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keep RISING✨keep LIVING💃🏽& keep LOVING♥ if it’s GOOD..it’s WONDERFUL! if it’s bad..it’s EXPERIENCE! NO REGRETS! LiVE.LAUGH.LOVE🇯🇲🇨🇳

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6 days ago

Today’s the day! My hubby’s audible original “The Decision” dropped on audible today! Proud of you babe, u guys should check it out! Motivation, Inspiration, & so much more! 🤗

2 weeks ago

| for those that know us know we love this damn show, i mean who doesn’t? so it was only right! i can never take our shenanigans serious! this fool kept on making me laugh! 😂

2 weeks ago

| a #HustleHart #GYMMORNING 💪🏽 #fabletics #fableticsambassador @dominiquebreanna on the lens! 📷

2 weeks ago

| m a m a ‘ s b o y always & forever.♾ 🖤🐻

3 weeks ago

| Just me, being ME! 😆 Thank u guys for all the warm Mother’s Day wishes and the LOVE for the reveal of our baby girl!💕💋

3 weeks ago

| OH BABY, it’s a little lady👶🏽🌸 This Mother’s Day God has blessed us with another baby girl, this pregnancy felt the exact same I could’ve sworn we were having another boy. I literally screamed, laughed, and cried when we found out this time around because she & Kenzo are what I’ve always prayed for🙏🏽 Dreams really do come true, and we are filled with so much JOY! (Can’t you tell, look at Zo ) 😂 Our little family is growing and starting to finally feel complete. Soon enough the little ones will be running and bossing us all around. Lol! She is already loved in so many ways..and we’re so anxious to meet her. xoxo💜🩰

3 weeks ago

| Happy Mother’s Day to our honey🍯 to the most beautiful woman i know inside and out..who has taught me so much in so many ways🤗 from.. Motherhood, Kindness, Independence, Strength.. the way you Love not only the ones closest to you but most..The ability to live life by any means necessary without taking one day for granted i thank you. We love you, wholeheartedly! HAPPY MOMMY’S DAY! 🌸💜

4 weeks ago

| Bumpin’ into 20 weeks like..🤰🏽 "you’ve got this!"💪🏽 the halfway there countdown begins!🦶🏽 #fableticsambassador #myfabletics

5 weeks ago

| Monday’s are for prenatal YOGA🧘🏽‍♀️ in addition to my weekly workout routine with pregnancy i usually like to switch it up a little. I benefited so much the first time around with kenzo why not start again with this one! it allows me to connect my mind, body, and spirit all in one! When you fall in love and feel good, you and baby you will undoubtedly glow! ✨ #fabletics #myfabletics #fableticsambassador

last month

| It was only right we did the #dontrushchallenge quarantine style for @kaibrittany birthday! 💋😘 #GOODTIMES #cantwaittogetcuteagain 😏

last month

| it’s a beautiful day in our backyard. 🙏🏽☺️ spending all week outside since the weather will be pool weather. 🤗

last month

LATE, but so fun! i still can’t believe kev & heav convinced me to join this tik tok wave! i said i would NEVER!🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #imaddicted @semira_f wasn’t w our shenanigans! 🤣

last month

| This is what our date nights have become..when the kids are away we play! why we so focused tho? we NEED HELP! "somebody come look at this"! *in Kevs voice*😂

last month

| Fab Friday! a couple that @fabletics together stays together! We can be so corny but cute as the same time! 😂💃🏽 #fableticsambassador #myfabletics

Mar 2020

| BABY #2 🤍 in the midst of all of this we’re counting our blessings and couldn’t be more grateful! 👶🏽 soon to be a family of 6! 🤗 #glowingandgrowing

Mar 2020

| May God bless you in another year of your life! I wish your teenage years be filled with an abundance of love and happiness! Continue to be the confident, beautiful, caring & loving young lady that you are. Your spirit shines bright!✨ I love you Heav! HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY! 🥳💜 P.S. as much as i clown you abt your goofy TikToks you’re the real MVP! 😉 LOL! 💋

Mar 2020

| In my element this Fab Friday. Who doesn’t love a good pocket? 😉 ★ Trinity pocket legging ★ @fabletics •link in bio #fableticsambassador 💪🏽 #myfabletics

Mar 2020

| It’s a gloomy day here in LA, but I’m finding my sunshine while working on me in my @fabletics ☀️ #fableticsambassador #myfabletics

Mar 2020

| “Her courage was her crown, and she wore it like a queen” 👑 Be you, do you, for YOU! 🤗 #HappyInternationalWomensDay ❤︎

Feb 2020

6 years strong and still going with @rebeccabroxfit . Only getting better with time..💪🏽 #hustlehart

Feb 2020

Missin this tan & hair tho! Come on summer 2020!💃🏽💪🏽🤸🏽‍♀️

Feb 2020

| Glow-Getter ✨ Mindset is EVERYTHING! Happy HUMP day! 🐪 xO.💋 @fabletics

Feb 2020

| Our home was filled with an abundance of LOVE yesterday.. Thank you “Mr. Boombastic aka Mr. Lover Lover”😂