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Well 1 A.M. sure as hell came fast. #anotherdayanotherdollar

54 minutes ago

Built teepee today what'd you do #spyrock #livinlife #teepee #anotherdayanotherdollar

1 hour ago

From Fk’d to fixed, new rope gasket and all. #anotherdayanotherdollar #refractory #emergencyrepair #norestforthewicked

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My client wanted “Nothing Fancy, just a Surf and Turf” for their 57th wedding anniversary! I said Ok. But I’m putting some bearnaise on that plate at least! #chef #cheflife #getinmybelly #anotherdayanotherdollar #thesincitychef #surfandturf #lobster #foodgram #foodiesofinstagram #instafood #privatecheflife #lasvegasprivatechef #lecordonbleutrained

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Gotta love when scrap from one project helps you do another project. I was able to salvage the bay window I tore out from the french door job and use it up at the office for the Stardust. The repurposed window was a little bit bigger than the previous rotted out one but I was able to make it work. #build #HenksHomeRenovations #window #anotherdayanotherdollar #ihatecuttingpvcboard #tothewibdowtothewall

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Just like the stock market, life is full of ups and downs. Data on Deck host, @alkrongold , analyzes the waves of emotions investors go through and how to create a strong mindset for investing.

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Hey you win some you lose some lol. I was supposed to meet this particular seller at 6:30p at the house he and his wife are selling. . I drive up to the house and no one’s there. I stay for a few minutes then finally get his message that he can’t make it. Thankfully it was only a 13 minute drive from my place. But honestly, don’t bother me. This is part of the biz and being flexible and adaptable is critical to succeess. . We just wound up rescheduling for today instead, only this time I’ll be checking periodically for confirmation before getting in the van. . But hey, I love my job baby❤️🏡 #realestateinvesting #warealestate #realestateislife #selfsustainability #financialindependence #seattlerealestate #anotherdayanotherdollar #grindmode #wrengllc

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Grinder, belt sander and then the orbital. I need a 3’ plainer 🤦🏻‍♂️. Between the heat and the dust I had about an 1/8” of man glitter over my arms lol. The shelves turned out good looking though. 🍻cheers to another Monday 🍻 H A V E N #shelves #liveedge #liveedgeshelves #wood #woodworking #mondaymood #manglitter #sawdust #keepmoving #itstohotforthis #alwayscreating #alwaysmaking #alwayslearning #ashlandva #virginia #richmondva #dhcm #dirtyhandscleanmoney #docrew #anotherdayanotherdollar

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Big fix up on this lion piece for @jamiexmorris a couple weeks ago! Swipe for before ➡️ 🦁

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Monday Selfie #Selfie #Monday #anotherdayanotherdollar

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It is in dreaming the greatest dreams, seeking the highest goals, that we build the brightest tomorrows 🌞


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Mar 2020

Every day is a unique reason to thank and be happy 😁🙌🏼 #australia #sydney #ropeaccess #happy #thankful #anotherdayanotherdollar

1 weeks ago

I graduated college with student loans & was clueless 👀 ⁣ When graduation hit and I was leaving school I was excited to have my degree but I knew that I also had a trail of student loans that were following me.. ⁣ I didn't know: ⁣ 💰the exact dollar amount I had in loans ⁣ 💰what loan company my student loans were at ⁣ 💰what types of loans were in my name (federal or private? unsubsidized or subsidized? ) ⁣ 💰what my exact repayment plan looked like ⁣ but I did know that I was going to get rid of these suckers as quickly as possible ⁣ 1. I determined who my student loan servicer was ⁣ ☎️ call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC ) at 1-800-433-3243 to identify your FEDERAL loan service providers ⁣ 💻 check your credit report (free at annualcreditreport.com ) to identify your PRIVATE student loan providers ⁣ 2. I determined MY timeline for student loan repayment, instead of following the 10-year standard repayment plan laid out by the loan service provider. ⁣ 💸 I wanted to pay off $20k in 1 year ($20,000 / 12 months = $1,667 monthly payment ). Is this payment feasible with my budget? I kept adjusting my timeline & dividing my number of months to get a monthly payment that worked for me ⁣ 3. I logged into my student loan servicer & looked at all of the individual loans that I had, that amounted to $20k.. (I had about 6 or 7 individual loans b/c I took out a loan for almost every semester ) ⁣ 🗒 I prioritized how I was going to organize my payments ⁣ 4. each month I manually logged in & made my student loan payment I had settled on ⁣ I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I knew that I couldn't let that stop me from figuring it out as I went, opposed to settling into being told what I was supposed to do (aka 10 year repayment ) 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⁣ So I started googling questions I had, I made manual payments, I set a goal, had a plan, and made it happen! 🦋 ⁣ & you can too ✨ ⁣ Join me on IG Live tonight as I chat with @joslynhicks about how she paid off $38k of her student loans in 19 months. 🎉 ⁣ 7pm CST. ⁣ Questions about our debt payoff journeys?👇🏼

Mar 2020

Another Day, Another Dollar 💵 • • • • • • @paid2shoot

Apr 2020

Traditions are for keeping, another year and another birthday cigar! #minusma #un #fn #military #swedisharmedforces #grunt #anotherdayanotherdollar