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If your fundamentals in life are The Beard-Family-Loyalty-Respect & Charity... JOIN The BV World Wide 🌏 Brotherhood⚔ DM 4 Details.

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May 2016

⚔ BEARDED VILLAINS ⚔ ON A MISSION. "To unite bearded men of all cultures, races and creed in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honor and Respect toward all people, Dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity charity and kindness" Edit by @deadsupermodel

May 2016

- ▪️DM ( direct message ) your bearded photo expressing your interest. -▪️ post this photo of our flag to show your interest and express why you want to join on your caption. - ▪️If you add "BV Villain Hopeful" to your Bio it helps us to know your status and speeds up the process. - ▪️you can always reach out to any of our SCOUTS by looking up the hash tag #BVSCOUT and help you speed up the process when they vouch for you. - ▪️once we take notice we will look at your page and consider you to join as the first rank VILLAIN . - ▪️Not All will make it through due to our code of conduct. We are strict because we want solid loyal brothers who are that A SOLID BEARDED VILLAINS BROTHER who respects our brotherhood. Cheers ! And we look forward to have you on board. 🎩🔪🍻

May 2016

Welcome to our Scouting Page. A Prospect is the beginning of a great journey in a very unique Brotherhood of Elite Bearded Villains from all over the world. If you are here you are interested in joining and with the right qualities we will welcome you with open arms as we believe in the unity of all of our brothers no matter your religion, color, race or where you are from. See the next post and follow the steps.