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17 hours ago

Who's ready to get barbecued. ♨️ 📸: @imjustdonny_ #4thofjuly

19 hours ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ Yes folks, you can relax a bit. The majority of Americans do not view your consumption of cannabis as an immoral act. 🇺🇲 Two questions: 1 ) How do we get the 3 out of 10 on board? 2 ) How many politicians & lawmakers out of every 10 also find cannabis "morally acceptable?" ━━━ This fun fact courtesy of a new Gallup poll. There's more. HighTimes.com/news. By @a .j.herrington

21 hours ago

What in your stash this weekend? 🇺🇲💨 No doubt, it's better than Uncle Sam's. Have a happy 4th of July friends. Stay safe. Swipe to read about the time @edrosenthal420 got his hands on some government-grown grass. #HighTimes , 1984.


Just judge it. ✔️ ➼ Colorado #CannabisCup ➼ People's Choice ➼ CannabisCup.com/apply ➼ Get email ➼ Get kit ➼ Evaluate ➼ Submit scores by July 29th. --- Judges Kits chilling at @my .greensolution locations in Pueblo, Aurora, Longmont, Glenwood Springs. ━━━━━━ 🏆: CannabisCup.com/Apply. 📧: Questions: Competition @hightimes .com


Link in Bio. ⤴️ Starting immediately, prosecutors in #Nashville , #Tennessee will no longer file criminal charges for possession of less than a half-ounce. Most people are reasonable. They support this. - 💬 "Marijuana charges do little to promote public health, and even less to promote public safety,” said District D.A. Glenn Funk . “Demographic statistics indicate that these charges impact minorities in a disproportionate manner. This policy will eliminate this area of disproportionality in the justice system.” - Some people are butthurt. Including the Nashville PD chief. (Surprise, surprise ) 👮‍♂️ And notably, Republican state Rep. John Steven's who was opposed to the change and called on Funk to resign. Swipe to see his statement.. 🤦🏽‍♀️ ━━━━ Full story at HighTimes.com/ By @a .j.herrington

2 days ago

In case you were wondering what 84 MILLION smuggled Amphetamine pills out of Syria look like. 🤪 (See last post for story ). Stamped with a "Captagon" logo, a brand of stimulant meds that are no longer legitimately manufactured anywhere in the world. 🎥: Source @telegraph

2 days ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ 84 million counterfeit "Captagon" pills, weighing 15+ tons, were so well hidden they almost went undetected by Italian police. 👮‍♂️ Scanners didn't pick up on the stash at all. It's long been reported that terrorists in the Middle-East are fond of taking Amphetamine-type drugs to help them fight. 💊 And got heavy into production. Italian police believe the speed was manufactured by ISIS in Syria as part of their ongoing efforts to finance terrorist activities. Then sent to Italy / Europe for distro. Despite reports we've all heard about #ISIS basically getting wiped out last year, authorities say Syria has become the "leading world producer of amphetamines in recent years." ━━━━ Interesting, isn't it..? Details about the bust at HighTimes.com/news. By @a .j.herrington

2 days ago

#TBT Pix of the Crop, July 2000. 🌍📸 Reader-submitted pics from round' the world. #hightimes #hightimesmagazine #weedphotography

2 days ago

Looking like Fall in June. 🍁 Oceans Potion. 📸: @oceanfrontpharms #summerharvest #thatfadetho

2 days ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ The more the merrier! 🎉 This past Monday, Governor Jared Polis went to the @simplypuremj dispensary in Denver to sign a criminal justice / social equity related bill to mass-pardon those with minor convictions. (Possession of less than 2 ounces ). More deets to come, but pardons are set to start rolling out in 90 days. This power lies with the @govofco only. Less red tape. There's a social equity aspect to the bill, to help make the industry more accessible for folks unfairly impacted by the war on drugs. 💬 "There’s too many people that have a prior conviction for personal amounts of cannabis fully legal today that prevent them from getting loans, from getting leases, from raising capital, from getting licenses, from getting jobs, from getting mortgages, and that’s wrong,” Polis said at the signing. This move had a ton of support, including from the #BlackCannabisEquityInitiative and the #ColoradoBlackRoundTable , who wrote letters directly to Polis and had a role to play in this new Bill becoming a reality. ━━━━ Full story at HighTimes.com/news. By Addison Herron-Wheeler. --- #warondrugs #hightimes #criminaljustice #socialequity

3 days ago

Playin' with Purple Haze badder - consistancy like wet / "magic" sand. 📸: @dannoo93 @Cannabiotix --- #wax #waxwednesday #cannabisextracts #dabs #oddlysatisfying #badder

3 days ago

Vibes. #WeedArtWednesday 🎨: @n .r.moore feat. @_lunita #420art

3 days ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ @blakeanderson - the #Workaholics star / producer / screenwriter and comedian discusses creating a hit tv show, enjoying homegrown, and his "positive" relationship with the sticky icky. Blake's riding high with two fresh premieres on his TV horizon: Season Two of the Adult Swim show " #Tigtone ,” of which he’s an executive producer, and a regular role on the new Hulu series “ #Woke ,” which drops this fall. Plus his own clothing brand @teenage . ━━━━━━ 💬 "I’m not really a “smoke weed and write a script” guy, nor am I ever high on set. I’m more like.." - Full interview at HighTimes.com/culture. By @sladdin . 📸: @natribaus . #BlakeAnderson

