, that’s progress when you’ve been waking up around 0800-0900. I’m trying to work it back to 0400-0500 ish haha. Being down for the count has made me realize how early that is in the morning once again hahaha! Pending what my doctors say this afternoon and tomorrow..I may be back at work for a little bit by Monday! WAHOO! I can’t wait to hear what they say, fingers crossed. 🤞🏻 I personally feel like my body is ready and can handle going back to work. 💯 I’m thinking clearly, I’m not having major withdrawal symptoms anymore..I’m ready to work out. 🏃🏻‍♀️ It’s time. At some point you have to rip the bandaid off, you know? Shoot..I especially can’t wait to start doing my interval training again and the sit ups, THE SIT UPPPPPS! Y’all probably think I’m nuts. Work and sit ups?! Excited? It’s exciting when you are not allowed to/cannot physically do both for the longest time. Also, I love y’all, but I can’t wait to do some things just by myself again for once. I literally haven’t been left alone for WEEKS. As an independent woman, I need my alone time lol. It’s wayyy out of balance right now. To be able to drive to work, work, go grab my favorite dinner, come home, work out, eat dinner, be able to take my dog out..grab coffee if I want to.. I’m trying to get back to that. Lolo can only crochet 🧶 - more coffee ☕️ - more Jesus 🙏🏻 so much before she starts to lose her patience lol #lolostrong #spreadpositivity #positivity #warrior #positivitywarrior #cushingsdisease #awareness #cancer #cancerawareness #strength #braincancer #adrenalcancer #braincancerawareness #adrenalcancerawareness #fsualumni #fsu #unconquered #youarenotalone #endocrine #health #healthandwellness #motivation #cancersucks #beauty #healthandwellness #noonefightsalone #adrenal #mayoclinic #mayoclinicstrong

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Body off for this lovely cushings chap using my @masterclipuk hd roamers for the bulk of the work x #bodyclipped #horsesofinstagram #cushingsdisease

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Just another simple, informative poster. I like to tick the symptoms off now like bingo. Unfortunately I’d be quite rich if that was real. You’ve gotta have a laugh, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏻✊🏻💛💙 #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushings #cushingsandme #chronicillness #pituitary #adrenal #tumour #cortisol #crushcushings #positivevibes #icandothis #spoonie #spooniesupport #quasimodo #endocrine #endocrinology

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Yes, in summer I still feel a bit pretty. #galicia4 #oldhorse #grannyhorse #cushingsdisease #autumnhorse #horsethoughts #cushinghorse

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Now for some important news. We got the test results from the specialist I saw on Friday. She was really happy with them. She said my cushings disease is being well controlled. Yay!!!! I still get to have yummy cereal (bran ) added to my food. ~ Tucker #cushingsdisease #cushingsdog #labradorretriever #chocolatelab #TuckerMan #LittleMan #LittleT #Mamasboy

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LID (Low Iodine Diet ): Miserable existence consisting of consuming less than 50 micrograms of iodine a day. No cheese, no chocolate, no pizza, no cereal. Lasts approximately 14 days. My 2nd time on this journey made 1000% easier thanks to my fiance. So much thought put into each ingredient just to keep me safe & sane. I could not be more lucky & humbled. #thyroidcancersurvivor #thyroidcancer #thyca #papillarythyroidcarcinoma #hormoneimbalance #hirsutism #DHEA -S #moonface #bloating #endocrine #endocrinologist #endocrinesystem #endocrinology #weightgain #adrenalhealth #pituitary #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushings #adrenal #androgens #androgenicalopecia #growthhormone #stress #cortisol #hyperandrogenism #hypopara #hypoparathyroidism #lowiodinediet


#CarlotMargot is such a strong girl. I love this girl so much. She has a huge heart. She hasn’t been 💯 lately but she is trying. Her mobility is limited so with that she can’t graze or move around as easily to warm up her muscles or fuel her internal furnace with food. So she is blanketed to help her stay dry and warm while she can’t get around as easily. #horseretirement #horseretirementfarm #seniorhorse #seniorhorsesofinstagram #HolsteinerHorse #Holsteinermare #bigbaymare #bigbaymaresarebest #carlotmargot #cushingsmare #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #hoofabscess #hoofabscessessuck #hoofabscesses #hoofabscessesarenofun


