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Numero 28 left, eliminate the next scene below‼️ . . . . #zuca #grownish #zoeyjohnson #yarashahidi #lukasabbat #lucahall

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T🔙 To that hippie life🌸💘🌼 . . . . . . #lukasabbat #zuca #lucahall #grownish #yarashahidi #zoeyjohnson

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OT post: Finally got half way through Agents Of Shields and O ma Geezzzz 😭I love Skye so much! She is so strong . And as ugly as it got, Skye and Ward’s ‘Love to Hate’ story is everything😭💕😭the way they loved and cared for each other, then plot twists! Top excellent television😭 . Keep dm’ing me more shows and I’ll make OT posts of the ones I vibe with. . . . . #agentsofshield #skyeward #editrepost #grantward #daisyjohnson #skyejohnson

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All caught up. I think.... Yara compilation post 💫 . . . #yarashahidi #zuca #zoeyjohnson #grownish

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Playing catch up... Luka compilation post🌟 . . . #lukasabbat #zuca #grownish #lucahall

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Marrieds energy for sure! But it’s also top tier love 🥰look at how considerate they were of each other 😩Suddenly, I miss my babies😭 . Anyways, this whole episode was a mind effer for me personally. I think the intention of the episode somehow got lost in how amazing the resolution was because they’ve always been that way? Idk if that makes sense (it barely made any to me ) . Zoey felt like she had been compromising her own personal wants too much in the relationship, and that’s definitely a valid storyline to explore if Zuca weren’t already written as two imperfect people learning and growing together in love . That was already their whole arc, when she feels a certain way, she lets him know and he fixes his mistakes. Luca wasn’t the type of boyfriend that Zoey tells something he did upsets her and he just ignores it and asks her to sit there and take it . That’s not at all in character for him. So, for this episode to make it like she had been stifled for too long randomly was like I said, a mind effer. She felt stifled, and like she’d been compromising herself, how? I’m not exactly sure... she wanted margaritas and he wanted to stay in and Animal planet and chill... ? he’s vegan, she’s not...? how toxic! (Note, the sarcasm ) . They are very different people that like different things, shocker! 😂I mean if there was a deal breaker for Zoey that she consented to with him, it was certainly not emoted on screen. Their tolerance and ability to compromise within their differences however, clearly was. Luckily, these were all fixable offenses and he redeemed himself . All that being said, the message of the episode was a wonderful one (it just didn’t necessarily apply to Zuca at that point imo ). Generally though, it is important for a woman to never fully loose herself in love, LOVE thy partner but don’t loose yourself and I think that’s beautiful . The beginning of the episode showed Zoey cooking what he likes despite her distaste of it and it wrapped with him doing exactly the same for her. An amazing compromise, so considerate of each other, that’s Top teir love! Next round ...⚡️ . . . #zuca #grownish #lucahall #zoeyjohnson #yarashahidi #lukasabbat

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Bai bai number 20, eliminate the next scene below⚡️ . . . #zuca #grownish #lukasabbat #yarashahidi #lucahall #zoeyjohnson

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Boyfriend Luca energy wins⚡️funny story, ya’ll remember when we were suppose to believe all the times Luca supported Zoey, be it as just her friend or as her actual boyfriend, they were all self serving on his terms? 😂Especially when he had nothing to gain from any of it?🤣🤣🤣funny times! . Mans supported and gave her sound advise when she was down by knowing who she is and what made her HER, he celebrated her wins when she successfully pulled through. And this episode is just one of many like it but we’re not getting into that now lol . Anyways, Yoda Luca never left the room, he just got to give her kisses and more 😈as her boyfriend. He told her truths while boosting her up, and he helped nourished her creativity . Who knows Zoey like he does? It still always comes back to that. Supportive Zuca was a cultural reset for relationships like theirs on tv and we loved to see it. On to the next round of eliminations⚡️ . . . . #zuca #grownish #zoeyjohnson #lucahall #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

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Luca centric edit s1-3 Part II ... the king of doing the most while simultaneously doing the absolute least . . . . #lukasabbat #lucahall #zuca #grownish

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22 is out! Eliminate the next scene below pls⚡️😎 . . . . #zuca #lucahall #zoeyjohnson #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

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The best thing that came out of this episode is unarguably Luca X Pops. It was the kind of unexpected fun and levity we deserved . Kindred spirits those two. They rivaled the greatest duo in the history of the ish universe, imho, I will always want more❣️❣️ . I say that because other than Zuca being cute cute that one moment and the completely satisfying LucaXPopsxDre hilarious exchanges, I completely blocked out these sets of episodes from my mental rolodex . I didn’t care for them when they aired so, to avoid hate watching the thing (which I personally believe is a complete waste of time ), I either completely stop or erase that which does not soothe or suit me😌Since I wasn’t going to stop watching, welp 😂 . I do remember writing a think piece when it freshly aired, it’s way down on the page if anyone cares lol ...On to the next round please⚡️😊 . . . . #zuca #lukasabbat #yarashahidi #blackish #grownish #zoeyjohnson #lucahall

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Told ya’ll challenge accepted😎.... we went, we created, it’s fun. Read, if that’s your thing❣️link to all fics in the Bio up🔝and story highlights . . . #zuca #fanfic #grownish #alternateuniverse #zoeyjohnson #blackish #lucahall #yarashahidi #lukasabbat

