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15 hours ago

These dolls recently moved to new homes with new owners! 😍 Buong weekend ka bang nanonood ng K-pop at K-drama? 🙈 You're not alone! If hindi ka makamove-on from your shows, we got you. Chibi dolls by @popjunklove available in our webshop. The k-drama dolls are an online exclusive. Get yours at www.commonroomph.com. ✨ #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

23 hours ago

We made a 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝗽 𝗡𝗲𝘄 tab in our site for easier browsing of our freshest drops! ✨ New uploads are posted here, so make sure to check it out! 👀 Here are some of the new uploads that might get you excited: wire bookmarks from @maikala , button pins from @511gritstudio , ID buddies from @heyhodgepodge , DIY dreamcatcher kits from @kimcreates , and crochet starter kits from @theatticyarnandcraftery ! 🥰 Link is in our bio! 💗 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH


Sent out more packages this morning. We have a few from this batch that were bought as gifts and care packages - new normal's way of sending love. 🥰 Thank you so much for supporting our local makers! We're happy to be able to bridge the long distance in our own small ways. 💕 Shop online at www.commonroomph.com. #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH


So many more important issues that seek immediate attention AND ACTION - pandemic, struggling SMEs, unemployment, among others. Sharing a piece by @ella_lama as a reminder that hope does not mean silence or acceptance. Action is the seed of hope. We hope because we act and empower ourselves to fight for a future we want to be in. Link to take action on our stories. #freespeech #freedomofselfexpression #artph

2 days ago

Weekend nanaman which means more time to watch your favorite oppas! 😅 We're here for your quarantine obsessions! Bangtan Boys sticker sheet by @shopeuls and more fanart merch available online. Check our new uploads at www.commonroomph.com. #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

2 days ago

TGIF! 🎉 Treat yourself today with some self-care essentials from @lunamaiaph , @simoyngharaya , and @realscentsph ! 🥰 If aromatherapy is your thing, we have diffusers and room sprays available through our webshop! 🍃 Just head over to the link in our profile and browse through the Home & Lifestyle section of our site! 💗 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

3 days ago

Are you the type to watch new shows or one who would replay your favorites over and over again? Here are some go-to classic TV series in sticker form! Stickers by @3amcrafter . ✨ These and more shop favorites are now available online. Shop without having to leave the couch! (More Netflix time too 😉 ) www.commonroomph.com #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

3 days ago

We're continuously updating our webshop to bring more products closer to you and glad to report that these cuties are now available in our webshop! 🥰 We've uploaded a bunch of stuff from @thebabybluebunny , including these Wish Bracelets! ✨ Thank you so much for helping us #ReStoreSmallBusinesses , know that your purchases are of great help to our staff, makers, and community! 🤗 #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

4 days ago

Been into plants and starting your own garden at home? These seed pencils by @theecodentist can actually be planted for your growing collection! And it comes in several options: bell peppers, thyme, chili, celery and more. 🌱 We're here for your quarantine activities! Shop online at www.commonroomph.com and we'll have your order delivered straight to your door. 📦 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

4 days ago

Starting the new month by sharing a snippet of another Roomie tutorial vid for online capsule classes hosted by our friends from @areteateneo ! ✨ Our partner Tish of @sqooid prepared a short still life drawing tutorial for those of you who'd like to #DoFromADistance and learn some drawing basics! 😊 Tune in at Areté's Facebook page tomorrow (6PM ) to see the full vid! 👀 #CommonRoomPH

5 days ago

A blank page is best when you can't decide on the type of notebook to get. Notes? Sketches? Lists? Journal? The possibilities are endless and you can make it fit to whatever you need. 📝 This Letter Ledger by @sundaypaperco and more new items are up in the webshop. Shop online at www.commonroomph.com. #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

5 days ago

Not the hot-coffee-in-the-morning type? We got you! 😉 Get these reusable straws for your iced drinks from @littlebighelpph and @sipsteelstraws ! ✨ These are available under the Home & Lifestyle section of our site (link is in our bio )! 💓 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

