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4 days ago

BVEA proudly presents our new merchandise, head on over to www.bvea.co.uk we have pin badges, patches, Tee’s & hats, head on over and check the website out, while your there find out a little more about us!! Thanks to, @ginger_villain @hillbilly_hazard @the_bearded_chef1 @fuzzbeardbv81 @beardedhedgehog @tommienott @tattoostace @terminal_preppie for the awesome shots!!

2 weeks ago

Our hopefuls were tasked to message another villain and ask 3 questions!!!

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

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Transformation isn't about improving, it's about re-thinking Malcolm Gladwell

Apr 2020

⚔ELLIOTT'S FLAG FRIDAY⚔ Today we fly our flag at half mast, for our mini villain Elliott. An inspirational, cheeky monkey who brought light & happiness into all of our lives. A dinosaur loving, real life superhero who will be missed by so many. Fly high amongst the angels little man 💚🦖💚🐒💚🦕💚 #elliottsarmy #oursuperhero #forelliott