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3 weeks ago

BOOM! My loctician got me right today. She retwisted my locs and man I needed it. After 3 months I had hella new growth. How it look y’all👀❤️ • • • • • • Ignore #Palmrolling #locs #healthyscalp #87locs #dreadheadnation #dreadhead #ilovemyloctician #12monthlocd

4 weeks ago

I was caught off guard today, but my family threw me a whole graduation. I thank and love y’all. How I look?👀 • • • • • • Ignore #2020collegegrad #stacyadams #suspenderswag #blackandgold #guccibelt #family #locs

5 weeks ago

First time going to the barbershop in months. Shit I feel good. Oooweee🍝 • • • • • • Ignore #poloralphlauren #locs #guccibelt #6lows #beautifulblackmen #beardgang

last month

Daddy I miss you. I need you. Ever since 2015 I been making you proud, but I’ve been sad. Especially today. I’m tired of the bullshit. I really need guidance, patience, and strength. I’ve tried being good here on Earth, but it seems like it’s not working. Anyways we can talk more in private. I love you❤️

last month

Alright so look I know I was late, but that’s because I really didn’t have the words to say due to the video we all have seen in regards to George Floyd. The only feelings I’m sure we all had were anger, sadness, the feeling of fear, and hopelessness. None of those feelings should hold us back for fighting to maintain who we are. Feel me? My brothas and sistahs we have been dealing with racism and discrimination since 1619. Think about that. We were forcefully captured, beaten, raped, worked for nothing, treated like animals, and did things that we know are not right. I say all of that to say this. Stay strong my brothas and sistahs. We will have our time and they will hesr our voice I promise you that! • • • • • • Ignore #blackouttuesday #justiceforgeorgefloyd

last month

Man of the year🩸 • • • • • • Ignore #Guccibelt #dreads #crinklylocs #lightskinnedmen #flyguy #swag #niceshoes #beardedmen

last month

Gotta stay focused out here🩸 • • • • • • Ignore #beautifulblackmen #lightskinnedmen #beardgamestrong #Youtuber #realtalk #PIFC #locs #palmrolling #beautifuleyes

last month

As you all may know, graduation was supposed to be today. Graduated from where? Three Rivers College. I have my Associates of Arts in pre sports medicine to become a physical therapist. Now when I received the email a couple of months ago that graduation was canceled for this year my heart broke. In the midst of all things (even though there was no graduation today ) I still received some memorable gifts from my family. My grandpa gave me a virtual reality headset, a photo album, some money, and this awesome basketball. It’s not just any ordinary basketball - it has some awesome stuff printed on it. Read it. My titi gave me an awesome gift as well. All in all I’m thankful that I graduated with a 3.3 GPA from Three Rivers College, was a Vice President of Ohi Theta Kappa Honor Society, I was in student leadership, a student ambassador, in Spanish club, ACHIEVE program, and I was loved by many: teachers, friends, faculty, etc. I’m just so thankful for everything Three Rivers has offered me everything I didn’t get in high school, which was a family, and for that I appreciate them. My daddy (May be rest in paradise ) would be so proud of me❤️ • • • • • Ignore #collegegraduate 🎓 #ThreeRiversCollege #poplarbluffmo #Educatedblackman

Apr 2020

I’m sick of quarantine💯 • • • • • • Ignore #Quarantine #lightskinned #blackmen

Apr 2020

I GOT ACCEPTED! IM A TIGER BABYYYYY! Alright, so look this just happened. Literally a calling from GOD and my daddy. Texas Southern University just sent this to me 23 minutes ago. Thank you all for this opportunity. I thank my family, friends, acquaintances, doubters, my day 1 supporters, etc. GOD has truly placed like minded people in my life. I also have a great support system. @texassouthern LETS GO!

