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Mar 2020

“Biomemesis: to give to one another what it needed, just as the cosmos does.” - Sharon Betcher • • • I had to go to 3 different grocery stores in the last two days to find some simple basic needs. I’m becoming painfully familiar with the sight of empty shelves and panicked faces. I took a hike for a bit of nature therapy to quell the anxiety and loneliness my empathetic bones are taking on, and ended up also restocking my medicine cabinet. The earth is so generous. There was no talk of scarcity among the pines & ferns & lichen. Everything was nearly bragging in its abundance. I’m hoping to be a bit more *biomemetic* in this season; learning how to give what is needed and have eyes to see what is abundant. • • • I’m no clinical herbalist or licensed doctor or therapist or anything, but I always have a few remedies & tea blends & tinctures & tips for cold and flu season I’m happy to share. And an endless amount of long walks and long talks to share too.

Dec 2019

Oct 2019

M’lady @lucydacus

Oct 2019

Sweet dreams, faithful lil valley.

Sep 2019

Stunning scenes of wild solitude, of the last 24 hours.

Aug 2019

I wish I could speak words about her the way that she and I spoke to each other: staring into each other’s eyes and hearts for hours on end, paws on each other’s faces. I wish I could bury my face into hers one more time, like I had the privilege of doing more than possibly any other human on this earth. I wish everyone could have learned the lessons she taught me in most of my formative years; how to be tender & affectionate & faithful & softening. There is no proper way to honor the loss of a perfect golden pup. The softest & most beautiful golden pup. So I’ll just keep trying, every day, to love the rest of this world with even the smallest fraction of how much I loved Bali, and hopefully an even larger fraction of how vastly & practically & perfectly she loved all of us. Love you forever precious pup.

Aug 2019

Taking grad students on a camping trip sure helped blur the lines between the last days of “summer vacation” and the first days “back to work”.

Jul 2019

Summer vacation: days 6ish-15ish.

Jul 2019

Summer vacation: d a y f i v e

Jul 2019

Summer vacation: d a y o n e

Jun 2019

Celebrating the Summer Solstice by making some sun tea & spending time tending to the herb garden. Thankful for long days and the healing that so much sun brings. Sun tea: Calendula, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Feverfew, St. John’s wort, Nettle. Featured plants: Sage, Chamomile, flowering Cilantro, Echinacea, Mugwort, Peppermint, Vervain, Skullcap, Rosemary, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha, Lavender.

Jun 2019

Practiced living a life of w o n d e r with high schoolers for the past week. Hoping to bring the spirit of Adventure Camp with me wherever I go.

Jun 2019

Jun 2019

Sage, mugwort, lemon balm, peppermint. Got talking to @reclaimedcraft about plants and was inspired to give the herb garden some pruning love. Excited for all the spring/summer teas, tinctures and balms these few will contribute to.

Mar 2019

Lower Yosemite Falls || 3.10.19

Jan 2019

Big fan of the way and old friend can make anything/anywhere feel like home. @dom .floyd

Jan 2019

Morning coffee with extra f o a m.

Jan 2019

Sunday afternoon Dutch Baby. _____________________________________________________________ Sometimes rainy days get me down, sometimes they’re very yummy.

Dec 2018

Live New Orleans Jazz + Conference on Religious, Secular & Spiritual Identities = this quote: “Things aren’t getting worse; they’re getting uncovered. We must hold each other close & continue to pull back the veil.” @adriennemareebrown

Nov 2018

b o y g e n i u s

Nov 2018

There’s something eerie about hiking in the forest while serious wildfires rage through your state; not because of the threat of the flames, but because that which is usually lush green is now muted and grey. Draped in the ash of the nearest fire, the trees and ferns and and grass bear witness to all that has been lost. As I walk by they appear as the ghosts of the those forests being consumed by flames. But so much more has been lost, for so many. Lives, homes, towns. May we all bear witness to these tragedies. And, like the forests which will continue to strive to grow, may we strive toward care for the people who have been affected and the earth that has been scarred. https://www.calfund.org/wildfire-relief-fund/

Oct 2018

Consider this your formal invitation to come visit & go on this hike again with me!

Oct 2018

🙌🏼 deeeeep breaths 🙌🏼

Aug 2018

Meet my new friend. Her name is Castle Rock State Park in the morning time.