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4 weeks ago

I didn’t get to make to the annual Dolores Hill Bomb, instead here’s an oldie photo that my brotha @kmynhonoshee illustrated over. #doloreshillbomb

last month

@emesmalls caught my good side 🖤 📸👑 👉🏾

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Black hair matters. Hair stylist 💇‍♀️: @beautyflo Models : @iamjmyn_ @flyguyychris

last month

Many Blessings Today🚨 Happy Juneteenth🙏🏽✊🏽💯 As part of the Black Lives Matter movement going on, some friends and I collabed to create apparel @rootedfromlove that we are passionate sharing with everyone! 💯% of proceeds are going to black charity organizations! We want everyone to know and be able to voice that Black People Originate From Love💜 This movement is so needed and near and dear to so many of us! But as Juneteenth is here it is important to know that we originate from love! We hope to spread positive change that is so needed within our broken systems. With this Juneteenth weekend being so important I wanted to tag 10 people that have always been #rootedfromlove ! I encourage everyone posting the weekend to do the same and let your friends and family know the value of so many! Much Love🙏🏽 Follow our page @rootedfromlove to get your t-shirt or click the link in the bio! Happy Juneteenth! Let’s celebrate! #rootedfromlove #rfl #blkpploriginatefromlove #allblacklivesmatter

last month

THIS SUNDAY 1:30 - 4PM @ Embarcadero SF || Honored to announce a public demonstration in support and contribution to Black Lives across the nation. This Sunday, June 21st, is colloquially recognized as National Go Skateboarding Day, as well as Father’s Day. Utilizing Skateboarding as a platform of outreach, community, and activism, this Sunday we aim to provide a safe space for cathartic expression of our passions for unity and empowerment of Black Lives. Join us at Cupid’s Arrow on Embarcadero Street at 1:30pm, as we skate to Skater’s Island in front of the Ferry Building and come together in solidarity through recreation and dialogue. Feel free to bring a skateboard, bike, or your own two feet; the most valuable method of transportation is our passions for humanity and justice. #skate4blacklives #sf #sanfrancisco #nationalgoskateboardingday #fathersday #blacklivesmatter #robsskateacademy #stsskateco #skate4change

last month

The change is coming ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿 (6.3.20 )

Jun 2020

A beautiful peaceful protest happened on this bridge today. S/o everyone fighting the good fight, the support is appreciated ✊🏾❤️ #BLM

Jun 2020

We are BLACK MEN!..... We build.... We don’t tear down other BLACK MEN! ....We have felt the pain of being torn down and we have decided we will be deliberate about building others! If I didn’t tag you, please don’t be offended. I tried to pick people I thought would do this challenge!! All too often, we mending it easier to criticize each other, instead of building each other up. With all the negativity going around let’s do something positive!! 🌟Upload 1 picture of yourself.... ONLY you. Then tag as many brothers to do the same. Let’s build ourselves up, instead of tearing ourselves down. 💜💜COPY AND PASTE💜💜 if you’ve already posted just know I appreciate you and will always stand with you. 📸 @seanskii ✊🏾❤️

Jun 2020

History is literally happening in front of us all. I appreciate everyone who reached out to me, posting support towards black lives matter on their social media and calling out racists in their own circle on their bullshit POV. All photos from the peaceful protest on 5-31 in downtown SF.

Jun 2020

I’m tired, I’m hopeful and I know change is coming. Shout out everyone supporting the PEACEFUL PROTESTS, reaching out to their friends of color and calling out injustices when they see it happen in front of them or virtually. Seeing so many people in SF, my hometown of Tracy, CA and around the world doing what they can to support has given me the hope I’ve been looking for during this emotional roller coaster we call the present.

May 2020

Yup, we are stuck at home as time continues to pass us by. And yes, everyday during this quarantine has been a fuckin struggle. But if you’re reading this, I’m grateful you’re here today and I am happy you took the time to read my caption. I’m grateful for this phone I spend too much time on, my near sighted eyes that let me see the world, beautiful weather, my family and the roof over my head. Hope you have a great day and don’t forget to write what you’re grateful for before ya go to bed hoe!

Apr 2020

🏖 🌞

Apr 2020

Treasure island was great but a new chapter has opened.

Apr 2020

Crazy stories and Dolores go hand in hand. 👉🏾

Apr 2020

Another Crave Rave for the books. ☠️💥🎬 P.s. I miss capturing events with me squad..

Apr 2020

Happy to be here.

Apr 2020

I just wanna wyl out with my friends and family.

Apr 2020

“Work from home.”

Mar 2020

Even during this quarantine, black and white is worth the fight.

Mar 2020

Shit ain't the same..

Mar 2020