Mar 2020

Im with the hat on, my daddy is on the right (May he Rest In Peace ). I might win this. #parenttwinlookalikechallenge @jackielong

Mar 2020

Again I thank @latashanicole77naturalhair for doing locs. I feel like Samsun. I get strength from my locs🥵 • • • • • • Ignore #YouTuber #palmrolling #Blackhair #Sunsout #blackmenwithlocs #Locs

Mar 2020

A big thank you and an appreciation to @latashanicole77naturalhair for my first ever palm rolling. You brought life back to my locs and I appreciate you so much. I hope you feel better as well. • • • • • • Ignore #Ilovemyhair #Youtuber #Youtuber #Blackhair #palmrollinglocs #Locs #healthyhair

Feb 2020

Big 💯 subs! I’m so happy, I appreciate all the ppl that subbed to me, watch my videos, hit that like button, commented, stated by me. Hard work does pay off. Next stop is 1k

Feb 2020

Waddup y’all it’s ya main man of a thou wow grand Prince Cash. I have a new video up on my YouTube. It’s great content. Go check it out. Watch it, comment, subscribe to it, like it.

Jan 2020

All I can say is that I’m so happy. From high school graduation, it took me three years to get my Associates. A lot of our brothas and sistahs are either not able to go to school, can’t go to school, or they go to school and they focus on bullshit. Me, I cut off all that noise and I was focused from when I set foot in that classroom. Hard work pays off. I know my daddy is looking down on me and smiling, my ancestors are looking down on me smiling as well. My degree is Associates of Arts in pre sports medicine to become a physical therapist and I have a general education thing as well. I’m destined for great things and I’m proving everybody wrong🙌🏾🩸

Jan 2020

D R I P🩸💧🩸

Jan 2020

All 87 of my locs are flourishing. 7 month loc’d💕 • • • • • • Ignore #Youtube #blackhair #Crochet #longhair #flourishing #interlocks #NBA2k19 #7monthloc #Loclife #locs #hangtimelocs

Dec 2019

Ima DEMON😈🥶💯 Song: Icon Remix [Mo3] • • • • • Ignore #Youtube #Youtuber #NBA2k #NBA2k20 #Offensivethreat #NBAneighborhood #Playground2k #Xbox #shootingguard #twos2k #streaking

Dec 2019

I’m baaack. Offensive Threat. 96 overall. I be shootin fat ass greens. My player just too nice mane. I drop off top rep players most the time.😈Song: Kevin Gates- Big General • • • • • • Ignore #Youtube #Youtuber #NBA2k #NBA2k20 #offensivethreat #NBAneighborhood #shootingguard #kevingates #biggeneral #idgt #threesplease #greenbitch

Dec 2019

Would you look at that? Before I get into this rant, I have 87 locs🙌🏾❤️. Getting locs and going through the process has been a hectic, beautiful, frustrating, and worth while process. Here’s why? For the longest time - it seemed like my hair was not growing, my hair wouldn’t loc, I was stressed, and I really wanted to give up. I guess this is GOD’s (and my ancestors ) way of saying, “you see what happens if you just stick to the process and just relax?” I’m loving my hair. It’s been six months and my locs are flourishing nicely❤️. loclife #blackhair #blackmenwithdreadlocks #locjourney #hangtime

Dec 2019

TRC was lit as hell when I first came. They was crazy as hell though💦😈

Oct 2019

I do this in real life too👐🏽❤️ Song: Quando Rondo ft. Jaydayoungan - Where I’m from • • • • • • Ignore #Youtube #Youtuber #NBA2k #Opengym #NIKE #Basketball #Instagram #flickofdawrist #irlbasketball

Sep 2019

*OFFENSIVE THREAT* I know it’s a little soon, but I think I like my player in 2k20 more than my player in 2k19 - straight up. I was late gettin 2k this year and I’m still GØAT like. I have 2 badges and I’m playing like this 👀 btw... Pro 2 coming soon (19-4 ). My homeboy said I’m the best nigga he’s played with and I have basically no badges ❤️😂 Song: Montana of 300-First Day Out • • • • • • Ignore #Youtube #Youtuber #NBA2k #NBA2k20 #offensivethreat #NBAneighborhood #nba2kneighborhood #shootingfromdeep #ilovexboxone #gamer #fades #fadeawayshot #greenbeans