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5 days ago

Water is paw-high because only one of us knows how to swim🖤🐬

last month

Week 7 of Stay-At-Home and the stoop kids are ready to leave the stoop

last month

🌎🌿happy EARTH day🌿🌎 while you enjoy some our favorite places, here are some of our favorite Earth-friendly tips and practices we’ve picked up: -replace daily use cotton pads (like you use for your toner ladies ) with washable cotton ones! -use less paper towels by buying bar rags! Great for cleaning counters, wiping up spills, drying hands and are washable. -invest in good Tupperware and bowls with lids! This reduces our use of aluminum foil/cling wrap -recycle recycle recycle!! -get you a reusable water bottle AND coffee mugs! (Bonus points for keeping extra mugs in the car for surprise coffee runs ) -e-books and libraries people! Books are amazing but there are many ways to access them -reusable tote bags for groceries! They’re cute and so much bigger than plastic bags There are so many more! Be conscientious, be proactive, teach your people your tips and tricks! And go enjoy this Lady🌎🌿today💕

last month

2 years ago I packed up my post-college belongings and a cat and trekked across the country to move into 1 bedroom apartment with this guy. Can you believe?!? Since then I’ve held 4 jobs, we lived in Italy, traveled Europe, moved 3 times (finally expanded into a house ), been quarantined for 6 weeks, and managed to be outnumbered by our pets. Talk about an adventure! You’re the best crazy decision I ever made Murphy Simerson🖤💘

Mar 2020

Here is Rizzo’s attempt at a dandelion wish for your stuck-at-home enjoyment✨ (peep the lil teefers😍 )

Mar 2020

It’s whiskey business lovin’ an Irishman🍀🍻

Feb 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ayyemoore !!!! I hope 25 greets you like I did at the airport with a weird voice, an unfortunate excitement wedgie, and a good ole Ice🍻i promise to love ya for at least the next 25 years👯‍♀️💕

Jan 2020

New year, new crib🏡💕 #firsthouse #stillrenting

Dec 2019

Pretty positive that the Simerson girls needed a blonde in the mix👯‍♀️✨

Dec 2019

Adventuring fam bam shazam part 2🐾💘

Dec 2019

‘Tis the beanie season🧡

Dec 2019

‘Tis the season for punny Christmas PJs

Dec 2019

Santa! We know him!

Dec 2019

Merry Christmas from our fur family to yours!🎄🎁🐾❤️

Nov 2019

Just some photographic proof that Rizzo is small enough to carry in my arms. Because she 100% won’t be in a few months🖤

Nov 2019

Go dukes🤘🏽

Nov 2019

Here’s some drunk-looking, minimally-controlled and uncoordinated puppy run to cure your Sunday Scaries!

Nov 2019

Ain’t no trick, we got the best treat last night! Meet Rizzo🖤

Oct 2019

2 years ago today this guy FaceTimed me to ask if I would officially be his girlfriend. Less than 1 year from now, we’ll say “I do” and strike this cheesy pose in a white dress and suit! Life with @murfsimerson is the best adventure🥰

Oct 2019

miss my best friend✨💕

Oct 2019

My happiest place on Earth✨

Oct 2019

Tahoe with my main hoes

Sep 2019

The adventuring fam bam shazam

Sep 2019

I’ll [pumpkin] pick you every time! 🎃💕