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Mar 2020

Happy 3 years to my love, my homie and everything in between ❤️🙏🏾 So grateful for you and your ability to keep bringing joy into my life!

Mar 2020

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Nov 2019

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Jul 2019

Thank you Coach O for all your lessons and long talks. I appreciate you helping me learn to like reading books, that was slow transition 😂 Best of luck in your future endeavors and you will be missed ✊🏾

Jun 2019

Happy Birthday to my first teacher, bestfriend, fan, and everything in between. You are the greatest Mom & I’m thankful God continues to work wonders in your life. Everyone tell momdukes happy birthday for me! ❤️

May 2019

New content coming tomorrow, you ready?! If not, hit the link below to subscribe, and catch up on previous episodes to stay in the loop 🤙🏾 #FocusUp https://tinyurl.com/y6nm37ue

Apr 2019

Look! I’m pointing to the newest 23 year old club member! 🧓🏼 Wishing nothing but blessings and a great life for my brother since 7th grade ❤️

Mar 2019

Two years ago, we made the choice to try this out. Two years later, I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Happy two year anniversary to mi corazón ❤️ Te amo Ellie!

Mar 2019

My friend, my brother, my future business partner. Happy 22nd to you and God bless you on this journey we call life ✊🏾🛐

Jan 2019

Found myself around a few good photographers this weekend 📸 S/o the NCAA for providing the experience for me to get together with #D2SAAC this week.

Jan 2019

My youngest brother, the humble beast and the underrated one of us 4 brothers ❤️ Isaiah, Happy 18th birthday and I can’t wait to see many more years of you getting what you deserve 💪🏾

Dec 2018

We’ve been through it all together, from cop cars to graduation. Happy 23rd Connor. Throwback to the HS days. I love you brother 🤞🏾❤️

Dec 2018

Since ‘08 in those hallways of MSE 🤞🏾

Dec 2018

Graduating from Wayne State wasn’t something I could say I did on my own. I’m far from self-made. There were so many people who influenced and helped me through this experience. Emotionally, spritiually and financially I received assistance from countless people and I’m so grateful for that. This isnt the end for me and I want to thank @chris_popovich88 for inspiring me to continue on and start Master’s school. I’ve never been a fan of school but if I’ve learned one thing from college and that is... KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 👨🏽‍🎓

Dec 2018

“Thankful for the women that I know”

Sep 2018

Happy birthday Ellie Rodriguez (🐐 ), you are truly beautiful and all relative synonyms that are out there 😍 Finally 21 and I hope its the best for you yet I’m thankful to be apart of the ride, keep shining my love because you are a BLESSING 🤗

Jul 2018

Don’t have much too say, just thankful for you 💕 PC 📸: @natalie .breault

Apr 2018


Mar 2018

Very happy ONE YEAR to my #1 ❤️ Much love and appreciation for being there through the ups and downs of life! May God continue to bless us in the future 😘