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Music is everything ya’ll, it just makes things better. Finally got to this song request, ugh!😩thank you . ps: Who is doing it like Zuca still? ...😋 also the song “few things by JP Saxe” just won’t cooperate. Sorry...😊 . Song: Angels by The Xx . . . #zuca #Grownish #lukasabbat #yarashahidi #lucahall #zoeyjohnson

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Happy Mother’s Day to the real Legends ❣️❣️ @june .and.jess and @chocolatemommyluv + my own super momma and all the wonderful mothers in the world😍🤩🤩 . . . . #kerishahidi #jessicaromer #yarashahidi #lukasabbat #zuca #grownish

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Number 2 left⚡️Eliminate the next scene below pls😊 . . . . #zuca #zoeyjohnson #lucahall #grownish #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

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This scene is def a destroyer of feelings, but ultimately an Iconic heart thief, either way, I don’t think the kind of magic created with this scene can be recreated successfully by the show again. No offense to the writers, it just hit different.... . Hate it cause Zuca angst .. BUT love it cause, Zuca angst. See the problem? lol .. this was probably the moment I knew for sure this was my lane . Episode 10 already had me in a choke hold but then came this angst... This was good angst tho, cause it led to a happy resolution. It made their finally getting together powerful . “Can we talk, right here? face to face?” Aka what Zuca are not allowed to do the entirety of s3 so far. To actually open up to each other and talk about their true feelings . Luca and Zoey are allowed to be fully open and honest with everyone but Luca and Zoey apparently and that continues to be tragic! This scene was a turning point for them in s1 and it quite parallels another turning point for them in s2 . The best part of this scene being the tune imho. It brings it together so well!! I want to call this background music the “Zuca tune” cause it’s been played to my recollection in 3 of their monumental moments. It’s so freaking pretty❣️...next round let’s go! . . . #zuca #grownish #zoeyjohnson #yarashahidi #lucahall #lukasabbat

4 weeks ago

In honor of one of the many fun times Rona stole from us, the annual #metgala pictures... it would have taken place today but welp, we mourn.. fingers crossed for 2021 . . . . #lukasabbat #yarashahidi #zuca #grownish

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Zoey centric edit, complete❣️ . . . Song: savage - Megan thee stallion . . #zoeyjohnson #zuca #grownish #yarashahidi

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13 out⚡️eliminate the next scene below⚡️ . . . #zuca #grownish #lucahall #zoeyjohnson #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

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I personally think her ‘goofiness’ is adorable 🥰😂but whatever .... honestly, nothing to add to this scene other than that . ETA: note they were highkey matching and the two hearts on his shirt❣️ . To the next elimination round we go 💫 . . #zuca #grownish #zoeyjohnson #lucahall #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

last month

Going through the archive of unused requested songs... This is the best I could do with this one lol . . Song: ‘can you stand the rain’ by New edition (this oldie is Goldie, thanks for the multiple requests of this one😊 ) . . #Zuca #Grownish #zoeyjohnson #lucahall #lukasabbat #yarashahidi

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This song request’s basically expired for Zuca, so we’ll just go ahead and use it for one ‘Hella Good’ (was just listening to ‘No doubt’, it felt like a moment😋 ) summary edit of these two. Sorry it took forever to use the song . Here is to a hopefully pleasant new week ahead❣️ . . Song: Don’t let go - Cassie . . #lukasabbat #yarashahidi #zuca #grownish #lukara #lucahall #zoeyjohnson

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“TOF and SOF” 😩😭🤣🤣Can’t unsee it now, thanks! 😂okay so new fic challenge, “alternate universe: Zoey Johnson meets brothers Lucas and Luca. Love happens😈” which one of them win? ...Let’s create⚡️😏 . . . . #lukasabbat #thelionking #mufasa #scar #zuca #zoeyjohnson #lucahall #grownish #fanfics

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“Are you gonna help me?” That little nod😂 and he helps🥰 it’s sweet and poignant. We’ve talked about this scene before, so nothing too new to add but let’s recall certain things . “is that why you’re always trying to make people uncomfortable?” - a tiny sample of why Zuca works, they were such different people with similar goals, and that could have worked against them but instead, it actually works for them. They ended up really connecting because they get each other . There is a pull because their differences is what makes them both whole. Zoey often times pulls him out of his permanent restful, overtly dopey, and careless state, not because she wants to change him, it’s just natural . He is the calm she so desperately needs and she is the storm he so desperately needs, otherwise they’d both be pretty one dimensional . She forces him to actually FEEL and integrate. In his case, this is a really good thing. She helped him open up and care, 2 seasons later, he does, like a big amount, look at the way he opened up to Doug or how he’s been there for Nomi. These are all Zoey effect . They also talk, the narrative that Luca doesn’t have opinions on things is a weird one. He chooses his battles and leaves the rest, he doesn’t impose but he does make his stance clear ...but I digress . Zoey is the opposite of Chill, Luca knows this and although it’s probably exhausting (he’s shown signs lol ) still, he couldn’t pull away. He still fell in a whole love with her . He actually helps center her, pulls her into a quieter zone when things get heavy. He is the calm and she needs a lot of that. These two characters need each other and it’s why they work so well when things are good. When everything else around her got chaotic “I needed to be around beautiful objects” - enters Luca❣️ . To sum up, they do a lot more for each other’s balance as people/characters than not. Like the missing pieces to complete each other. Their opposite not only attracts, it’s actually useful to their overall well roundedness, that ying/yang type ish, they just FIT ... on to the next round😊 . . . #zuca #grownish #lucahall #zoeyjohnson #lukasabbat #yarashahidi