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Did I just make a video montage of my cat? 😹 🐈 It’s been about a year since we adopted Kimchi! He’s around 2 years old, and he’s just the best. He was born in an alley way in Queens and then lived with a few friends before we ended up fostering him. Of course we ended up keeping him, I mean how could we not? 😊 He’s LOVING life outside of the city where he gets to roam around outdoors and roll around in the grass. He has a pretty good life if I do say so myself. ✌🏽 Happy International Cat Day! #livelearnlovewell

2 days ago

@allymisslove and I chat about our upcoming Official Prince Ride! @onepeloton

2 days ago

💜🎶 Let’s Go Crazy!! Love N Lovewell are bringing you an official PRINCE ride!! So excited to share the stage with @allymisslove and rock out to the ICONIC and timeless soundtrack of PRINCE. 👑 Wednesday 7:30pm ET, will we see you there? 🎸 #LoveNLovewell #onepeloton (*Photo was taken Feb 2020 )

3 days ago

💌In my newsletter last week, I posted a blog post I wrote about some of my favorite spots on Martha’s Vineyard, my home! If you missed it, click the link in my bio! Can not wait to get back. ⛵️ #livelearnlovewell

3 days ago

Happy Birthday to my love, DC 💗🎉 He’s not on Instagram so he won’t even see this, but I gotta say it out loud! 😆 My favorite adventure partner, quarantine companion, IG photographer, best friend, and cat dad. 😊 Happy Birthday #DaveNoIG !

4 days ago

Is this how it’s done? #firstreels

2 weeks ago

🎧 Thanks to everyone who joined me for Listening Party LIVE last night! 🎶 What was your favorite track ?? Catch it On Demand if you missed it! @onepeloton #emmaslisteningparty

2 weeks ago

🥒 My garden is thriving right now! So many cucumbers and string beans. I have a few cucumber salad recipes, but honestly just eating them with salt is sooo good.😋 Do you have a garden? What’s poppin?! #livelearnlovewell

2 weeks ago

Women supporting women and reminding each other how strong, beautiful, and incredible we are!? Sign me up! Challenge accepted @robinnyc @selenasamuela @oamato 💕💕 #womensupportingwomen

2 weeks ago

😎❤️ #breakthroughcrew

3 weeks ago

🎧Listening Party is back!🎉 And now once a month! Next week Friday (7/31/20 ) 7:30pm we jam out on the bike to indie music, remixes, and a whole bunch of new music I’m thrilled to share! Who’s excited!? #emmaslisteningparty

3 weeks ago

⚡️Journey to 1 MILLION!⚡️We did it! Last month I noticed one of my 10 min Core workouts (from 4/30/19 ) was at 850,000 views. I asked you, my Peloton community if you thought we could get to 1 MILLION workouts, and this past weekend WE DID IT. 🎉 That’s 10 million minutes of core work, 1 million minutes of planks, AND 1 million minutes of bicycle crunches. 😂 So proud of you team!! Keep crushing those cores! Comment below if you’re a part of that 1 mili!? #livelearnlovewell #crushyourcore

3 weeks ago

🏄🏽‍♀️Third time wake surfing and finally feeling good! Gotta be OK with falling if you want to succeed. 🤙🏽 #progressnotperfection #livelearnlovewell

4 weeks ago

New playlist, and recipe! Click the link in my bio for my newest super-chill-vibes-playlist. (Some great acoustic covers in there ). If I had a cafe, this is what would be playing. 🍵 Recipe: Iced Matcha oat milk latte. Three ingredients. Matcha, water, and oat milk, so simple. @ko_matcha #livelearnlistenwell

4 weeks ago

It’s not torture, it’s fitness. 💦💦 . . . Rocking my new favorite @underarmour Infinity bra, supportive, moves with you, and comes in so many awesome colors. Remember movement is medicine! How did you move your body today? Comment below! #underarmour #UAInfinityBra

4 weeks ago

👩🏽‍🌾 I think I’m gonna need a bigger garden. 🤔🥬🥕 It’s a little chaotic, but I like it. 💚 #livelearnlovewell

last month

❗️💥Let’s Go #breakthroughcrew !! ❣️💥 ⭐️PELOTHON 2020 is here! ⭐️ Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?! There will be 4 weekly goals as we work as a TEAM and partner with 4 international hunger relief nonprofits to give back. 🙏🏽 Join our team (the best team really😜 ) by using the tag #breakthroughcrew in your Peloton profile. We will be working out together every Wednesday at 12:30pm ET for a full body workout. No worries if that time doesn’t work for you, just complete those classes by the end of the week (Sunday 11:59pm ) to get your badge! . . . Don’t forget to opt in, wear RED, use your #breakthroughcrew tag, and get ready to rock out and knock out with us! Can’t wait to crush it together! ❗️❣️💥 #pelothon2020

last month

☀️ Nothing quite like sitting on Mom’s porch eating Mom’s lo mein. Good to be H O M E. 🏡 #livelearnlovewell

last month

🎶Have you checked out my 20 min King Princess ride yet?? 💥I’ll be back in the studio Saturday for a 90’s special — 30 min 90s ROCK followed by 20 min 90s POP! Get your flannel + slap bracelets ready! Starts at 4:30pm ET. Comment below if I’ll see you on the leaderboard! #livelearnlovewell

last month

💌My newsletter went out yesterday. Make sure you check your inbox for it! And if you want to join the Love List click the link in my bio. I included a blog post I wrote about ways to meaningfully contribute to Black Lives Matter, including books, organizations, and a few lists of black owned businesses (thanks @jsimsfit for yours! ) I’m listening, sharing, reading, learning, through this movement with you. No matter what stage you are at in this journey, it’s OK. You don’t have to be an expert to have a heart. 💙 Keep going. #livelearnlovewell

last month

Sometimes you just need a Ladies Day to connect, laugh, and talk plans on how we’re going to positively change the world. 🌎 Thanks @allymisslove for coming to visit, and holding my drink while I bring us back to shore. 😂 #LoveNLovewell 📸 @dcsurftheearth

last month

🎶 Rare footage! 🎥 My dad came to NYC to visit me last year and we took a voice lesson together. He’s been an incredible musician all of his life, singing folk music and sea shanties passed down from many many generations. We come from a long lineage of sailors, fisherman and whale captains in New England. If you ever want to hear a salty sea story about the Cape & Islands, ask my dad! Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Mark Alan Lovewell who has always pushed me past my comfort zone in music and performance. He’s recorded multiple albums (I’m featured on one of them! ) and is known to take out his guitar and lead a singalong at any moment! Which totally use to embarrass me as a kid; but as an adult I am in awe of him and his talent. Love ya dad! 💗

last month

☺️That feeling when someone hands you a plate full of pancakes. 😋 Saturday’s are for PANCAKES 🥞 #LoveNLovewell #livelearnlovewell 👨🏻‍🍳📸: @dcsurftheearth

last month

💜💙💚PRIDE Listening Party was SO fun! And not to mention the 15 min DISNEY/Low Impact ride afterwards made my Little-Emma-dreams come true. “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?” Check them both out On Demand! #onepeloton #livelearnlovewell