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2 weeks ago

Kicking off my July reads, and ticking off some more categories in the 2020 sci-fi/fantasy bingo reading challenge, thanks to the Parramatta Library! #ilovelibraries #readingchallenge #bookstack #necromancy #spaceexploration #optimisticscifi #feministbooks #femaleauthors #colorinthetitle #fantasypolitics

last month

2020 has been simultaneously fast and slow. I can't believe it's almost June already. And I can't believe it's only June. But then again, that's how I've felt every day since I met P-O, albeit in an awesome romantic way rather than the 2020s crisis snowball way. It's like we've known each other our whole lives. And we can't quite believe we lived most of it without each other. Can you retroactively know someone growing up? Because we know each other so well it kind of feels like we did grow up together. What's weird (and awesome ) is how similar/complementary we are in disposition and point of view, despite having lived very different lives in very different parts of the world. ( #hesmyswedishtwin ) As we like to say, neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other. These are my random ramblings at 2am amidst a blustery thunderstorm (it's approaching winter here in Oz ). Jag älskar dig, Per-Oskar. Du är världens bästa man. Happy seven months and more. . #stormyweatherthoughts #gettingsentimentalinmyoldage #whilehewassleepingiwasinstagramming #stillcantpronounce7inswedish #wouldntmindquarantiningwithyouforever

Mar 2020

Then and now, 3 years ago. He may have lost his puppy markings but he's still the same mischievous fluffball. Not to get too sentimental, but this little dude has been one of the best parts of my life. @trunksthepup aka #snoutmachine #djdog #snoutfacekillah #puppup #fluffnugget #whosagoodboy #bestestbuddy

Mar 2020

#breakthechain #flattenthecurve #stayathome source: @siouxsiew @xtotl thespinoff.co.nz

Mar 2020

My growing (heh ) addiction to plants...if these do well, we'll add some more herbs and vegetables. In no particular order, please meet: - Pepper Potts, the Peperomia - Morgan, the baby Peperomia - Tonks aka Dora, the Bella Palm - Sir Basil of Baker Street, obvi - Pax, the Peace Lily - Aurora, the Marble Queen Pothos - Arabella aka Figgy, the Fiddle Leaf Fig - Ash, the Scallion bunch Not pictured, Miss Didi, the other Golden Pothos aka Devil's Ivy If we get another Pothos, might have to rename them all to the Musketeers #athosporthosandaramis #greenthings #plantfamily #alreadydecidedtheherbswillbenamedafterspren

Feb 2020

Valentine's Day Project with @psvedberg ! Gathering together all our favorite recipes from the past two years. We are currently on a delicious pasta adventure and consuming way too much cheese. #teamsvedbergyen #pastalavista #carbload #couplegoalsconsumeourbodyweightincheese

Jan 2020

The past three months have been crazy and wonderful. We got married(! ) in Hawai'i, we celebrated a beautiful snowy Christmas in Sweden, we wrapped up the year with awesome friends and family (thanks everyone who came to visit! ), we packed up our lives in New Haven, and we moved our little family to Australia (Trunks' first international flight! ). In the midst of all that, I've just been feeling extremely grateful and happy and content (santosha for my yoga folk! ). Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life, and thank you to my best friend and husband, @psvedberg , you make my life better in every single way. Jag är för evigt din. Here are some long overdue highlights from our wedding atop the mountains of Kaua'i, at sunrise on our shared birthday (with super cool ti leaf rings! ), courtesy of our super awesome photographer and officiant @megan_moura . #teamsvedbergyen

Jan 2020

Pup about to take his first international flight. Apparently, he gets to fly with the pilot! Goodbye New Haven, hello Sydney! #newyearnewcontinent #jumpingfromwintertosummer #aussiepup

Oct 2019

We got married! And it's our birthday! #teamsvedbergyen

Oct 2019

Taking selfies in moving vehicles is hard...Kicking off Day 1 of the elopement / honeymoon / double birthday extravaganza with 6am no gi jiu jitsu (my brilliant idea ), last minute haircut, and eating of all the leftovers in the fridge! Now en route to NYC for a long overdue Penn mini-reunion! #predawnjiujitsu #rollinginthedark #noseriousphotos #salonjennspecializinginpuppyandmenshaircutsandbeardtrims #teamsvedbergyen

Sep 2019

Whaaaat! My belt has a stripe now! 😱 Thank you @soulcraftbjj #bjj #soulcraftbjj #firststripe #whoa

Aug 2019

Momma was very excited to meet the swedish giant and share the three swedish words she had learned. I, on the other hand, was excited to discover photos of my mom arm wrestling with chinese moms at my ballet recital 🤯 Turns out she and @psvedberg are both arm wrestling champs 😂😂😂 #hiddentalents #charmingtheparents #weirdtoseephotosofyourmomatyourage #sotallinstaforcecroppedthephoto

Aug 2019

Rueda farewell party! Loved dancing with all these awesome people. Super proud of our amazing community of dancers, teachers, and volunteers. Can't wait for Josh's flashmob (and Peter's busking ) 😆 #rueda #welovetodance #shivanisbasementdanceparty #smileandguapeawithconfidence

Aug 2019

What a beautiful awesome day with awesome people! Biking and hiking and eating and biking some more! #FarmingtonCanal #SleepingGiant #wouldhavebeensmarttobringthekeytothebikelock #grumpyparkranger #totallyappropriatelunchtimediscussiontopics

Aug 2019

Ready to bike and hike! Except for Trunks, who is ready to nap! #bikeandhike

Jun 2019

nyplockade jordgubbar! fresh picked strawberries at the strawberry festival for @alannakaplan 's #nerdythirty #notcolorblind #hunterofberries

May 2019

sunny afternoon, perfect for a DnD character creation session #almostsummer #halfelforhalforc #apparentlywheniopenmyeyeswideilooklikeaseaturtle

Apr 2019

Trunks and I enjoying the sunshine and admiring the flowers in the sculpture garden #dailywalk #springtime #tinypupadventures

Apr 2019

Häagen-Dazs: A Taxonomy Häagen-Dazs: Gotta Catch'em All Häagen-Dazs: Assemble #thisishowyougetdiabetes #wemighthaveaproblem #gobigorgohome ...withmoreicecream #iblamePO

Mar 2019

Attended my first BJJ seminar yesterday, taught by @frankrosenthal11 , who covered three ways to take the back from side control. Super cool, informative, and fun event hosted by the really welcoming folks at @radiusmartialarts and raising funds for @tapcancerout . Bonus, I won the raffle and got an awesome workout bag, which transforms into a huuuge duffle that is much more appropriately sized for the giant known as @psvedberg . #transformersduffelsindisguise #learningnewstuff #funandeducational #tapcancerout #bjj #sundayrolls

Mar 2019

One year ago today! Egress from the hab we called home for almost 2 months. Def one of the coolest experiences I've ever had, and lucky to be part of HERA XVI with an awesome and inspiring crew @protonpaperie @kentkalogera @maninspired_ #nasa #analogmission #asteroidtrip #missioncontrolcouldyoulookuptherulesfortractor

Mar 2019

#tbt to 2 years ago when Trunks was 2 months old #thanksgooglephotosforyoursemiinvasiveremindersaboutmylife

Mar 2019

The Svedberg-Yen household is on track to exceed this quarter's projected Häagen-Dazs consumption. We take ice cream seriously. #nohalfmeasures #didsomeonesay2for1sale #addingtoourlidcollection #haagendazs #chocolatestouticecreamwithpretzelsWHAT #upnextartcollagefeaturingmanymanylids