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Our album Awake Deluxe is available everywhere ↓

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6 hours ago

@hillsongchannel presents The Making of Awake — take a behind the scenes look into the creation of our studio album through the process of writing, recording and introducing these songs to our church. Premieres tomorrow on YouTube at 5PM PT / 8PM ET — link in bio


Tonight, we wanted to share the chart for one of our favorite songs from Awake Deluxe — it's See The Light! Tag us and let us know if you use it this week!

3 days ago

“When the oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar with You above the storm” Join us every Sunday as we gather together and worship at hillsong.com/online

2 weeks ago

“I’ve always loved the simplicity of Upper Room. It never felt fancy but rather a simple prayer put to a melody asking God for help in our weakness. I realize asking for help can sometimes be hard and yet in the book of James, it says we have not because we do not ask. My hope in this season, is that this song would be a gift / reminder. A prayer sung in homes at this time in history, that would awaken us to the realization that we can ask God Almighty; creator of all that we can see, to come close and breathe on our lives, that He would have His way and inhabit every inch.” — @tayagaukrodger

2 weeks ago

All the lyrics from Awake Deluxe — available now on @AppleMusic

2 weeks ago

“I remember so many of the songs I sang in church when I was little.  I didn’t always understand all of the words, but they taught me the scriptures, about God and about worship. So apart from this book being full of fun and adventure... our hope is that it helps deepen the understanding and knowledge of the love and goodness of God for and towards the little ones in your world.” - Ben Fielding Inspired by the @hillsongworship song “What A Beautiful Name”, this picture book of the same title, written by Brooke & Scott Ligertwood and Ben & Karalee Fielding and beautifully illustrated by Scott Ligertwood, will be released later this year but is available for pre-order now at the link in our bio! We pray it inspires kids of all ages to remember that discovering the beauty, wonder and power in the Name of Jesus is the greatest adventure of all! @whatabeautifulnamebook

2 weeks ago

Sharing our chart for He Shall Reign again — just in case you missed it last time! If you use it, tag us! We'd love to see your version of this song.

3 weeks ago

“Come alive, come alive, come alive dry bones.”

3 weeks ago

The chart for Come Alive, from our album Awake Deluxe! If you use it — tag us so we can see. We pray it helps equip you and your church in this season.

3 weeks ago

"Come Alive was and is one of those songs that quickly became more than a song to me. This might sound weird but I think it feels like a uniform, because every time I put it on (or put it’s words in my mouth ) I’m reminded of who I am, who lives within me and the authority that subsequently comes with that. Sometimes we’re singing into specific situations we want to see turn around and sometimes as soon as that progression starts rolling there’s a voice inside that says “Oh, yep.. this ones for you today soul, time to wake up!” Regardless of what’s happening in me though, my favorite part of leading this song is looking up to see a room full of people who have heeded the call to attention. A people stood tall, head to toe in uniform, radiating with authority and contending for the souls of them and those around them." - @benjaminwilliamhastings

4 weeks ago

Come Alive recorded live in Sydney. Available now on Awake (Deluxe ).

4 weeks ago

All hail the Lord, all hail the King...

5 weeks ago

Thanks to our friends at @applemusic for putting together a playlist for us to worship to today, and for including ‘Awake My Soul’ on it! Want to listen along with us? Head to the link in our bio!

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To celebrate this Sunday, we wanted to share the chart for Awake My Soul, from Awake Deluxe! We pray it’s a blessing to you wherever you are this season ♥️ What song should we share next?

last month

He Shall Reign is a reminder to us of how Sovereign our God is and that from generation to generation He truly does reign.  What has He been teaching you in this time?

last month

Let us know so we can play it along with you!

last month

From our house to yours — Awake Deluxe. The songs you know and love from Awake, with raw and passionate new live and acoustic versions. 40 tracks (27 audio, 13 video ) that we pray will stir your faith, lift your eyes towards Jesus and be a mighty declaration in your mouths, in this season and the next. Available everywhere you listen to music.

last month

“So you better get ready, ‘cause who knows what He’ll do. Where the four winds blow, there’s a breakthrough, breaking through!” In this season, we pray these songs remind you of the authority you have in Christ as you sing and worship over your circumstance and our world. Head to the link in our bio to join us for the YouTube premiere of ‘Come Alive’ at 4PM PT/7PM ET and to worship with us!

last month

“I will get you out of bed — out of your listlessness and exhaustion…I will penetrate you with the spirit of life.”

last month

“Come find the freedom you were born for, and tell that soul to rise!” What songs are you most excited to hear on Awake Deluxe?

last month

A reminder that the Lord loves it when we seek His face - whether in a closet or a crowd.  We wanted to share with you some previously unseen footage of what happened when we sought the Lord together using the songs of Awake.  While we can’t gather together physically right now, we’re so excited you get to experience this moment in that room with us, again.

last month

In this unprecedented season, our team has been prayerfully wondering — how can we serve you? What could we do for you in this season to encourage you and stand with you in worship? We hope that this new offering, Awake Deluxe, is one small thing we can do to bring songs of hope and fervency into your house at this time. Our team has been hard at work to get this to you and this Friday, it will be here! The songs you know from Awake, with new acoustic and raw, passionate live versions — 40 in total. It’s the biggest project we’ve compiled for you, and we pray it draws you close to Jesus. We can’t wait to share this with you!

last month

Up and awake!

last month

“I don’t have much, but what I have is Yours to use. So make my whole life Your upper room.” This Friday.