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💎CEO of @AJC250 ⛪God Over Everything 👑My Role Model @katepyt 💪 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💼Built on self success-BO$$!💰👑 🇷🇼 🇷 🇼 🇦 🇳 🇩 🇦 🇷🇼 #INKOTANYI

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Oct 2019

Beyond R.M of Mine @katepyt Queen of all the time👑👑👑 I know i can't be like you but whatever i admire about you, My aim is to achieve it and go beyond 💯% and in order to achieve all of them I have to work hard💪🏻💪🏻 and quit of being hard❌ and quit of being lazy❌ 💍 I Believe In Jesus & All Is Well Bcz Only God Is In Full Control 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Feb 2019

@katepyt Finally @shopkabash   @kabashfashionhouse Officially releasing Kabash Worldwide!⠀Go check to website: www.shopkabash.com You can now shop their loved Denim Collection as well as their first spring Kabash collection NOW!  For those who are in Rwanda you can visit them : @kabashfashionhouse your luxurious shopping therapy corner in Kigali, Rwanda. UTC, Upper parking, after the security check point call+250785379494 Email: kabashbrand @gmail .com @kabashhouse African crafts, all African print designs (clothes,accessorie,jewelr )Interior designing , Located at Kimihurura call+250785379494 Email: kabashbrand @gmail .com Welcome!!! #Naremeye @theben3 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Nov 2018

“I don’t take myself too serious but I take what I do very seriously”💘💘 AJC 100% @gwiza_diamond #GodFavChild #AllIsWell #Blessed

Nov 2018

🚨Am In Love with this beautiful song 🚨 “THE ONE” by @magalypearl and @iceprincezamani 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘 @gwiza_diamond

Oct 2018

Congrants to you @fifi_fifi_rwanze my beloved sister, its my happiness to have you as my sister, am proud of you always Never give up. 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Oct 2018

Credit goes to my Superman @ruud_gullit_g Designed, Defined, Destined #3D , God Goals Growth #3G #GodFavChild @gwiza_diamond #AllIsWell #Blessed 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Oct 2018

#Blackmotivation All Is Well Because Only God Is In Full Control. 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘 @gwiza_diamond #GodFavChild #AllIsWell #Blessed

Oct 2018

Too my dearest grandmother in Heaven, While I know you will never physically see this, I hope that some how, you'll know about this article, and be able to know what it says, and to know how much I miss you. I know you was amazing grandmother I remember the final time I saw you on Tuesday 07/08/2018, If I'd known that would be the final time I would ever see you alive, I would have stayed far longer, just too be with you once more But it was the final hospital visit that would be the last. When you died, I took it so hard, it was the hardest thing to happen in my adult life, and while I'm an emotional person, I took your passing the hardest of anyone in my beloved ones, I think it's because, for the first time in my adult life, someone who meant so much too me was gone. I'm sorry you won't be at my wedding, if I ever get married. I'm sorry I'll never hear your hilarious stories, and I'm sorry I wasn't able too see you one last time or to tell you I love you I'm so thankful too have had the relationship we did and while I'm better since you passed, it's still hard. But I know, you're always there, and you'll always guide me and protect me.  @fifi_fifi_rwanze 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Sep 2018

She is my R.M, Best wishes to your life @katepyt , Enjoy for your birthday's vibes with a lot of happiness😍😍, Follow #katepyt #kabashhouse #kabashcares #kabashfashionhouse #shopkabash #katebashabe @katepyt @shopkabash @kabashhouse @kabashcares @kabashfashionhouse 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Aug 2018

My Fav Singer @selenagomez 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Jul 2018

AJC 100% wiz ma Gapuchuli.💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘 #GodFavChild #AllIsWell #Blessed

Apr 2018

Buy a T-shirt help a survivor by #katepyt @katepyt with @kabashfashionhouse & @shopkabash @kabashhouse + @kabashcares @kabashevents All Rwandans let's say "Genocide Never Again." 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Mar 2018

@katepyt #katepyt La vie c'est qui commence par l'amour, Dieu que protégé Mon @katepyt et @kabashfashionhouse + @kabashhouse + @kabashcares @shopkabash @kabashevents 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Mar 2018

@katepyt Someone call a doctor Koz somebody is about to fall down #homechilling , All Is Well 4 @katepyt bcz Only God is In Full Control with in @kabashfashionhouse & @kabashevents @kabashhouse . @kabashcares @shopkabash 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Mar 2018

Happiness iz alwayz there @katepyt #katepyt CEO of @kabashfashionhouse & @kabashhouse @shopkabash for @kabashcares @kabashevents . keep moving forward bcz All Is Well. 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Mar 2018

#katepyt Our better life our future Keep moving forward @katepyt With beautiful Brand for @kabashfashionhouse , @shopkabash And @kabashhouse @kabashcares 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Dec 2017

I am no Longer a Slave to fear because I am Child of God. .💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘 .Designed, Defined, Destined #3D , God Goals Growth #3G @gwiza_diamond

Oct 2017

Special thanks to my Lord God 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘

Mar 2017

I Love You my little Prince as a king of the future. 💘 #HateMeButLoveMyCountry 💘