3 days ago

Caption this. Happy #HumpDay 📸: @hannezaruma

4 days ago

Chunkers. 💎🌲 Crystal Gelato. 📸: Grown @garden_of_green420 🌰: Bred by @bigheadbreeders

4 days ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ For an update on this developing story. Last week two whistleblowers at the DOJ’s antitrust division (ATR ) testified before Congress that Barr directed the inquiries because of his “personal dislike of the industry.” Here's how the Department of Justice responded. ━━━━━━ HighTimes.com/news. By @a .j.herrington

4 days ago

Colorado this is your moment! 🗻🏆 Flower, Pre-rolls? Dabs? Edibles? There are a variety of categories / Judges Kits! Apply to be a #CannabisCup #Colorado : People's Choice judge at cannabiscup.com/apply. Wait to hear back. Take until July 29th to evaluate entries and submit scores remotely. Judges Kits waiting at @my .greensolution locations in Pueblo (Southgate ), Aurora (Potomic ), Longmont, Glenwood Springs. ━━━━━━ If you have any questions related to judging, please email Competition @hightimes .com

4 days ago

Snek in the grass. 🐍🌿 📸: @serpents .of_eveden --- "My Sweet Girl. Cassiopeia - Kingpin Ball Python." #snakesofinstagram

4 days ago

Link in Bio. ⤴️ Even though Virginia has decriminalized cannabis (as of July 1st ), the state’s Black Caucus would like to see things move to full legalization. And they've got a plan. --- "The Commonwealth is past the point for studies on policing and law enforcement—immediate action must be taken to eliminate law enforcement abuse, prevent and punish racist behaviors, weed out institutional discrimination, and increase accountability at all levels of law enforcement,” the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (VLBC ) said in their official statement. ━━━━━━ Learn more about their plans to introduce legalization through legislation. HighTimes.com/culture. By Addison Herron-Wheeler --- #vlbc #virginia #legalizevirginia #socialjustice #legalizeit #hightimes

5 days ago

Swipe! 🏆 That's all folks - presenting the #Topicals Winners of the High Times #CannabisCup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020. ⚊ 🏆 1st Place: Extreme Pain Relief Cooling Roll-On from @electraleaf .ok ❄️ ⚊ 🥈2nd Place: Flawless Anti-Aging Moisturizer from @sweetstuff .love ⚊ 🥉 3rd Place: Cannabis Infused Salve from @maryjanesmeds x @Desertxtracts ━━━━━━ Thanks to our Official Intake Partner: @calirootsOK . --- #ommp #tokelahoma #oklahomamedicalmarijuana #oklahoma #SweetStuff #electraleafok #cannabistopicals #maryjanesmedicinals #desertextracts

5 days ago

Swipe! 🏆 Presenting The #Edibles (Non-Food ) Winners of the High Times #CannabisCup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020. ⚊ 🏆 1st Place: Bloos Kloos 1000mg Tincture from @onlymrmacks ⚊ 🥈2nd Place:  Cherry THC Cough Drop from @swerveedibles ⚊ 🥉 3rd Place: 500mg Capsules from @helixextracts ━━━━━━ Thanks to our Official Intake Partner: @calirootsOK --- 📸: @theherbchronicles #ommp #tokelahoma #oklahomamedicalmarijuana #Oklahoma #mrmacks #swerveedibles #helixextracts

5 days ago

Swipe! 🏆😋 Presenting The #Edibles (Food ) Winners of the High Times #CannabisCup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020. ⚊ 🏆 1st Place: Iced Out Oreo Bar from @crispyscerealbar ⚊ 🥈2nd Place: Lights Out Indica & Melatonin Gummies from @swerveedibles ⚊ 🥉 3rd Place: Dill Pickle Chips with Green Crack from @tinascannabiskitchen ━━━━━━ Thanks to our Official Intake Partner: @calirootsOK --- 📸: @theherbchronicles #ommp #tokelahoma #oklahomamedicalmarijuana #Oklahoma #Crispys #SwerveEdibles #TinasCannabisKitchen

5 days ago

Swipe! 🏆💨 Presenting The #VapePen & #Cartridge Winners of the High Times #CannabisCup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020. ⚊ 🏆 1st Place: Ultrapremium Hi-Cee Vape Cart  from @electraleaf .ok ⚊ 🥈2nd Place: New York City Diesel Vape Cart  from @sundayextracts ⚊ 🥉 3rd Place: Watermelon OG Cart from @releaflabs ━━━━━━ Thanks to our Official Intake Partner: @calirootsOK . --- #ommp #tokelahoma #vapecartridge #oklahomamedicalmarijuana #Oklahoma #ElectraLeaf #SundayExtracts #ReleafLabs