Love this little creation. I’ve never really had to carefully consider what I’m doing until I got sick. I’ve always been super spontaneous, always on the go, never stop to breathe Leah. Now I have to save my energy for the important stuff. Sometimes it means sacrificing the nice stuff to be able to do the things I need to do to survive... 🤷🏼‍♀️ BUT, from this I have learnt to fully appreciate the nice stuff when I can do it. I have so much more love for simplicity and the little things and the people around me that care and do so much to help (and also put up with me ). Thank you 🙌🏻✊🏻💛💙 #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushings #cushingsandme #chronicillness #pituitary #adrenal #tumour #cortisol #crushcushings #positivevibes #icandothis #spoonie #spooniesupport #quasimodo #endocrine #endocrinology


Another round of “What does Tucker like?” On our last round we learned that 🍎 apples 🥒 cucumbers and 🥕 carrots were a thumbs up. Sadly, cucumbers were too hard to digest, carrots too hard to chew and now he is sick of apples. Round two’s choices of Strawberries 🍓 kiwi 🥝 blueberry (no emoji for blueberries ) and raspberry (also no emoji ) all got a thumbs up 👍🏻 from Mr. Tucker. #cushingsdisease #cushingsdog #labradorretriever #chocolatelab #TuckerMan #LittleT #LittleMan #Mamasboy


I’ve never been small or skinny but I’ve always been active. Growing up we never used to stop. I used to love being out on the bikes, doing crazy stuff with my dad like zip lining off cliffs in to lagoons, swimming everywhere and anywhere, being competitive in every aspect. I was never keen on walking or running, my legs would hurt and my chest would feel like I was going to die, but I always just thought that was because I was unfit. This was the same when I got older. I played rugby in university and loved it! But I loved the strength aspect, the scrums, the tackles, getting ‘angry’. I got injured and never really recovered fully. Cushings causes osteoporosis. I question all the time how long I’ve had this tumour. Things add up from over the years. Cushings is a muscle wasting condition. My legs and arms have become much smaller in comparison to the rest of my body. My muscles are deteriorating all the time and it’s so frustrating! Cushings makes you gain weight around your mid section, face and neck to help protect your vital organs. Quasi just does what he likes to my body now and couldn’t care less how much it affects me physically, but more so, mentally. For years I have covered up my weight gain with laughter. I’ve walked out of places like slimming world and sobbed in my car after a gain when I had done everything possible. I have blamed that cake I had when really I was secretly trying everything but the more I tried the more it didn’t work. Stress. Now I understand. I hate the way I look at the moment and that’s soul destroying in itself, but atleast it won’t be forever. Quasi. I hate you. 🙌🏻✊🏻💛💙 #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushings #cushingsandme #chronicillness #pituitary #adrenal #tumour #cortisol #crushcushings #positivevibes #icandothis #spoonie #spooniesupport #quasimodo #endocrine #endocrinology


Gonna miss this sweet girl and her sneaking into the barn for cookies. But she wont be in pain anymore so thats the important part ❤😭 #quarterhorse #thoroughbred #appendix #chestnutmare #schneidersblankets #shooflyleggins #kensingtonflymask #kensingtonflyprotection #ARDRanchandCustomTack #anjaequine #pnwhorses #horsesofinstagram #rescuehorse #cushingsdisease #cushingshorse


So I finally did it- hair extensions! I know I won’t see many people right now but this was completely for me anyway. They look so natural and made me feel more like myself than I have in the last couple of years. What made me the most emotional was the totally unexpected feeling of the weight of the hair, I had completely forgotten how it felt to have that much hair on my head and it made me realise how much hair I have actually lost. Cushings is such a cruel disease and takes so much, including identity and femininity but I felt like I won the battle today. It was a good day. 🖤 I got them done at @glamour_garage there are so many options there for all types of hair loss and have a special @glamourgaragetheclinic for a private room and hair fitting if you are feeling extra sensitive or have some severe or complex hair loss. But I just went in and had a normal appointment and @kelly_glamourgaragereigate was super sweet and kind about the whole situation- thank you!!! . . . . . . . #hairloss #hairextensions #hair #emotional #cushingsdisease #cushings #cyclicalcushings #braintumour #adrenals #cortisol #recovery #emotional #bodymemory #keepingthefaith #findingaway #survival #recoveryjourney #womenempowerment #feminine #feminineenergy #bodymemory #todaywasagoodday #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression


