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Vegan breakfast never tasted sooo good! I’m like a regular diner over here! Have dinner at Rachel’s Diner.... has a good ring to it! I love breakfast for dinner ❤️ . . . . . . #vegan #veganbreakfast #vegandinner #govegan #veganaf #eatvegan #breakfastforvegans #vegancooking

3 days ago

Today was magical @this .is.britt and all I got was this pic! 💕 disconnect and discover

4 days ago

Ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille 🍿 Look 👀 at this gorgeous, gigantic green leek baby!!!! She’s camera ready! 💖 I love it!! And I want to eat it! . . . #realfood #wholefoods #leeks #rawfood #vegetables #eatvegetables #veggies #eatveggies #veglife #eatwholefoods #eatrawfood #govegan #vegan

1 weeks ago

Quick PSA!!!! Hello fellow pet owners, I am by no means an expert, but I have had dogs forever. A situation arose yesterday that I think might help a lot of pet parents, especially dog parents. Yesterday Bruce was insane, totally not his normal self. He was bouncing off the walls, insane energy, I chased him in the yard, threw the tennis ball for a while, he chewed it til it was destroyed, out in the sun for two hours, after dinner he was still crazy, “attacking” joe’s hand, snarling, super irritated, and even tried to start humping my leg. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t think of why he was like this. Of course dogs get cooped up, have energy and need playtime, but this was different, because after two hours of play outside in the hot sun and then dinner, he’s usually done for, super sleepy and cuddly and sweet, but not last night. Well after he tried to hump my leg, I put him and Carter in the back yard for a bit and then I realized, the dryer had been going all afternoon and it makes a very high pitched squeal at all times now and I thought, maybe it’s driving him crazy. This picture was taken after I had turned the dryer off, let the dogs back in, and sat on the couch, immediately after coming inside without the dryer noise, Bruce curled up in my lap and started snoring loudly. I finally put together what was driving him nuts because I’ve had a few scenarios with Carter like this. He gets really freaked out by repetitive noise that he can’t figure out where they are coming from or why. So point being, try to listen to what your pets are saying. They are constantly communicating with you, only we as humans have decided that nonhuman animals can not communicate with us using our language so that means they can’t communicate with us at all. Totally wrong! Carter and Bruce communicate with me everyday and I’ve learned to really listen and try to find out what they need ❤️

2 weeks ago

Ohhh man, death by chocolate vegan gluten free brownies 🤤😍🤤😍 yes please #brownies #vegan #glutenfree @toby_sasquatch thanks for the mushroom jerky!!! #bartersystem

3 weeks ago

It’s finally sitting outside in the sunshine, grilling food, listening to music, tv off season!!! ❤️ when there’s nothing else to do but go outside and eat food, put the two together!! This beautiful totally vegan delicious dinner was amazingly satisfying ❤️ I could eat it all over again (and I will one day soon ) . . . . . #vegan #govegan #veganeats #vegangrilling #realmeangrillveggies #veganfood #veganlife #veglife #veganaf #vegannoms #nom #goodests #eatgood

3 weeks ago

Homemade vegan pizza giving me life right now 💖 Margarita Suprema #kitehill ricotta olive oil base, fresh basil spinach cilantro green onion, yellow onion pepperoncini, zucchini tomato garlic, #beyondmeat ground beef #daiya cheese . . . #vegan #veganaf #veganfood #veganpizza #homemadeveganpizza #pizzaforlife #veganrecipes #goodfood #goodeats #veganeats #pizza

4 weeks ago

Malia kofta: vegan Indian “meat”balls in a cashew coconut sauce 💖 I love making this dish even though it’s time consuming! #veganaf

4 weeks ago

Playing rummikub outside in the sunshine giving me life!!!

4 weeks ago

.🤣🤣😰😰😩😩. #essentialworkers #essentialworkersbelike #pandemic #coronavirusmemes 😂😂😂 @latinarebels

5 weeks ago

This amazing puppy boy is seriously the best dog in the whole world. He’s been right by my side, through thick and thin, for 11 years now. Don’t know exactly when he was born but it was sometime towards the end of the month and I just can’t believe he’s still my big baby boy. I got so lucky finding him and getting to be his momma! 💖💕 I love him so goddamn much!!!! So grateful for the chance to give him the best life with so so so much lovin’s 💕💖 .. .. .. .. #americanbulldog #americanbully #americanbullylove #americanbulldoglove #bullylove #bulldoglove #womansbestfriend #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #bulldogsofinstagram #americanbulldogsofinstagram #bullybreed #dogdays

5 weeks ago

I literally made this up in the spot last night and I couldn’t be more pleased about how it turned out. Sooo delicious. Marinated tofu with ramen noodles and wilted fresh greens from the farmers market yesterday!!! ❤️ #veganhomemade #veganquarantinekitchen

last month

I love this rump 💖 he’s sooo big and he has slept right next to me, his back down my leg, for 11 years 💕 oh my big sweet baby boy, he’s such a big teddy bear ❤️ I love him so much . . . . #dogdays #womansbestfriend #americanbulldog #americanbully #bulldog #bulldoglove #americanbulldoglove #bullylove #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #americanbulldogsofinstagram

last month

Going for that Sade Adu look today.... Did I nail it or fail it? #sadeadu #nailedit

last month

Series; Food I Ate, breakfast for dinner #glutenfree #vegan #asfuck

last month

.BABE. #mom

last month

When I was a kid, I wouldn’t let my mom start eating the popcorn during the trailers, only when the movie started. She used to get so mad cuz she paid for it, but I wanted the popcorn for the actual movie! 🍿I love popcorn, but I don’t own a microwave, and I don’t like buying all the packaging of prepopped. But now, I have my own popcorn maker and it was free!!! This makes me happy 💖

last month

Happy 31 🎁🥳🎉 🎂Thank you to every sweet friend today; definitely not the worst birthday I’ve ever had

last month

Turning into a plant has never sounded better. . . . #iwanttobeaplant #imbasicallyahouseplant #turningintoaplant

last month

Vegan double burger patty sandwich with all the fixin’s, plus actual fries in my air fryer 😂 making my boring days brighter #goodburger #veganburger #veglife