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she/ her I work to build community. I also write books about living & loving. Heart Talk & Where To Begin available wherever you buy your books.

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17 hours ago

Last week to get this print. Perfect for your family rooms or kids rooms. My daughter Memphis has it in her’s. 🤍 #wheretobegin withlovecleo.com Image by @sjurich

17 hours ago

I am taking down the withlovecleo.come site at the end of this week in preparation for something new and exciting coming in September! If you want this lovely print or the anti-racism print, please order over the next few days! I love you! And I love seeing these in your homes! Link in bio 🤍 images by @teachoutsidethebox & @dinajeanjean

2 days ago

Happy Birthday to my main squeeze, my baby daddy, and all of my best friends’ best friend @simondavidkinberg . Everything is more fun with you. I love you. ❤️ 📷: @globaliza

5 days ago

I sat down with one of my best friends @symonedsanders to talk about the 2020 presidential election and why #imagowithjoe Symone is one of the smartest people I know, I am so grateful she made the time to go live with me and have this conversation. Please take the time to watch if you can. And please make sure you are registered to vote, y’all. The current occupant of the White House is a true nightmare. We gotta him out. I love you. I love us. #TeamJoeTalks P.S. email me if you would like this video with captions. I can send ya next week: community @cleowade .com

2 weeks ago

I so love this book by @ladygracebyers & @keturahariel thank you @janieandjack for having me launch this amazing book series. Oh, and dress by @hillhouse #partner

2 weeks ago

I saw this while I was feeding Memphis Love this morning. Thank you Candace for taking my words to the street to fight for justice for Breonna Taylor. The movement continues. #blacklivesmatter #arrestthecopswhokilledbreonnataylor #repost : @withregram@candacepellowski Breonna Taylor was murdered 113 days ago. Her murderers are still free. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Minnesota has not moved on. Minnesota has not stopped. The movement does not stop because the news does. We are marching to demand justice. We are marching to force a response. Because black lives still matter. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, always. We need to stay focused on justice, love, and solidarity. Keep fighting, keep learning, keep listening, keep evolving. It’s a movement, not a moment. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #blacklivesmatter #arrestthecops #justiceforbreonnataylor #unity #solidarity #humanity #nojusticenopeace #breonnataylor #march #protest #minnesota

2 weeks ago

Dialogue requires us to be patient and humble and it yields growth, understanding, and deeper levels of empathy, vulnerability and compassion. Debate requires us to have our guard up. It asks us to stay put even if where we are is not where we want to be. I think this is helpful language when embarking on a conversation with someone you may be in disagreement with. I will say, the trick is, you need to make sure everyone involved is having a dialogue. If you are willing to have a dialogue and the other person is only willing to enter into a debate, it is really hard to move forward. I have struggled with that in my own family. But I will keep trying. Thank you to my friend @estherperelofficial for this distinction. I love you. I love us.

3 weeks ago

“You never give up on anyone.” John Lewis forever.

3 weeks ago

I’m sorry this video is not captioned. If you would like a version with captions please email community @cleowade .com and I will send this week ❤️

3 weeks ago

I was lucky enough to spend time with John Lewis a few years ago. I remember being so nervous to meet him because I truly idolized him. He was so warm and kind and everything you’d hope him to be. His life and legacy has always and will continue to deeply impact the way I live and work. A true hero who loved no matter what. Rest in Power. Rest In Peace. We love you, John Lewis. 💔