Vet day 🙀🙀 Had to have my staples out today, the ones that were left anyway after I managed to pull some out myself!! I still have to wear my t-shirts so I don't hurt myself again! . . I've heard a rumour that ill have to go again next week! 😿 The pawrents are taking a few days away, and no ones brave enough to change my outfit, so the vet has to do it! 😹😹 such wimps! . . I've been practicing my sad eyes, hopefully there will be a significant increase in treats, the catsitters won't know whats hit them! . . #catsofinstagram #catsofworld #cutecatshow #cutepets #cushingsdisease #cushingcat #cushingspet #specialneedscats #diabetescat #mycathasdiabetes #fragileskincat #cateyes #sadcateyes #butterwouldntmelt #meowdels #meowdaily #meowmeow


29 SEP 2020 Good Morning Positivity Warriors, 🌞 It is Terrific Tuesday! The hubs and I just got finished with our daily walk outside. This time it was my favorite state park near the house once again. Love me some Dugualla for those of you who know where that is! 🌲 It is another gorgeous day here in Washington state. You can see all the mountains 🏔 here today. They literally look like they are reaching out to the highest point in the sky. My grandma always reminds me that you’re closer to heaven when you’re in the mountains 😏 Our friend, the neighborhood elk named Bruiser decided to visit us last night, which was a nice surprise! No major health updates to report right now. I do have a dermatology appointment today. One of the symptoms associated with Cushing’s disease/syndrome is increased facial acne along the jawline...yeah..what fun. I haven’t had acne since I was a teenager. Over time now that I’ve had my tumor removed it should get better. I will be meeting with my endocrinologist and oncologist tomorrow via telemedicine tomorrow. Lolo is anxious to get started with mitotane therapy and working out again! 💪🏻💯 I should have some dates for brain surgery some time soon. Standby for those 😬 🧠 A positive from yesterday is I finally drove my car, the Subaru, for the first time in weeks. The husband was in the vehicle of course, but still..it felt REALLY GOOD to be driving my own car again! Now if we could just get people to let me go to work and such by myself that’d be greeeeat. Hahaha! 😂 slow progress..it’s coming. On to more coffee ☕️ more Jesus 🙏🏻 Stay positive. ✨ And y’all have a Terrific Tuesday!!! Much Love, Lolo ❤️👸🏻⚔️ #lolostrong #spreadpositivity #positivity #warrior #positivitywarrior #cushingsdisease #awareness #cancer #cancerawareness #strength #braincancer #adrenalcancer #braincancerawareness #adrenalcancerawareness #fsualumni #fsu #unconquered #youarenotalone #endocrine #health #healthandwellness #motivation #cancersucks #beauty #healthandwellness #noonefightsalone #adrenal #mayoclinic #mayoclinicstrong


Snuggly bug Chopper on his way to the vet. This little monster has been having a hard time with his Cushing’s medication and moving houses. We’re hoping we can get his cortisol levels back to something normal so that we can all sleep through the night again. 🤞🤞 #cushingsdisease #cushingsdog #tripod #tripoddog #seniordog #chihuahua #chopperthehuahua


Having max on daily medication to manage his newly diagnosed cushings, I knew I was going to have to be one step ahead of getting a tablet into him each day. For the last 6 days he unknowingly ate it in a small monitored amount of feed, but today he cottoned on. But I was ready. Harry was impressed. Let's see how long this method works for! #maximumrisk #highmaintenance #cushingsdisease #magician #magictricks #harrychow #nzhuntaway #equestrian #horsemanship


