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5 days ago

Knock yourself out with this one! 👊🏻 Ps. Brings back great memories of working with the Godfather of Soul: James Brown👍🏻 @optividahealth

2 weeks ago

Lunch with my daughter 😎

2 weeks ago

Practicing my Kyokushin kata on my morning walk here in Stockholm👊🏻

3 weeks ago

Biking around Stockholm. Stopped by my old school, The Royal Institute Of Technology, where I studied Chemical Engineering before I got in the ring with Rocky Balboa 👊🏻🤓🇸🇪

4 weeks ago

Back in Stockholm with my old Karate Instructor Brian Fitkin. Getting my 4th Dan at his private dojo. 👊 OSU!

last month

Getting away from the crowds of crazy vikings and soaking up some fresh air here in Sweden!🇸🇪

last month

Crazy vikings!

last month

Looking forward to this again when the lockdown is over 💪 1. Swimming - great cardio, easy on your joints, good at any age and relaxing. 2. Weight training - essential to keep your muscle mass, great for your bone density as you get older and keeps your testosterone level high. 3. Martial arts - Great for speed, reflexes and coordination. The mind-body connection. Kept me out of trouble as a teenager. Enjoy! 👊

last month

Some interesting scientific facts about this great product and how it works. I’m giving you guys a discount when you click on the link in my bio!👍 @optividahealth

last month

#fbf to donating blood for the Red Cross - shout out to all health care workers doing such a tremendous and heroic job 🙌

last month

Let’s stay safe and stay in shape!😉👊🏻

last month

Working from home 🤓

last month

Hey guys, im happy to announce that I’ve decided to partner up with Optivida Health, a premium nutrition supplement company. I have been testing their products for a few months and found them very helpful in keeping me healthy in my day to day life. This first product is a silver gel that I bring with me when I travel, work, go to the gym and in public in general. Its been particularly helpful in this situation we are in. I use it on my hands and in my nose as virus can enter through your mouth, nose and eyes. I think its better than alcohol based hand sanitizers as it has kill power for up to 4 hours and doesn’t dry out your hands. Something very interesting I have come to learn is that silver has been used for hundreds of years as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. I am proud and excited to be working with all the talented people at Optivida and the creator of this amazing brand Frank Davis! If you want to read more about the Silver Gel and how it can help you, click on the link in my bio.👊🏻

last month

Doing a free webinar this Sunday at 1 pm PDT with @mentor_usa foundation for prevention during the COVID-19 Crisis! Link will be up on my story. Hope to see you there.

Mar 2020

A moment of reflection on today’s situation.

Mar 2020

These days you gotta do what you gotta do😉💪

Mar 2020

Great memories of getting in shape and revisiting the past in Creed II 👊

Mar 2020

Staying fit and maintaining my muscle mass during these hard times👊🏻 All you need for this workout is a resistance tube and a mini band. Perform 3 rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next: 1a: one arm shoulder press - 15 reps ea 1b: biceps curl - 15 reps slow descent 1c: rows - 15 reps 2a: pull down - 15 reps 2b: chest press - 15 reps 2c: one legged RDL - 15 reps ea 3a: slow descent squats - 15 reps 3b: triceps overhead - 15 reps 3c: narrow push ups - 15 reps

Mar 2020

Stay safe everyone 👊🙏

Mar 2020

Two great days at La Mole Comicon in Mexico City. 🙏

Mar 2020

Stepping in for Mr Lundreng here in Mexico City. 😎

Feb 2020

With my daughter Ida at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the Oscars

Feb 2020

Even villains having growing pains. #minions : The Rise of Gru, in theaters this Summer. Check out my man ‘Svengence’.

Jan 2020

A friendly tip to all politicians: ‘Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?’ - Abraham Lincoln