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19 hours ago

Tag someone and if they don't reply in 5 minutes, they have to buy you the Sol Lift collection 👀↓ Lauching this Thursday (16th July ) at 7pm BST 🙌 📸: @kk_fit_ @Gymsharkwomen #Gymshark

23 hours ago

#MondayMotivation with @noah_nkenda 🦿 - "The moment that I heard that my leg needed amputating to save my life, everything turned black. I lost sight of my future, and it was chaos. This moment was five days after the motorcycle accident. After the amputation, nobody knew that I would be alright. I feel like the only one who knew it from the start, was me. I never looked back after the amputation, I pictured a new future for myself, and I have always kept focussed. We will all face those moments in life, but trust yourself. Know you will be fine. Be confident or these moments will own you if you don't decide to own them." - #Gymshark


Talkin' balance with @nuttyfoodiefitness ↓ - "Life is all about balance and here is a photo of me lacking it lol. Let my socks be a reminder that you can enjoy slices of pizza this weekend, but equally enjoy slices of nutty, seedy whole-grain bread with smashed avo on top. That said, balance is key in all that we do (& not just for those cliche comparisons of foods in which we deem 'healthy' or not ). Balance is key when attempting to get that Instagram shot. When trying to handstand. In choosing what we wish to hold on to, what we choose to let go. In working for our future but living in the present. In being content rn, but also continuing to improve. In knowing we can do anything, but not everything. Tbh I'm only writing this hypocritical post as a reminder to myself to chill (but also know so many others can relate ) I wish you all a nutty weekend. I'm off to my Dad's place tonight to enjoy a few days with the family. This too is key. Juggle the grind but take some time out also to spend time with those we love most 💙 - @Gymsharkwomen #Gymshark


Freestyle flows with @toningtoni 💙 If you’re a beginner in yoga you can create an easy flow of your own using these 10 poses: ▪️child’s pose ▪️cat-cow ▪️downward dog ▪️warrior 1 ▪️warrior 2 ▪️triangle pose ▪️Buddha squat ▪️pigeon pose ▪️crescent lunge ▪️half split pose @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

2 days ago

Tag your no. 1 ↓ 📸: @alex_kukla + @byevelina_ #Gymshark

2 days ago

sorry, neighbours 😌 📹: @ericssonsamuel #Gymshark

3 days ago

@nickraehsler fitness transformation is incredible! We asked him to share with us a few words ↓ - "I know how hard it is, how confusing it is, how scary it is and how emotional it is… I've been there, and I've lost over 180 pounds. In a little over one year, I transformed my body through discipline, nutrition and training. Everyone asks, "What's the secret?". It's the million-dollar question that simply starts in your kitchen! You can't out-train a lousy diet, and that has been the most significant part of my success. The gym is the fun part, the real magic happens with what you do outside of the gym. How did I learn this & who did I hire? I'll let you in on my little secret. I think we all have a little man-crush on @stevecook and I am not being paid or sponsored to say this. A year ago I watched Steve's "Ab's Are Made in the Kitchen - Trainer Edition" video series, this is what changed my life, the rest was history… So my advice for anyone struggling out there in the sea of washboard abs is to stay disciplined, make training fun and remember the key to success starts outside of the gym! Change your diet, and I promise you will change your life." - @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

3 days ago

When trying something new, don't be afraid to look silly. @obi_vincent has recently taken up yoga, and here are his thoughts ↓ - So I've recently started to do yoga and erm HOW TF IS IT SO HARD?! 😂 I officially apologise for thinking it was easy and to make it worse I struggled with the follow-along "easy" routine on YouTube and had to pause the video in intervals to take a break during the 30mins! On certain poses, the guy was like "hold for 20secs" I couldn't even do it for 5secs let alone 20 FFS! Haha. However, I'm enjoying learning something new and being a student. Yes, my neighbours can see me and yes I look incredibly awkward performing some of the movements, but I laugh at myself every time and just keep going! - @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

4 days ago

we know this is the 'power down' collection but these women look POWERFUL rn 🤩 @Gymsharkwomen #Gymshark

4 days ago

Just when I was starting to like home workouts 🤥 #Gymshark

4 days ago

Firin' up your glutes with @gainsbybrains 🔥 ◾️ Glute Bridge Variation 4 x 15 EL ◾️ Goblet Squat into SLD 4 x 12 ◾️ Glute Stepback 4 x 15 EL ◾️ Frog Pump 4 x 20 Save and use as inspo 💾 @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