DO YOU HAVE AN OLDER HORSE? Read on! . The good news is that, with each passing year, horses are living longer lives and many survive easily to 25 years of age or older. This means, however, that horse owners need to be aware of changes occurring with age, so they can preserve the health and quality of life of their equine friends throughout middle age and the geriatric years. . Equine Cushing’s disease is one of the most common diseases of horses greater than 15 years of age. This syndrome is better defined as Equine Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID ) because it reflects the location within the brain that is abnormal, and the clinical signs are associated with abnormally elevated hormone concentrations in the blood. . Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS ) is another endocrine disorder that can affect mature horses and shares some of the same clinical signs as PPID. Although the two disorders feature some striking clinical similarities — most notably a predisposition to development of chronic laminitis — the underlying disease biology is quite different in each case and successful management requires proper diagnosis by a competent veterinarian first. Our understanding of both conditions, especially EMS, is incomplete and subject to continuous evolution, but sufficient information is currently available to highlight some important similarities and differences for the interested horse owner. Read two full articles about PPID & EMS on our website at : . https://avonridgeequine.com.au/equine-ppid/ . https://avonridgeequine.com.au/equine-metabolic-syndrome/ . Contact us for more information on 0427 072 095 • #equinevets #horsedoctors #veterinarymedicine #equestrianlife #endocrinology #cushingsdisease #equinemetabolicdisease #olderage

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Today was test day... today was stressful. Spent 3.5 hours in an mri machine and got an echocardiogram. All my scans came back clean though!!! Sigh of relief! #heartstrongwithcarneycomplex #openheartsurgerysurvivor #strokesurvivor #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #schwanoma #

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28 SEP 2020 Last year I spent Christmas working a job I’m passionate about away from my family and my husband. I was very fortunate to have Christmas dinner with a family I am close to. ❤️ shoutout to @thecandacegibbons 😘 This year I will probably spend Christmas recovering from brain cancer 🧠 surgery in Minnesota. True life: I am Lolo Smith. At times it doesn’t seem real, but you really can do anything if you set your mind to it. I can bend and not break. 💪🏻 Life’s interesting, that is for sure. 🌎 I am listening to some music this afternoon as I do some “Fall cleaning.” 🍁 Music is my therapy among other things, but it is a big one. 🎶 It’s always been a big one. @wearefrenship 🎼 💿 #lolostrong #spreadpositivity #positivity #warrior #positivitywarrior #cushingsdisease #awareness #cancer #cancerawareness #strength #braincancer #adrenalcancer #braincancerawareness #adrenalcancerawareness #frenship #musictherapy #music #youarenotalone #endocrine #health #healthandwellness #motivation #cancersucks #beauty #healthandwellness #noonefightsalone #adrenal #mayoclinic #mayoclinicstrong

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Beautifully designed cozy home with its distinct brick wall.Retro chic decors draw attention to various focal points. Living features pretty & graceful silhouettes to prioritise great comfort & style ... Designed by @fusio_nedesignstudio #livingroom #livingroomdecor #livingroomdesign #livingroomideas #livingroomstyle #residentialdesign #cushions #cushion #cushingsdisease #brickwall #photoframes #photoframewall #walldecor #wallartdecor


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A few weeks after my surgery, 2015. Overall, I still look the same as before. But my eyes are different—better—my “old eyes” are in this pic. My facial swelling and weight was starting to go down, even after two weeks! ••• Recovery from Cushing’s is a marathon, NOT a sprint, even though I tried to rush it. You cannot rush recovery. ••• Let me say that again: YOU CANNOT RUSH RECOVERY. ••• LIVE, this Friday at 1pm ET, I’m gonna open up this space for support and questions from anyone in the Cushie community. Please ask me anything. There aren’t a lot of resources out there from patients. But you are not alone. 🌈✨❤️ Hope to see you there. #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushingsawareness #patientadvocacy #raredisease #supportgroup