3 weeks ago

I can’t count the amount of times I have sat in my “ Are You Okay?” Booth and talked to someone about being heartbroken over a friend. For many of us (including myself ) we suffer through pretty unhealthy romantic relationships for large portions of our life and it is our friendships that carry us through. It is our friends that help us get into therapy and/or make us stop texting our bad boyfriends cold turkey, it is our friends who put us up for jobs, come to events we organize, sit front row at our big moments, support us as we find the bravery to assess our childhoods and parents with honest eyes. It is our friends who chase off our shame when it creeps in, protect us from being small in moments when we need to expand, watch terrible tv with us, cry with us when we need it (my friend Molly once watched Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes AND Beaches with me back to back because I just need a good cry ). Our friends are our co-dreamers, our spiritual board of directors, they invest in who we are and who we can become. My friend @aminatou wrote a book with her friend @annfriedman called @bigfriendshipbook . It came out yesterday and let me tell you…this is the book you have been waiting on. It is the book that will speak to your experiences with your own friends in a way nothing else has. It is also the book that can be a friend to you during this sometimes very lonely time in isolation. I actually got an early copy of this book a month or so ago when I was at the peak of grieving a life where my dinner table was filled with my girlfriends and wine. I am so proud of my friend @aminatou for writing this book and I am so grateful it is in the world. Get it wherever you get your books. I love you. I love us. P.S. who do you have a big friendship with? Tag them below so I can meet them!

3 weeks ago

Found this in a an old notebook from a few years ago. True then. True now. We are meant to go on. I love you. I love us.

last month

I have often called having a child, the ultimate act of optimism. Really it is the ultimate act of hope. ⠀ My favorite definition of hope is from Deray Mckesson’s book On The Other Side Of Freedom, ⠀ “Hope is the belief that our tomorrow’s can be better than our today’s. Hope is not magic; hope is work.” ⠀ We do this work for our kids- the ones we have, the ones we know, and the ones we may never meet but deserve our care and respect. ⠀ We work on ourselves so that our kids don’t have to live burdened by our blindspots and bias. ⠀ My daughter Memphis Love reminds me to be humble when it comes to what I do not know. She reminds me to allow my thoughts and ideas to shift based on what I learn about the world and the experiences of others. She reminds me that I’m always learning. ⠀ The movement we are living in is changing us. If it is changing you and the way you look at America, it’s systems, institutions, and celebrations... good. Let it. Maybe this is the first year you’re looking at #july4th a little differently because you realize that not everyone was free when the holiday to celebrate America’s Freedom was created. Maybe this is the first time you considered that Mt. Rushmore is built on land that was seized from the Lakota tribe by a man who attended KKK meetings. Maybe this is the first year you considered that your favorite football team is named after a hurtful racial slur. ⠀ None of us are born knowing how to be completely anti-racist with a full understanding of anti-oppression politics. ⠀ It is hard to be wrong. And sometimes when the thing that is wrong feels obvious to others, we feel pretty embarrassed. In those moments where shame sneaks in, I ask that we not double down on our old ideas in order to justify our old thinking. Personally, there is nothing I admire more than an openness to personal growth. And there is nothing I feel is more valuable to teach my daughter. ⠀ She doesn’t need to know that mom is always right. She needs to know that mom is always learning. And that mom is unafraid to change based new information.

last month

Sharing these words from the incomparable #audrelorde on the last day of #pride month. To our LGBTQIA+ family, you are your best work. We celebrate you and stand with you every June, every other month of the year and every day of our lives. I love you. We love you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

last month

Yes, indeed. ❤️ Love seeing these words in your homes and spaces. Thank you to everyone who bought one to support the @girlsclubny Repost: @sayraloren

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Amen to this. What are some things you wish you had learned earlier in life? I wish I had known how to accept and celebrate beauty in all shapes, sizes, and colors including my own. Posted @withregram@theconsciouskid What are some things you wish you had learned earlier in life? Tweet: @jenniuneone [image: tweet by @jenniuneone that reads: “Teach your children early what you learned late...” in plain black text on a white background] #Parenting #RaisingKids

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Elijah’s mom needs our help. Nothing can bring her baby back but the officers responsible for his death must be brought to justice. The investigation Elijah’s mom has been seeking for a year is finally underway but we must keep the pressure on. repost & drawings by @thefakepan Go to @justiceforelijahmcclain and click into the link in their bio to find links to contact officials in relation to Elijah's case or donate directly to his mothers gofundme page. . . . Additional info - Elijah vomited several times while being restrained when the police confronted him he told them he was about to turn his music down. He was injected with ketamine because he was understandably in incredible distress. #elijahmcclain

last month

Love yourself. Wear a mask. Love your family. Wear a mask. Love your neighbor. Wear a mask. Love your community. Wear a mask my people. I love you. I love us.

