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3 weeks ago

Happy Father’s Day Baba we love you ❤️

Feb 2020

Meanwhile Lagos is not ready!! My brother is getting married ❤️❤️ #ATtheWedding2020

Dec 2019

Cape Verde is beautiful 🇨🇻😍 loved every second of the barely 16hrs 😭I got to spend there , It’s a very picturesque, CLEAN country with mostly cobbled streets (in Sal atleast ), looks a lot like Portugal the way the houses and streets are set up. Their country slogan is “No stress” and this is so apt because the people are very chill, they look and live like they have no worries lol. Anyway moral of the story Go to Cape Verde, with @caboverdeairlines and stay at the Hilton Sal Cabo Verde resort 🙌🏽

Dec 2019

Happy birthday to my Bessss Frennnn PERIODT!😍😍🌹🌹 the first pic is my mood all December cos it’s going to be lit with you around. I pray that Chapter 31 brings you unprecedented Favor, Grace, Blessings and Restoration from the throne of our Father. Love you Lams!!!!

Nov 2019

🌸 🌹 🌺 👑. 📷 @msdamilo

Nov 2019

Happy 4th Anniversary Husband! I could not have dreamed a more perfect reality 12 years ago🤫😉I love you my G!! ❤️ @misterld #4yearsLegal 💍

Nov 2019

Happy birthday to my Husband and best friend, a.k.a Mr.Ajibose, “Baba” to Oluwatofarati and love of my life😍 I love you baby ❤️❤️ you are an A-maziiing human being and I’m sooo Grateful for you ! @misterld

Nov 2019

Yesterday feeling like a 👸 In @titibelo_

Nov 2019

Happy birthday to the first best friend I ever had , 21 years and counting? 😍love you cookie @m5jones we have more recent pics together but these ones were so nostalgic ❤️❤️❤️

Nov 2019

Looking at Friday like 👀😍I see you boo. Someday these will be throwback pictures but today just wanted to bless your timeline. You are welcome 🤪

Nov 2019

Good morning 🌞😘 and Happy Hump day

Oct 2019

Happy birthday to the Jollof to my rice, the Maple to my pancakes , cream to my ice, my very own Halle berry ⏳ 😍 love you baby @idunnuskitchen

Oct 2019

Grateful to God for the life of my beautiful big sister, my queen, my friend , my mentor, my support system, The spiciest, Foiiiinest 40 year old ever😍😍😍, mom to my handsome nephews, love you too much Mrs Wayne. I don’t want to write any epistles to make you cry because you cried enough at your surprise party last night 🤣 love you for life!! #40fine

Oct 2019

Happy 15th birthday nephew 😘😘❤️ @eniwayne101 @eniwayne04

Oct 2019

CAUTION 🛑 WET FLOOR !!! 😫😭😭 ‘cause of all this drip 🤣🤣🤣😋 ok bye now ❤️ drop a 💧 emoji thanks

Oct 2019


Sep 2019

M.O.M 🤷🏽‍♀️😍😝

Sep 2019

Chapter 31! Grateful for a new year, for renewed hope, the blessing of family and loved ones. So excited to see what God has planned for me this year as the past few have been beyond beautiful 🙏 #birthdaygirl #somebody ’swife #somebody ’smummy😍 #yomammacouldneverrrr 🥵💅🏾🔥* Drops 🎤*

Aug 2019

# 5 year challenge. First time all 3 of us have been in the same city at the same time in 5 years and it was sooo good to catch up ❤️❤️❤️

Aug 2019

<~~~~~~~This Guy !!!! No words😢😌 I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and thank you for everything. I know you don’t like public epistles so I’ll leave it at that #lifelong 🤝💏

Jun 2019

Happy Father’s Day Papa. We love you ❤️❤️❤️😘😘🙌🏽

Jun 2019

It should be Owambe Saturday but I’m indoors cuddling with my munchkin so here’s a little throwback owambe pic for you guys ❤️😘

May 2019

Happy birthday to my precious precious mom in love !! 😍😍 nobody be like you mamaa love you too much @oluwatoyin .ajibose 😘😘❤️❤️

Apr 2019

My baby is 1!! ❤️❤️💃🏾 Oluwatofarati waking up everyday and looking at you is my constant reminder to thank God not just for the blessing and miracle that you are, but for who He is. Being one of your earthly custodians has been the greatest honor of my life, I could not have asked for a more perfect child. You bring so much joy to your Dad&I, and everyone who comes into contact with you. You have expanded our hearts in ways we never thought possible. You have increased our dependence and belief in God. My heart is SO FULL and my mouth will forever declare God’s will over your life. You will forever be exalted, treasured and protected by God; in your youth and old age as your name attests you will come to rely only on God as your source. Your life will glorify God. In Jesus Name. We love you so so so much❤️❤️❤️