6 days ago

Comforting words to power you through the week c/o @edenstreet . 💕 You got this! ✨ We have a whole collection of stickers available online at www.commonroomph.com. We ship nationwide. . #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

6 days ago

Monday morning got us craving for a cup of coffee! ☕ Make it even more special by pairing your fave mug with coasters available in our webshop! 😊 Choose from different designs - printed with paintings by @megandino , rustic and wooden from @kasakoph , and silk-screened ones from @thecorkprojectmnl ! 💗 All these and more available in the Home & Lifestyle section of our site - link is in our bio! 🥰 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

1 weeks ago

Journalling is a great way to cap off the week! We have new items up online for your Sunday destressing activity including this washi tape by @artsyology . ✨ Find stickers, tapes, and paper goods in our webshop: www.commonroomph.com. #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

1 weeks ago

Sharing this video from our friends at @dti .designcenterph, featuring everyday items and how their design affect us! Here, you'll see a number of crowd faves from our shops: cord ties and cord keepers from @artsycutsy , @punchcrafts , and @mariamnl , phone stand from @cutthescrap , and zero-maintenance moss frames from @studiohabil ! ✨ Thank you Design Center for this very timely and informative video! Our takeaway? Good design makes a lot of everyday tasks easier to do! 💯 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Just like in stores, we're still making use of the old paper bags you've donated! We hope you like how we wrap your orders. 🤗 Every online purchase is a gift from us to you! Thankful for all the support you give to our community. Help #ReStoreSmallBusinesses and shop online at www.commonroomph.com. 💗 #CommonRoomPH #upcycling

2 weeks ago

PSA #KDRAMA FANS! CommonRoomPH web store now carries @popjunklove ’s #handmade collection of K-Drama #plushies ! Hold on to the kilig longer with these chibi huggables. Only available through our online shop! 😄 Make sure to browse our other pages, too! Lots of options to satisfy your fangirling needs! Support, shop online, and #ReStoreSmallBusinesses safely!

2 weeks ago

Sent out more packages today from our webshop! Thank you always for supporting our group of artists and makers. 🥰 We're uploading new items regularly - check out our selection of cards, stickers, accessories, and even home goods! Visit us online at www.commonroomph.com. #DoFromADistance #RestoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Do your grocery runs in style with these embroidered tote bags by @mod .threads! 💁 Added these bags in bags plus a few more new items in our webshop - make sure to check them out! ✨ Know that each purchase you make will help #ReStoreSmallBusinesses ! 💗 #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Home project ideas: handmade pins or pendants using air dry clay! Our air dry clay is back in stock online at www.commonroomph.com. ✨ This is easy to mold and can be used for little projects for you or even kids! For other home activities - @areteateneo posts new craft videos weekly! Check their page out and let's #DoFromADistance 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 . @artwhale .ph La Doll Clay #RestoreSmallBusinesses #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Missing the sea? Let these @peregrina_ph stickers remind you of your fave place while at home! 🌊 These and more available in our webshop - journalling stickers, vinyl stickers, and other supplies too! 🥰 Link to our sticker collection and website in our bio! 💓 #ReStoreSmallBusinesses #DoFromADistance #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Taong bahay mood: kakatapos mo lang kumain pero gutom ka nanaman. 😂 Just seeing these food pins by @cooouch makes us hungry again! Roomie Chikay of @cooouch will be sharing how to make your own DIY Shrink Pins tomorrow at @areteateneo 's pages. 👩‍🎨 New craft videos are available in @areteateneo every Thursday, 6pm. Hope you can tune in tomorrow! 📺 #CommonRoomPH

2 weeks ago

Got nothing lined up for tomorrow evening? Don't worry, we got something exciting for you! 😉 Head on to @areteateneo 's FB page tomorrow at 6PM to catch @cooouch 's demo on how to make your very own shrink pins. Another #DoFromADistance idea to add to your lists! 🎉 For now, here's a quick sneak peek of their tutorial vid! 👀 #CommonRoomPH