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3 days ago

Happy Oreo (Memorial ) Day from Carlyle What an amazing visit we’ve had this time, already looking forward to July!!

5 days ago

Freshly cut from our garden. If only you could smell these 😍

1 weeks ago

Summer 2020 is officially here 😎

2 weeks ago

Carlyle: aunt wan, thank you for getting the good paint at the store Me: thanks for validating my excessive art supply collection

2 weeks ago

Did this painting for a friend and her husband as they moved out of their first home. One perk of all this free time has been rediscovering lost passions! 👩🏽‍🎨

3 weeks ago

Ingredients for how to make the happiest “Wan” 💕

3 weeks ago

Feeling pretty blue today so I thought a trip down memory lane might help. Sharing some of my favorites so they’ll be easy for me to find later 💕 This is a weird season but it will pass.

last month

Crossing every bone in my body and praying my very hardest that things go according to plan and I get to snuggle this monkey in just 2 weeks!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

last month

Today was one of those straight from my daydreams kind of days...if I’m going to be unemployed, at least it comes with days like this 💞

last month

Quarantine project number 483 - got some engagement photos printed and hung. And a few extra to swap out as we need something new : ) apparently Luna the model decided she needed to make an appearance.

last month

10.16.20 6 months. Then forever. 🤍 Life feels so weird right now, nothing is as it should be for so many people. I’m hopeful in 6 months we can look back on all of this extra time we’ve had together and see it with a tender fondness.

last month

Hey there beautiful, I’ve been missing you! 🌉

last month

When life hands you lemons, pour yourself a glass of good bourbon, make a list and get moving. Here’s to new adventures 🥃

last month

Can we go back to this perfect day pretty please 😢

last month

Someone is getting a little too used to us being home all the time... She’s started begging no matter what we’re making. 😼

last month

Over here on Morris we’re trying to use this quarantine to learn some new skills. Starting with calligraphy and guitar, wish us luck!

Mar 2020

Missing spending time with all of these beautiful ladies! Cannot wait for a summer chocked full of pool parties and kayaking and so many warm nights around a fire! 🌺☀️🔥

Mar 2020

Because lately the only photos I’ve taken are of my sleeping cat, here’s one of my favorites from our engagement session instead.

Mar 2020

Something I never would have noticed had it not been for this forced slowdown...how quickly the same tree can go from bare to beautiful. Trying to find joy in the little things 💕

Mar 2020

Making the most of the bit of sunshine we had today, can’t wait to come back here in a few weeks when everything’s blooming!

Mar 2020

St Patrick’s day #coronavirus style = isolated workout in our favorite park, Guinness on the couch and a virtual celebration with some of my favorite ladies. Staying safe Making the most out of what we can. Hoping to look back on these memories in a few years and be thankful.

Mar 2020

So happy we were able to stock up on quality Carlyle time before we were all banished to our homes. I’ll miss you monkey, see you in May!

Mar 2020

Note to self: when you wear a jumpsuit, leave extra time for potty breaks! #congrats @danihenry07 and joe. So thankful we could get together celebrate you two amid this craziness. 💕

Mar 2020

So excited to see the rest of these. Now to figure out how many are acceptable to print and hang around our house 💕 @baremomentsphotography