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YEAR FIVE 🥳🎉 On the left, Aug. 9, 2015; on the right, Aug. 10, 2020. A five-year rollercoaster finally slowing down. • I turn 35 this year and a lot of normal things are slowing down. My metabolism for one. I’m not at my year-three prime, but who is right now?? The world is an actual dumpster fire, the gyms aren’t safe yet, and at this point the fact that I’m getting out of bed every day in a good mood is a win. We will all bounce back. We do what we can. • Losing my parents last year did bring a different kind of stress: grief. My cortisol labs peaked at the highest level of normal since surgery. With careful scrutiny, you could see it just a little bit. You still can in a lot of ways, and that will continue until the situation is over. But it’s okay. We do what we can. • I’m immensely happy for the personal growth I’ve made in the last five years. I’m getting to the point where I couldn’t care less about what I actually weigh. I want to feel good, look healthy and fit, and rock on. None of us are guaranteed more time on this Earth. My wish is that we all find peace within ourselves and our circumstances, and that we do all that we can do to move forward and onward when we don’t. Thank you to my wonderful partner, @danger .scuba, for bringing me so much joy and happiness this year, thereby lowering my cortisol levels better than any prescription therapy. 💕 • Let’s all just do what we can! If you are a member of the Cushie community and have questions for me, please reach out. If you’d like to share your story on the LIVE chats, also reach out! ❤️💓🌸💖🎉✨ • • • • #cushingsdisease #cushingssyndrome #cushingsawareness #cushingssurvivor #raredisease #warrior #patientadvocacy

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It’s time for a selfie because without tons of excess cortisol pumping through my body, my face is finally less swollen and red! Also, I’m celebrating the one side effect of #cushingsdisease that I don’t despise: my newfound curly hair! It’s always been wavy, but now I have tight ringlets! It’s going to be months, maybe years before I feel like myself again. It’s going to be hard. But I will celebrate these small things!

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|ad| If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I have been struggling with health issues since Spring. Due to the pandemic lab work and doctor visits here in California are really limited, so I really wasn’t getting any answers. ⠀ ⠀ That’s why when I got this chance to work with @palomahealth I jumped on it! They sent me the at home thyroid testing kit! ⠀ It included everything I needed and had step by step directions! It was so easy.⠀ @palomahealth sent me my results and luckily, my thyroid is healthy!! ⠀ ⠀ Unfortunately, that means it’s not my thyroid but what a piece of mind to be able to check this off the list. ⠀ ⠀ Did you know it’s estimated that up to 20 million Americans have a thyroid problem with about 60% being unaware. ⠀ Women are 5 to 8 times more likely to have thyroid problems!!⠀ ⠀ *I recently switched primary doctors, the 1st thing she wanted to do was check out my thyroid. I shared my @palomahealth results. She said she wanted to have it redone, she wasn’t too sure about the at home testing kits. 💫The results were exactly the same! 💫⠀ ⠀ #thyroidproblems #thyroidhealing #thyroidhealth #hometesting #takingcontrol #thyroidawareness #healthandwellness #healthyliving #adrenalfatigue #adrenalsupport #adrenalfatiguerecovery #thyroidwarrior #hypothyroidism #hyperthyroidism #addisonsdisease #cushingsdisease #hashimotosdisease #womenshealth #undiagnosed #endocrinesystem #endocrinedisruptors #hormonesupport #healthempowerment #womenshealthmatters #postviral

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I have many new followers and I’d like to introduce myself better for those of you who are new! I’m Catarina and I’m a 27 year old Portuguese-Canadian who survived having a brain tumour that caused Cushing’s disease. Many of you probably follow me because of that! 🧠 I was diagnosed at 23 and had been suffering since just before I turned 22. I progressed quickly and for the worst. I believe in advocacy for brain tumours and Cushing’s and that’s why I speak about my struggle with it and the struggles that came from having it. I’m still having some of my own personal issues and I’m pretty open with them. I love hockey, most specifically the Habs🏒. I grew up going to Montreal since I was 10 and although I wasn’t a huge fan when I was younger, I grew to love the city and the team and that’s why I enjoy the team. No, I don’t care that I live in the GTHA area - I like the team that I like, okay? 😂 I created #CrushCushings as a separate account back in 2016 and I still have the FB page til this day. I found it to be too much to have both accounts so I have just merged Crush Cushing’s into my personal. I’m hoping to grow the movement larger as the community (unfortunately ) grows. I know how scary and lonely it feels to have Cushing’s so I want to build a community around that. I also saw a lot of toxic FB groups and who needs more toxicity when Cushing’s is already trying to destroy us? I’m currently in the #DCOMMUNITY for phase 2 of the 6 week program! @dgym .mtl is a fantastic trainer and his beautiful girlfriend helps with the meal prep ideas. I can’t wait to see if my body will allow me to transform. This will be the true test of whether my weight is from medication or laziness or if it’s Cushing’s related again. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Please introduce yourself 🤍🤍🤍 #CrushCushings #CushingsDisease #DCOMMUNITY #health #Wellness #Endocrinology #hormones