last month

Absolutely. Thank you for bringing my words to the streets @candacepellowski I love you. I love us.

last month

There is a line from Heart Talk, that says, ⠀ “Not every ground is a battleground.” ⠀ The rest of the text on that page of the book says, the ground is not only the place where must fight for what is right, it is also the place where we are being divinely held up by earth. No human body can survive every day in the trenches. ⠀ It is important to embrace this global wake up call and activate yourself. It is incredible to see how many people want to learn and grow and change and protest and call their elected officials and have hard conversations with their family and friends. ⠀ Whether this type of life is a new life for you or not , I ask that you give yourself permission to pause. ⠀ Don’t stop. Pause. Rest. Reflect. Regroup. Replenish. Then keep going. ⠀ Know your battlegrounds but do not ignore your holy grounds. ⠀ The above text is a message from one of my best friends when I asked him to describe when he feels rested. ⠀ I share this with you in hopes you make your own list. Where do you feel rested? ⠀ Know those spaces. ⠀ We need to know where they are so we can find them when we need them. ⠀ I love you. P.S. I would love for you to share with me what makes you feel rested

last month

If you have family in Kentucky, call them. If you don’t, donate to votetolive.org. There can be no justice when unjust people are in office. Vote out the people who only care about their own power. Vote in the people who care about YOUR power. Let’s do this, Kentucky. I love you. ALSO ARREST THE COPS WHO MURDERED BREONNA TAYLOR. ⠀ Repost: ⠀ • @issarae There’s been lots of talk about combatting systemic racism... Voter suppression is a tool of the system against us. This system is the reason why there’s been no justice for #BreonnaTaylor , who was murdered in Louisville. There is a primary election coming up in Kentucky TOMORROW to get rid of one of the biggest enemies of our justice: Senator Mitch McConnell. ⠀ Jefferson County has ONE polling place for 600,000 people. We have the chance to elect a senator, Charles Booker ( @booker4ky ), whose work politically and on the ground, is in alignment with the change we want to see. Don’t let the attempts to suppress our voices succeed. If you’re not in Kentucky, but want to stop voter suppression, you can donate @ votetolive.org. #AllEyesOnKentucky

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And Happy Father’s Day to my dad Bernardo. I have never had to wonder if you were proud of me or if you loved me. Thank you raising me to be a proud Black woman. And thank you for always being such a wild and free individual. It taught me how to be my whole damn self and never care what anyone thinks. Love ya. Also lol this t shirt. Drop a 🖤 if your dad is the most eccentric one in the fam.

last month

This year, for #fathersday I began writing a small book about our family on my typewriter for Simon. This is the cover. There aren’t many pages yet so I bounded it with a safety pin. In this book I hope to always remind Simon that he is seen and loved. I hope to remind him of the simple joys found in our home. I hope to remind him that he brings magic and wonder and laughter to our family. Parenting and partnering are not easy jobs. They truly show you what you’re made of. Parenting especially makes you realize that you are an ever growing and maturing being. We raise our kids as we raise ourselves. As they evolve, we evolve too. We also share roles. Sometimes mothers are fathers and fathers are mothers and aunts are fathers and grandmas are mothers and sometimes the people who choose you and love you with their whole hearts are your parents. All of the stories of how we are loved are important. Who are the people who raised you? Be proud of them. Especially if you raised you and continue to do so. Be proud of you. Tell your stories. Tell stories about the people you love. Let them know you feel lucky to live in the light of their love. This is how we give our family (the ones we are born into or the ones we choose ) their flowers while they are still here. I love you all so much. Enjoy today.