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6 days ago

Shelbs, I miss you. Can’t wait to vibe with you again 🌀💙

3 weeks ago

You can’t tell... but I’m smiling. #fashionbyshelby #covidfashion

4 weeks ago

[boring] LIFE UPDATE: Really missing the city life. I miss the crowds. I miss wandering the streets. And miss the spontaneous road trips. Summer classes are keeping me busy, but hopefully in July, I can visit Chicago again and go back to New York. I’ve been working out a lot & getting back into music. Podcasting is hard when u don’t have a studio... but we’re making it work. NY friends, let’s hang out soon!

last month

Wow... so far, it’s been a wild 2 years. Mikey, I never expected us to be in this place when I first met you. You have stuck around through my fun and my (incredibly ) annoying moments. I’m fairly surprised and impressed. You are truly one of the greatest friends I have ever had. Not only do you accept others and show kindness, but you encourage others to be greater than they think they are. I mean... I’m co-hosting a podcast that encourages others to tell their stories with you!!! That’s crazyyyy! And remember when we “dreamed” of having a radio show on Shine.FM? LOOK AT US NOW!!! Little orientation me did not know the epic ride that was about to take off when we first met. I love you so so so much and wish nothing but the greatest for you. Thank you for being in my life. Welcome to your roaring 20s.

last month

“Folks were told to stay off roadways unless absolutely, positively necessary” • “I wanted bubble tea”

last month

We adventured out in search of boba tea, but stumbled upon chick-fil-a and a lake.

last month

Mr. Blue Sky ☀️

last month

Yea... I put on jeans and makeup for the first time in weeks for a beach day.

last month

Right now, I would have been in Georgia ready to start @winshapecamps training. This summer, I anticipated a 10-week road trip, losing my voice on the 1st day of camp, hanging out with elementary-school kids, and laughing with my green fam. 🚩🚩🚩 It didn’t hit me until recently that I won’t experience the summer of a life time this year. But I was also relieved that I HAVE experienced the summer of a life time. I’m sad that my plans were cancelled but I’m happy that I spent my last summer with my yellow honeybodies. I don’t know what my summer will look like but that’s ok, bc in this ever-changing world, I serve a never-changing God.

Apr 2020

Hey Shelbs! You have been nothing but SO GREAT. I have loved every moment of us being quarantine roommates. This is by far, one of my fav memories of us... sorry I suck at the whisper challenge. You mean so much to me and our adventure has just begun! Love you, you’re old. 😜 P.S. this sentence originally took 6 minutes to figure out. Find it on my YouTube!

Apr 2020

Since summer is cancelled, it makes this intro video 10x funnier. Shoutout to GREEN TEAM 🍀💚 (written, recorded, and filmed in 12 hours )

Apr 2020

Pray for @winshapecamps . Today, they finally made the hardest decision to cancel all camps. My heart hurts for the kids, the 1st time leaders, and the last-time staffers. I talk about camp a lot, but it simply HAS to be talked about. Not only does camp change kid’s life’s but the staffers as well. I’m beyond blessed to be part of the WinShape Nation. To hear more about the life changing summers, check out “camp stories & gator carts” on Perfectly Not Normal. Link in bio.

Apr 2020

COMM banquet via zoom @olivetcommdept with @mickeybrownie00

Apr 2020

MASK ON @shemaraf

Apr 2020

Let’s go back to the simpler days when we could gather and I had blonde hair.

Apr 2020

A N A L O G • P H O T O G R A P H Y Before all this, I barely had time to sit down & have a meal. I was going from class to work to class again then meetings then homework. I didn’t appreciate the simple joys I had in my life, such as my long walks to the art school, my quick conversations at Starbucks with friends while I waited for my drink, or the group projects at the rec center. Now, I’m slowing down, and miss my busy days. But at the same time, I haven’t had time to journal, which I do now. I didn’t regularly talk with my long-distance friends, and I do now. I didn’t pick up a good book and have a slow morning with coffee, and I do now. God is giving us this time as an opportunity to reevaluate our lives and relationships. All of this will make ya be more appreciative of the simple joys in life. #analogphotography #35mm #quarantinelife #thankful

Apr 2020

I miss 10-minute photoshoots before class only to end up skipping and going to Dunkin’s instead. 📸: @janimmassey

Mar 2020

Lots of ♡ ♡ ♡ because I love these people and the memories of the best summer ever. ♡ I have been talking with camp friends all this week and it’s been so wonderful. I miss my yellow narcs and the great times we shared this past summer. Today we find out what teams we will be on for next summer, and I’m genuinely excited but nervous. I know it’s a summer of service, I just happen to have the funnest time doing it. My love and prayers go out to the yellow fam ♡

Mar 2020

I still get those first day jitters... *hint: the mug*

Mar 2020

🪁 Before move-in-day, during leadership training, we wrote words on kites. Words that we hoped to experience or words that keep us in peace. With all this going on, you would think my words did not become a reality, but that’s not true • I’m honestly at peace with this whole thing now. Obviously I’m not happy that I can’t see my friends every day, or that my 1st year as an RA is over. But I know I am still blessed with these memories and friendships. McClain, thank you for my precious RA team, the best residents, the wonderful Melanie, and the love. 🪁

Mar 2020

Quarantine bucket list #27 : Tradition through Generations: sign the secret wall ✅

Mar 2020

Don’t worry... we’ll be entertained. @shelbylane24

Mar 2020

This is my leadership squad. We took a group picture every week after our 2.5 hour lecture. Then we went out to eat. Guys, I’m so BLESSED that I shared those beautiful memories with y’all. Thank you for the adventures, the food, and not making class boring. The rest of the semester may seem different now, but I have hope that we will hang out together again someday. I love you guys with all my heart. And remember, we are all leaders. Be a FRED.

Mar 2020

Smiling bc He’s moving in our midst.