May 2020

May is Brain Tumour Awareness month! 🧠 I was diagnosed with Cushings disease February 2019 and finally had pituitary surgery January 2020 to remove Bruce (the tumour ) ! Recovery is slow and steady but keeping positive through these times is so important!! I’m proud to help raise awareness for brain tumors of all kinds! A very lovey lady @daniking1212 introduced herself to me and we shared our stories of our journey with Cushings. My heart goes out to all of my fellow Cushies and I hope everyone stays safe during this time. Now everyone go follow @turnmaygrey and @braintumourfdn and lets raise some awareness!!! Also, if anyone out there needs someone to listen or tell their Cushings story to, I’m here. It’s not an easy disease to go through and I want you to know you’re not alone! #cushings #cushingsdisease #cushingsyndrome #turnmaygrey #braintumor #braintumor #braintumorawareness #braintumorawarenessmonth #braintumorsurvivor #braintumorssuck #braintumorwarrior #raredisease #may #positivity #happiness #smiles #brainhealth #brainmatters2me #brainsurgery

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Today, 4 years ago I was officially diagnosed with Cushing’s - a 4mm pituitary adenoma causing it. It’s been an insane 6 years since I started getting sick all the way until today. Now, I use my story to help so many of YOU not feel so alone! I appreciate you all for helping me, listening to me, trusting me and growing a community (Crush Cushing’s ) with me. Here’s to the day that officially changed my life - figuring out that I was indeed sick and NOT going crazy or being “lazy”. Here’s to the disease that brought so many amazing people into my life. Appreciate you and love you all 🤍 #cushingsdisease #crushcushings

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Not all wheelchair users are unable to walk ♿👣 . . Ambulatory wheelchair users - people who use a wheelchair but can walk - do exist and they are not "faking". Lots of disabilites and chronic illnesses may make someone need to use a wheelchair even if they can still walk . . Pain, breathlessness, fall risk, exhaustion, fainting, etc are all things that mean someone may need to use a wheelchair when they're out and about. You don't have to be paralysed to use a wheelchair! . . So, next time you see someone in a wheelchair get up to transfer into another seat or to walk for a short distance, don't make a big deal out of it or tell them they're faking it. They're probably very ill and their wheelchair gives them the support they need to go out into the world . . ID: An illustration of a quote that reads "Not all wheelchair users are unable to walk". The words not all and unable are the in rainbow. Besides the quote are multicoloured feet and on the bottom right side there's a purple wheelchair . . #ambulatorywheelchairuser #wheelchairuser #invisibledisability #butyoudontlooksick #invisibledisease #disabilityawareness #potssyndrome #meawareness #connectivetissuedisease #jointpain #cysticfibrosis #crpswarrior #cysticfibrosisfighter #crps #chronicpainawareness #lupusflare #brainfog #autoimmunearthritis #autoimmunewarrior #cancerwarrior #cushingsdisease #fibromyalgiawarrior #fibromyalgiaproblems #cfswarrior #endometriosiswarrior #colourblind_zebra #disabilitylife #babewithamobilityaid #hiddendisability #lymeawareness

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‘Scuse the sweaty mess but I just want to post the fact that I just finished my first spin class since brain surgery! 8 months ago almost to the day I was going under to get a tumor that was RUINING MY LIFE removed. - a year ago I was completely bed ridden and unable to climb stairs by myself. I’m bragging now and I’m ok with it. Believe in yourself. 💕 you can do anything . . . #cushings #cushingsdisease #braintumor #positivity #positivevibes #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #happy #braintumorawareness #braintumorsurvivor #cantstopwontstop #inspiration #loveyourself