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2 days ago

Pretty little skinny, little bitty body model ex 🥰 #DailyDoseOfDez

1 weeks ago

“We Ain’t Stopping At No Red Lights” #wce #selflove #DailyDoseOfDez

4 weeks ago

"Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my mission." 🤍 #DailyDoseOfDez #clemson #clemsontigers

Jan 2020

🚨SEMI-LONG POST🚨 For years I have hated the way I looked , & just hated myself all together. I didn’t like taking pics, I didn’t like looking in the mirror .., I really just hated everything about myself even down to my voice (I sound like a whole man ). Plus it didn’t help that I was always comparing myself to every other pretty girl. As if her beauty took away from mine. I started to try & love myself better & looking at myself in a positive light. The middle of this month I started praying to God to help me love myself & help me to see me how he sees me; beautiful in every way. & I’ve recently sat & realized that I’ve really come to love my looks & love me better. Now I still have my days where I feel like I look like Fiona (the ogre version ) but I still fight thru the thoughts & tell myself I’m beautiful. & TODAY ... YOU CANT TELL ME I AINT FINE 😭😻😻. LOOKA ME , JUST LOOKA ME 😂😂 #DailyDoseOfDez #selflove #explore

Aug 2019

22. #DailyDoseOfDez

May 2015

That Smile Tho 😁😷😂 #2015Grad 🎓 #DailyDoseOfDez