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2 days ago

I want to give a shout out to my Japanese family. Go visit betrnk.com They are always in business.

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The thing I like about @realdevinhaney is that he is willing to do whatever it takes to be great and I encourage all young fighters to do the same. FOLLOW: @realdevinhaney

2 weeks ago

Hate it or love it, I say my style is WINNING. What do you guys think? Follow @mayweatherpromotions

3 weeks ago

After two long months of many businesses closing down all over the world.  I’m happy to see that Las Vegas is slowly reopening their doors to businesses again.  As I’ve always said, tough times don’t last but tough people do.  And we’re proud to say that @icedoutbarber is going 16 yrs of being in business.  We have made it through the recession, and we will also make it through Covid-19!  So If you’re a barber in the Las Vegas area,  and you’re looking for the opportunity to join the Iced Out family,  please jstarr @jstarrtmt .com or DM @icedoutbarber for a chair at the best and most well-know barber shop in Las Vegas.  Everyone, please be safe and remember,  we’re all in this together!   #VegasStronger

3 weeks ago

I am proud of my family @antoinefuqua If you know a frontline worker, please send them words of thanks & encouragement for their bravery. Credit to Antoine Fuqua and Howie Ronay for putting this together. #FRONTLINEWORKERS #THANKYOU #FuquaFilms

3 weeks ago

Today is a special day. Today I’m announcing you and I can meet 1-on-1 from your home and proceeds from each sale will go to United Way. Come have a personal video chat with me on @Fanmio Sat, July 11. Can’t wait to meet you. Go to Fanmio.com/Mayweather #FANMIO #AD

4 weeks ago

I respect and take my hat off to every last one of these champions.

4 weeks ago

Any real trainer shouldn’t just teach offense cause the less you get hit the longer you last in any sport that’s why @rolliesss and I are working on defense.

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As long as GOD recognizes the blessings that I bring people, I will continue to be blessed. I'm not perfect but my heart is genuine.

last month

My Family #TBT

last month

On my private jet playing a private game of poker against @tmtbside7 he thought he had me with his full house, but I smoked him with a 4 of a kind. 🎥 @thee_mayweather

last month

The babyface assassin, the eyes are the key to your soul. And when this hat and jacket come off, all 50 opponents could tell you what I really do.

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Another part of my closet.

last month

This is my first day working with my 14yr old nephew @slugboi .chris who has absolutely NO boxing experience at all, and this is my second time doing mitt work. The first time was with my oldest son @kingkoraun which you may have seen I recently posted. As many of you know, I've had incredible trainers which included my dad and uncle. Due to the recent passing of my Uncle Roger, I’ve felt inspired to help those around me the same way they have been there for me throughout my boxing career. In a time where we must distance ourselves from others, it has allowed me to reflect on how I want to make a difference in people lives and help them achieve their goals. A true trainer wants the best out of their fighter and pushes them to the best of their abilities. I am new to helping people train as I’ve always been on the other side of the mitts. A fighter could be impressive at mitt work but it doesn’t make him a great fighter. A trainer could be impressive on the mitts but it doesn’t make him a great trainer. It has become a goal of mine to help others reach the best versions of themselves and walk with it in confidence. I want to leave an impression on those around me and allow them to see their potential. This quarantine period has allowed me to see the importance of unity and helping others grow. I want to do my part on this Earth and allow people to see the potential in themselves so that they can share it with the world. I am new at training and so far I've been working with people with no boxing experience, therefore we are growing together. But I promise you, I will be one of the best trainers in the world. Inspire and be inspired... 🎥 @tmtbside7

last month

Keeping the tools sharp.

last month

Teaching my son @kingkoraun the fundamentals. Keep up the good work, I'm proud of you.

last month

Never claimed to be perfect, but I strive to be the best father possible. #DaddyDuties @kingkoraun

Mar 2020

Everyone FOLLOW & wish my son, @zion_mayweather A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mar 2020