@bigdaddyboricua Alex Clewis

Puerto rican and black 🇵🇷 Commercial Realtor🏦

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Jun 2020

NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. this should help weed out the fakes!! ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

Sep 2019

Europe was fun 🇳🇴 🇬🇷

Jul 2019

Guess I’m ok dressing like this for work everyday🤷🏽‍♂️. Ready for what’s next. #CommercialRealEstate

May 2019

THIS PIC NEEDED ITS OWN SEPARATE POST. My best friends, my brothers, 4 college grads bout to tear shit up😈. #BLACKEXCELLENCE

May 2019

Man... finally done. Happy to have been able to reach this milestone, but none of it would have been possible without the constant love and support of everyone in these pictures. On to the next challenge. #ClassOf2019

Nov 2018

My face when someone tellin me some bullshit🙄😂tournament final tomorrow 1pm! Our chance to make history 💪🏽

Nov 2018

Although we lost, at the end of the day I still won. Thankful for all the support. #SeniorDay #SeniorSzn #PlayoffBound

Aug 2018

Ready for Davis and Sac this weekend😈 #SeniorSzn S/o @jvnnif3r for the pics🔥

Jun 2018

Summer: ✅ Commercial Real Estate Internship:✅ First headshot:✅ Makin my momma proud: ✅ Summer has only begun🙌🏽

Apr 2018

It wasn’t everything we hoped for but a great season nonetheless! On and upwards from here LADS! WELL DONE! #ManchesterIsBlue 🦈🔵

Mar 2018

Got to watch Iceland train yesterday, great experience. Got a pic with the man @johannberggudmundsson too! Like he said, it looked way cooler with the glasses ON😎😂 good luck in the upcoming games and in the World Cup 🇮🇸

Mar 2018

Just a little light work preparation for my first last spring game this week😭excuse my out of shape ass jog to the cones I still have the flu🤢😂. #IHateTheWayIRun #ISwearImAthletic #ConesWasIghtDoe #MadeTheSave #RodrigoYelledGreatShit #WhoSaysGreatShit #DrigoDoes #215FeelinLean #Sjsu

Mar 2018

Focused on the future #trusttheprocess

Feb 2018

Always a good time when the boys in town😈 #JaeCrowder #NathanOpenYourEyesSmh #IsaiahConvincedHeLightskin #LingLing

Jan 2018

Can’t wait till the lads are back so we can get back into more of this! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ spring season around the corner 😈

Jan 2018

Because I need a new photo and why not post it of the two most important women in my life 😍❤️ #FamilyFirst

Sep 2016

Gotta love the grind more than you love the reward. Gotta keep this win streak goin😈 S/O @btoopositive for the saucy pics! #1 #NDNU #Work #3GameWinStreak

Sep 2016

Just saw this photo so had to post this throoooowbackkkk Thursday pic with the boys. Good times

Sep 2016

Two games down one championship to go. #1 #work #ndnu #LetsGetIt

May 2016

Haha gona be spamming IG all summer with these pics! Dream chasin #TheMob

May 2016

Just trying to make my dreams come true, one save at a time⚽️😈 #PDL #LVMFC

Oct 2015

Ayyyee S/O ndnu for the pic haha and our 3rd straight win, 3 games left. #NDNU #99 #YeahThatsTapeOnMyShoe

Oct 2015

Haha I keep forgetting to post this... Don't come at me or you'll get juked😈can't let ur position hold u back 😈

Jun 2015

#TBT to last week when we got to watch quakes first team training and get a tour of avaya stadium #BurlingameDragons #ItWasHotAf #ThisPicMadeMeSweat #GoodTimes