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The start of a new road... y’all go check out that give away @the .road36 to get one of your own hoodie or shirt #DC36 #theroad #addidas

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@splicedoty @thisisinfamous @nastynavi rockin! So ready for the band to be back together! #theroad #bandlife

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LA CARRETERA Que crack que es Viggo, le gusta el mate, el dulce de leche, es del cuervo, le encanta el país y es un padre de la san putina, siempre nos trae estos excelentes papeles El planeta ha sido arrasado por un misterioso cataclismo y, en medio de la desolación, un padre y su hijo se dirigen hacia la costa en busca de un lugar seguro donde asentarse. Durante el viaje se cruzarán con otros supervivientes: unos se han vuelto locos, otros se han convertido en caníbales. Adaptación de una novela de Cormac McCarthy, autor de "No es país para viejos" Año: 2009 Director: John Hillcoat #theroad #lacarretera #charlizetheron #futurodistopico #distopia #findehumanidad #cinedeculto #cuarentena #cine #pelicula #veegomortensen

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Stream 100 Bandaids 🧡🥺 - @faouzia @faouziaaccess

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—-Back then in the Streets #oldschool #lowriders #rappers #1990 #neighborhood #stilldre #big #oops #yerr . ——————————————————————- - - - #thehood #2pac #bignotourious #tupacedits #edits #yessir #yktfv #gang #cars #edit #theroad #streets #misstheolddays 💫🌑

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I was shocked to find out that the mama deer around my house didn’t have just two, but three babies.. we have the perfect hiding spots and tons of greenery to eat and found out a month after seeing the first baby that she had “triplets” #neighbors #momlife #deer #three #adorable #cute #babies #together #nature #too #close #to #theroad

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🧡🧡🥺 - @faouzia


Faouzia in her live 🥺🥺 - @faouzia


Faouzia: i’m loosing my voice so i cant really sing also Faouzia: - @faouzia


100 BAND-AIDS OMG!! 😭 - @faouzia


she’s so beautiful 🥺🥺 - @faouzia

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❄️ - @faouzia

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🦋 - @faouzia

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💙 - @faouzia

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🥺🥺 - @faouzia

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i found this on sound cloud this is her actual Demo i didn’t make it : ) - idk how to make the picture more zoomed in. i tried though 😔

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i found this on Sound Cloud this is her actual Demo i didn’t make it : ) - idk how to make the picture more zoomed in. i tried though 😔

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👀👀 (the first one is lyrics to a song Faouzia was writing at the time wkdhsjxu ) - @faouzia

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Faouzia’s cute dance at the end 😭🥺 - @faouzia

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the best one of this trend yet!! 🧡🥺 - @faouzia

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i think this is Faouzia’s unreleased song “Run” 👀🤩 - @faouzia

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i need this to be an actual song!! i love it so much ahdhsjdh - just ignore the fact that the filter looks really ugly ok this 😬 - @faouzia

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“Goodbye always started with Hello” - @faouzia

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OMG FAOUZIA!! 😍😍😍 - @faouzia

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run me over, please 😍 - @faouzia

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🥺🥺 - @faouzia


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Cuando hace alto calor pero estás en invierno 😅 . Zarpado retrato de mi colega @pablocontreras .ph para la producción de @mistral_marea ⚡️ vayan a ver la tremenda ropita deportiva que tienen! . . . . . #girlphoto #portaitmood #portaitvision #globe_portraits #globevisuals #portraitfeed #photomodels #fashionphoto #theroad

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𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐓 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐇𝐎𝐏 𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐄😉 Join our FANmily at chasethecomet.com and we'll send you a link to a secret ZOOM meeting that will take place tmrw at 2 PM (PST ) and where we'll present our new song The Road EXCLUSIVELY for our FANmily members!!! • You don't wanna miss it😜🤟 📸: @fiimova #chasethecomet #nikacomet #theroad #losangeles

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🔥 ‘What's the bravest thing you ever did? He spat in the road a bloody phlegm.🍂Getting up this morning, he said.’ #CormacMcCarthy , #theroad I’m reading Jane Austen’s Emma now and it’s helped replace The Road in my head. 🌸 I have almost forgotten about it. So far my pandemic specific reads have been #TheRoad , #StationEleven and #ThePlague . What would you recommend that I should read next? I think the next one might be one you can’t find easily on Bookstagram. It’s #Lockdown by #petermay . Lockdown is a 2020 mystery thriller against the background of a deadly influenza pandemic in London. 🇬🇧 May wrote the novel in 2005, but it was rejected by publishers as being unrealistic. 😁 During the COVID-19 pandemic the book was finally published. . . . #booksandwater #sustainablreading #usedbooks #buyusedbooks #wordchild #emilystjohnmandel #albertcamus #booksandplants #homelibrary #librariesofinstagram