5 days ago

bro is us ALL 🍕 #Gymshark

5 days ago

Talking mind-muscle connection with @kk_fit_ ↓ - If you can’t connect to a body part, for example, your glutes, and you are performing exercises such as sumo deadlifts, etc., you may be straying farther away from achieving that desired goal. • If you cannot create that mind-muscle connection while performing “targeted exercises”, all the work may go to the surrounding muscles/body parts, making them more developed (for this instance the quads ) • If your glutes aren’t growing and your quads and hamstrings continue to dominate it will create an illusion of smaller glutes. • Focus on how you connect to the desired muscle, slow down the reps, focus on feeling the muscle go through the work and motion. • Proper mobility work will be a tremendous tool to help you connect. Mobility work is highly underrated but will help you create that mind-muscle connection, all while maintaining you achieve development in all the right places. • If you’re not moving right, you aren’t connecting right; therefore, the muscle you are trying to target may not develop. Don’t slack on that mobility and remember to SLOW DOWN the movement to fire the targeted body part. It will equate into growth, stimulation, firing of the muscle and overall muscle gain. - @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

6 days ago

When your gym crush knows your name 🎉 Tag 'em if you're brave 👀↓ 📸: @uzoma_obilor #Gymshark

6 days ago

Hittin' some HIIT 🔥 At home, outside or in a gym - give this sweat session from @natacha .oceane a try 💪 💦 Squat calf raises to 180s 💦 Alternating knee strikes 💦 Lateral crabs to knee touches 💦 Extension to spider plank 💦 Rocket launches 💦 Half side plank extensions 💦 Dynamic lunge knee drives ▶️ 3 Rounds - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

1 weeks ago

For @rena_serenaa , lifting is her therapy session 💪 - "Forever grateful for the first day I decided to skip the treadmill and head straight to the weights to *pretend to* deadlift. But seriously though, lifting has been the best thing that has happened to me, and I really wouldn't be alive if I never touched my first barbell. Sounds cliche but heck, if you know you know. Lifting is my therapy session." - No matter where you are in your journey, we've got your back. That goes for each and every one of you 💙 #MondayMotivation #Gymshark

1 weeks ago

Abs and obliques workout 💪 Smash this workout from @mrandmrsmuscle with a friend - tag them below ↓ ◾️ Seated Leg Lift - Knee To Elbow ◾️ Frog Plank - Reverse Snap Jump ◾️ Side-Lying Jack Knife - L ◾️ Side-Lying Jack Knife - R @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

2 weeks ago

two pictures of @cbum #Gymshark

2 weeks ago

Every body is a bikini body 👙 @Gymsharkwomen #InternationalBikiniDay

2 weeks ago

When you're waiting for your cookies to cool 🤸‍♀️ 📹: @morganrosemoroney @Gymsharkwomen #Gymshark

2 weeks ago

Core & shoulder strengthening/stability work 🔥 Have a Kettlebell? Grab it and add this workout from @obi_vincent to the end of your session 💪 1️⃣KB Around The World 2 x 10 2️⃣KB Halo 2 x 10 3️⃣ KB Slingshot 2 x 10 4️⃣ KB Plank Pass-Through 2 x 10 @Gymsharktrain #Gymshark

2 weeks ago

Steppin' into the weekend with @byevelina_ ☀️ @Gymsharkwomen #Gymshark

2 weeks ago

Friday thoughts with @flexwithbeccs ↓ - "Let's talk about comparison. It can be so easy for us to compare ourselves to others we see around us or on social media. And when we do this, not only do we see less value in ourselves, but we tend to focus our attention on our weaknesses, limitations, imperfections, and all of the things we THINK we lack in ourselves, yet see in others. The truth is, comparison can diminish our sense of self-worth and self-compassion. That is why it is so worthwhile to remind ourselves of our strengths and achievements, while only thinking of our weakness as potential areas for personal growth and development. Stop comparing and start cherishing oneself 🦋 3 affirmations to remind you of your worth 🦋 1. I am amazing as I am 2. I have strengths and talents that are unique to me 3. I am loved as I am" - What affirmations help you encourage self-love? ↓ Tag @Gymshark in your posts for the chance to be featured ☀️

2 weeks ago

jock AC villagers be like #Gymshark