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Never underestimate yourself ☮️💙💪🏽

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Channeling my best @dixiedamelio shot with @bryant - Dixie is the master🙌🏽🧡😊

2 days ago

Striving for physical & mental strength for my girls and myself everyday 💪🏽🧠🦵🏽 @dixiedamelio 💗 @charlidamelio

5 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION @dixiedamelio 🎓🙌🏽💙I am so incredibly proud of you💙💙 You have persevered, stayed true to who you are and kept your focus🙌🏽 I love you more than you will ever know and will always be here for you💙💙💙💙 Your years in school helped to mold you into the amazing young woman that you are and you have so many awesome things ahead of you. When people in your life make you question humanity just know that- like you, there are good people out there that will appreciate you💙 surround yourself with those kind of people - you deserve nothing but the best💙💙💙💙

2 weeks ago

Grateful 💜 🤍💗 Family is everything and when friends become family...so lucky💗🤍💜 thanks for the orchid @therealmamahuddy @cole .e.hudson @karissaghudson @lilhuddy

2 weeks ago

Me n Cali in Cali 🖤 ☀️ 🖤 @tovfurniture

last month

Check out @dixiedamelio music video🖤link in bio🖤 #behappy #dixiedamelio

last month

Made it through Monday 💗 @tovfurniture 💗

last month

@dixiedamelio #behappy #dixiedamelio 🖤🌧🖤

last month

Go check it out!!!🖤🤍🖤 so proud of you @dixiedamelio #behappy #dixiedamelio LINK IN BIO🖤🤍🖤

last month

🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤 @dixiedamelio

last month

Our girls are so lucky to have you as a dad @marc .damelio I hope you enjoy today - hugs and kisses 😘 @dixiedamelio @charlidamelio

last month

My dad was the BEST dad❤️ I miss him every day but today even more💔till we meet again🦋

Jun 2020

Happy “23rd” to my niece @madsoullll 🎂 Madison I love you I wish I were with you to celebrate 🎉 Instead I will clink 🥂 all the way from the west coast🥂 cheers to you and all of the stories I have of us being absolutely ridiculous together 🥂 I wouldn’t change a thing 🥳🙂🥰

Jun 2020

May 2020

Congrats on the @washingtonpost article @charlidamelio 🖤🤍🧡💜 link to full article in bio 📰

May 2020

The last time I posted @charlidamelio doing this dance the music stopped mid way but she just kept going without music💙💜💗 (see the FAIL video I posted recently ) here is the comeback- she got herself together and went back out there to do it again. When things don’t work out-you can walk away or you can give it another shot with everything you have - but never give up! She was awarded highest score in the category after her performance that night- I am so happy she took the option they gave her to redo the dance and push through the nerves and insecurities💙❤️💜 I learned a lot from Char that day❤️💙💜💙❤️ choreographer: @gracebuckleychoreography @builddanceseries @tremainedance @thespotjd

May 2020

Have an awesome day💙don’t second guess yourself, don’t be scared-go with your gut-animals never second guess their instincts-that’s how you stay alive💙☀️ @marc .damelio @nourison

May 2020

Congrats to @dixiedamelio & @charlidamelio on their first magazine cover 💙💕 🧡 thank you @girlslifemag for the opportunity and for helping us bring this to life while in quarantine😆they sent us the clothes with artistic direction and I photographed everything ☺️ so cool that this was a family project - although I was super nervous to take this on😆my girls were so kind and patient with me and they worked hard to bring the scenes to life🧁

May 2020

Happy Anniversary Marc❤️ How can it be 20 years since our wedding day?? Looking back at the photos from 20 years ago I’m reminded that over these years we have had peaks and valleys. The ups and fun times have been plenty - and the lows were the times we have grown individually and as a couple. Marriage is work but something like what we have is always worth putting the work in, always❤️ I love you ❤️ thanks for the making me laugh every single day❤️ @marc .damelio

May 2020

Sometimes in life things happen with no warning - how you react to it is a choice. Keep your head up and keep going, ALWAYS keep going- even when it is hard and your head and heart aren’t into it☀️ The show must go on. My girl @camilladallacosta and I were the only 2 people in the building that knew Charli - the love and support she got from an audience of strangers to keep going was awesome! And that’s on dance family!!!🖤❤️🖤 Comment if you want to see the comeback after this fail❤️🖤❤️ @charlidamelio @tremaine @thespotjd choreography: @gracebuckleychoreography @builddanceseries

May 2020

@hollywoodreporter thank you for this piece🙌🏽 To see my girls featured & on the cover and to have a part in this great piece among the best on the app is amazing! So happy how this turned out and how it gives great insight to the business side of TikTok. This all started out as fun for @dixiedamelio and @charlidamelio and I hope it always stays that way while they are laying the groundwork for a great future for themselves from the business side. Congrats to all who were a part a of it! 🙌🏽💗💙💜🙌🏽 (Digital and Print ) link in bio for full article @lilhuddysmama

May 2020

🎂💕🖤Late Birthday Post Alert🖤💕🎂 I have been in the moment and celebrating offline💗🖤 Happy Happy 16th Birthday @charlidamelio 🖤💗quarantine did not stop us from celebrating you on your birthday 💕 I hope all of your wishes come true💕keep smiling💕keep loving💕keep being you💕I love you more than you will ever know💗 #taurus #charlis16squad #charlidamelio #charli #taurusseason #bosschick @chanigreenbaumevents

May 2020

Happy Happy Birthday @darbishane 🎂❤️ I can’t wait to celebrate with you after quarantine for s over ❤️always the life of the party!! Love you sweet niece❤️