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This stack is special as it contains a collection of books that kind of represent my husband and me. Me, the dreamy fiction reader and my husband the realist reader of war, world politics and history. Inspite of constant persistence we both have not been able to successfully convert each other into a hard core fiction reader or non-fiction reader. But at the end of the day, just the way a beautiful marriage works.. we have blended our likes and have come half ways to enjoy each other taste. So far it has worked great for me and I have started to acquire the strong metal taste of non-fiction books. However, I am not sure if my husband was able to enjoy Jane Austen as much as I enjoyed reading #sapiens 😁 . Also, another thing if you have derived from this stack is that I am a die hard fan of Sherlock homes. Can you spot the number of Sherlock Holmes books in this stack? . I was tagged by @thebibliophile_doctor , @surraiyasamsudeen , @kenzies .bookshelf, @bumbleebooks for a #bookstack . While trying to get the perfect shot, this became long delayed. Thank you for tagging me! I have tagged below all the book that are in the stack. . #bookstack #theadventuresofsherlockholmes #gunsgermsandsteel #sapiens #prideandprejudice #thereluctantfundamentalist #catch22 #thegreatgatsby #annakarenina #thebookthief #theroad #thecuriousincidentofthedoginthenighttime #thecallofthewild #thefountainhead #tokillamockingbird #frankenstein #thecatcherintherye

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‘Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said. You might want to think about that. You forget some things, dont you? Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget. #CormacMcCarthy , #theroad What are you currently reading? Anything good? #TheRoad is one of these books that I bought second hand while ago to be here when I’m ready to read it. I’m not sure if it is the right time to read it when I have a little child and witnessing any child’s pain is double the torture. I had to read the end first to be sure I should read it. I know reading the end first is an unimaginable crime for many but I do it occasionally. Sometimes I enjoy the book more if I know the end. Another unimaginable crime is ripping pages out of the book. It was the wind it wasn’t me. 🌬 I’m still in shock 😂. Luckily it’s a cheap second hand paperback. #wordchild #paperback #goodreadswithaview #currentlyreading #librariesofinstagram #bookpile #booklover #currentread

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💛Happy Thursday! I keep thinking it is Friday 😌 because the news is all about the torrential rain ☔️ scheduled for the weekend. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. The new beautiful book 🦋 in front of me is #thebutterflylampshade by #aimeebender . It’s a fictitious novel about a mother/daughter relationship and mental health. Since I have a daughter I love these kinds of books. The book is published on 30th July. Funnily enough I can’t remember where I got it from. I’m currently reading #TheRoad by #cormacmccarthy and omg. This book is about father/son relationship in a post apocalyptic world. I wish it had chapters so I could stop reading when a chapter ends. 😆 . #wordchild #currentlyreading #goodreadswithaview #ukbookstagram #igreads #apartmenttherapy #cultureclub

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오래전 읽으려고 하다가 이제서야 읽었다. 당시 책이 주는 암울한 분위기가 견디기 어려워 얼마 읽지 않고 덮었던 기억이 난다. 다시 꺼내 든 <로드>를 읽어가며 처음 든 인상은 코맥 매카시의 문장이 너무나 아름답다는 것이었다. 미려하게 써내려가는 문장이 그리는 세계는 너무나도 혹독하다. 여기에서 오는 간극은 블랙홀처럼 독자의 시선을 빨아들인다. 멸망한 세계. 코맥 매카시는 왜 세계가 멸망했는지, 앞으로 어떻게 인류가 극복하는지, 왜 바다로 가는지, 주인공의 이름은 무엇인지, 그 어떤 것도 가르쳐주지 않는다. 온통 생략이다. 이렇게 여백 가득한 세계에서 분명하게 드러나는 것은 아버지와 아들이 바다로 가고 있다는 것이다. 이렇게 생각하면 마치 바다에 가서 구원에 가까운 어떤 일이 일어나고 소설이 마칠 것 같지만 그렇지 않다. 포스트 아포칼립스의 세계를 그리며 코맥 매카시는 여느 소설이나 영화와 같은 결을 선택하지 않는다. 손쉬운 해답을 내놓지 않는다. 그렇다고 모든 것이 망가진 디스토피아를 말하는 것도 아니다. 두려움과 희망 사이 어딘가를 계속해서 걸어가는 아버지와 아들의 걸음은 그래서 더 처연하다. 사건 사건을 그리고 아버지와 아들의 대화를 너무나도 심미적으로 묘사해서 읽다 보면 나도 모르게 주인공과 같은 감정의 낙차를 경험한다. 역시 소설은 이래서 읽는다. 인간이 인간에게 공포가 되는 세계. 또 인간만이 인간에게 희망이 되는 세계. 아들은 그 세계에 불을 들고 나아간다. 공포로 그늘진 세상을 비추고, 희망의 빛을 비춘다. 물론 여전히 세상은 어둑하다. #로드 #THEROAD #코맥매카시 #정영목옮김 #문학동네 #문학 #소설 #영미소설 #장편소설 #책추천 #북스타그램 #책스타그램

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... . 🌿⏲⏳📅♾🌧❣🍂🌏🎵🎼🎶🎹 . . . #wishes #life #live #music #musician #composing #tem #theroad #hope #miss #living #pianotime #musicoftheday #pianist