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Nike Dunk Low “Plum” 2020 . . Combining a two-tone purple base with bold red accents, the shoe’s design lives up to its sweet-flavored nom de guerre. Toeboxes, quarter panels, heels and tongues are equipped with a sandy purple, while overlays and mudguards take on a more regal lavender hue. Swooshes and laces are both dressed in a rich burgundy, while a white midsole and red Dunk outsole complete the look. This compelling clash of colors was so beloved by collectors that Nike SB even released a fat tongue-equipped SB Dunk High in a near-identical scheme back in 2011. However, this revamped iteration is the first ever re-release of the OG style Dunk Low. With luminaries like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh professing their love for the Dunk in countless Instagram photos and street style shots, the time is certainly ripe for the onetime basketball shoe — the Dunk first released in 1985 and provided partial inspiration for Michael Jordan‘s Air Jordan 1 — to see a mainstream comeback. The “Plum” will help kick that popular revival off, and will likely be followed by several other heritage releases over the course of the year. . . #sneakeraddict #sneakersaddict #nikeph #niketalkph #complexsneakers #followme #everysize #nicekicks #sneakergallery #sneakerfreaker #snkrempire #snkrsonly #checkoverstripes #roszkicks #hypebae #shoephoric #hypebeast #manilastreetstyle #streetstyle #streetwear #fitsonpoint #thethirdworld #ttw #hypedhaven #addictforsneakers #follow #nikedunklow #nikedunklowplum #nikedunk #nikedunkplums


Waiting anxiously for summer (and for a vaccine ). ⁠ Espadrille Burgundy now re-stocked.⁠ ⁠ #vrshoes ⁠ ⁠ Shop now online!


Fear of God ESSENTIALS x Converse “Skid Grip” . . When it first debuted all the way back in 1910, the Skidgrip was known as the Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO for short ), but by the 1960s it became known by its present moniker thanks to its no-slip soles. Even later, it became a staple of California’s skate, surf and BMX scene in the ’80s. That’s when Lorenzo discovered it, as a teenager who’d moved from California to South Florida “I found the Skidgrip in the mall and it became my favorite shoe from that summer,” says the designer. FoG ESSENTIALS’ Skidgrip repurposes bold, archival prints from the ’80s. These prints were originally designed by California-based Jams in 1987 — when the shoe was known commercially as the Con-Rad — and combine blues, purples and reds for a striking summertime style. High-top collars offer a slightly sleeker shape than the original, and the OG rubber tooling is meticulously re-crafted, sloping down 30% on the midsole from heel to toe. “The sole is the biggest takeaway when you look at the sneaker. It feels very much like [Fear of God's] main line shoe, the Fear of God 101, and gives it the same feeling looking down as looking down at the Skidgrip in the late ’80s,” says Lorenzo. . . #sneakeraddict #sneakersaddict #complexsneakers #followme #everysize #nicekicks #sneakergallery #sneakerfreaker #snkrempire #snkrsonly #checkoverstripes #roszkicks #hypebae #shoephoric #hypebeast #wdywt #instagood #fashion #grammerph #wimfashion #streetstyle #streetwear #thethirdworld #ttw #hypedhaven #addictforsneakers #converseskidgrip #essentialsfearofgod #fearofgodconverse


What a view!⁠ ⁠ The Austin Rainbow being shot by @five .byflynn ⁠

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#TBT I Miss These Days Of Going To A Store, & Getting The Latest For Retail!! This Boutique Always Had Gems DAVES QUALITY MEATS, It Was Set Up Like A Butcher Shop Hence The Name.. thank you @123dortiz Your Store Is Missed!! The Old New York Circa 2006!! #oldnewyork #addictforsneakers #sneakerhead

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Ben & Jerry's Delectable Nike SB Dunk Low "Chunky Dunky" . . Boasting a tasty trifecta of tones, textures, and prints, this vibrant SB Dunk nods to one of Ben & Jerry’s most famous flavors: “Chunky Monkey,” a banana ice cream garnished with fudge chunks and walnuts. Every inch of the upper is inspired by the packaging and flavors of the sweet treat. The base layer is dressed in sky blue and grass green leather with white cloud details on the heel, much like a Chunky Monkey carton. Overlays and tongues are built from pony hair that’s dressed in a spotted bovine print, nodding to the cow present on the packaging’s front. Dripping yellow Swooshes offer two-pronged inspiration, nodding to both melting ice cream and the banana-flavored treat itself. Things are ramped up even further on and around the collar, as tongue and heel badges are equipped with puffy Ben & Jerry’s-style text hits — the former of which even states “Chunky Dunky.” The liner and insole take on a free-flowing tie-dye print, nodding to the free spirit of both companies involved in the collaboration, and white midsoles/green outsoles round off the look. Three lace options are present as well to allow for personalization. . . #sneakeraddict #sneakersaddict #nikeph #niketalkph #complexsneakers #followme #everysize #nicekicks #sneakergallery #sneakerfreaker #snkrempire #snkrsonly #checkoverstripes #roszkicks #hypebae #shoephoric #hypebeast #wdywt #chunkydunky #nikesbdunk #benandjerrys #benandjerrysnikesb #thethirdworld #ttw #hypedhaven #addictforsneakers #follow

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WDYWT: Reebok Instapump Fury Boost #instapumpfury #adidas #reebok #addictforsneakers #sneakerhead #classicsneakers

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Artwork Alexander McQueen Puma #sneakerhead #puma #addictforsneakers

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Baby Got Back. WDYWT: Air Jordan 3 Retro SE-T Denim Japan “Fire Red” #jumpman23 #jordan3 #jordan3denim #sneakerhead #nikehead #addictforsneakers


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За последние 3-5 лет отдельно взятые модели кроссовок брендов Jordan, Nike и Yeezy стали настолько популярными, что купить свежий релиз зачастую просто невозможно! Звучит дико, не так ли? Причиной тому служит совокупность нескольких факторов: 1. великолепная работа маркетологов - рекламные ролики с привлечением медийных лиц и именитых спортсменов и их грамотное распространение на популярных площадках типа Instagram и т.д. 2. Искусственное создание высокого спроса путём выпуска сильно ограниченного количества пар для реализации. Таким образом создаётся эффект уникальности той или иной модели 3. Коллаборации с модными домами и дизайнерами, которые априори выпускаются в ограниченном количестве и имеют уникальный дизайн 4. Тренды, тренды и ещё раз тренды! Сейчас гораздо выше вероятность того, что вы встретите на улице человека в кроссовках Nike, чем в Puma или Reebok 5. Resale - пожалуй самая неприятная причина, из-за которой все релизы разлетаются в первые минуты. Также спрос обусловлен тем, что в мире есть довольно много людей, которые коллекционируют кроссовки. Это целая культура. Причём возраст коллекционеров варьируется от 16 до 50+ лет. Как правило, они все состоят в многочисленных сообществах в социальных сетях, в которых делятся своими ожиданиями от анонсов, делают красивые фотографии своих коллекций, свежих релизов и т.д. Большинство сникерхедов с крупными коллекциями знают или как минимум слышали друг о друге. Они постоянно поддерживают друг друга в Facebook и Instagram, рассказывают чего им стоило урвать ту или иную пару, обсуждают расцветки и фотографии, посещают различные мероприятия, посвящённые sneaker-культуре. Их кроссовки всегда чистые и ухоженные. Такую картину чаще всего вы можете наблюдать в профилях именно иностранных сникерхедов! В России и странах СНГ к сожалению ситуация несколько иная... почему же в России sneaker-культура мертва? Продолжение в комментариях ⬇️⬇️⬇️