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2 days ago

The question I get most after folks watch my films is: “What do I do now?” Today, I’m so, so proud to launch a project that my comrades at @ARRAYNow and I have been working on for over a year. Today, we launch #ARRAY101 : dynamic learning companions for all our film/TV projects. We begin with WHEN THEY SEE US. And trust me, this ain’t your grandma’s study guide. Fresh ways to broaden our knowledge and challenge our thinking. Download for free at array101.org. Because we can never stop learning. xo

6 days ago

When you love someone in this number, every mention, joke, meme, gif, fundraiser, op-ed, political speech hits differently and hurts deeply. God bless all these souls. And all their families and friends who weep for them and wonder why the world doesn’t understand how we feel.

2 weeks ago

Just directing a legend. No big deal. 🤪 Thanks to my cameraman @lukasz_bielan for sending me this throwback out of the blue today. And to @oprah , you truly are an ethereal being in the universe so this role wasn’t a stretch. Thanks for always supporting me. xo #tbt

2 weeks ago

Happy Wednesday. Be like my nephew. Find something to smile about. xo

2 weeks ago

My Mom had me when she was a teenager. When I was a kid, someone broke into our house. The police caught the young man around the corner and brought him back in a squad car for my mother to identify him. She saw that he was just a punk kid, leaned toward the window and told him: “You’re going to be okay. God is with you.” And let him go. That’s my Mom. That’s her heart. That’s the joy and faith and blessing she gives me and my family. Today is this remarkable woman’s birthday. So strong. So soft. So kind. So smart. So everything. Mom, you are our family’s sun. We revolve around you. We love you. We celebrate you today and everyday. Happy Birthday, My Sweetie. 💕

2 weeks ago

A dozen years of friendship and counting. Watching the trajectory of your light - across doubt, fear, rejection, dismissal into confidence, risk, courage and triumph. So much more to witness. I absolutely cannot wait. Happy Birthday, my dear @lenawaithe . Always, A.

3 weeks ago

Seeing so many kids posting homemade prom pictures this year. They’re getting dressed up and taking pix in their backyards and porches and stoops because their proms are cancelled. Made me think about mine and dig this up. Wondering how all these rites of passage being cancelled will affect today’s seniors? Not the end of the world in context, but it’ll be interesting to see how the Class of 2020 - who didn’t have a traditional graduation or a prom or a proper goodbye to the high school years - does out there in the world. I hope they do better than everyone before them. Make us proud.

3 weeks ago

Today would have been the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival. I had the thrill of being on the jury a couple years ago thanks to Cate Blanchett. A dazzling experience. As a filmmaker, I dream of playing a film of mine in competition one day. Many filmmakers share that dream. Imagine this being the year that dream came true and the fest is cancelled. Not the end of the world in context, but tough for the artists affected. So I salute them tonight. And I’m looking forward to the next fest. And I’m happy to remind myself how I look with some makeup on. Looking forward to more of that too! xo

3 weeks ago

Dear Mom, You were the first beautiful thing I knew about this life. The first warmth. The first love. The first blessing. The great poet Rumi wrote: "Love is alive, and someone borne by it is more alive than lions roaring or men in their fierce courage." I know this to be true because of you. You are the reason for any light I have in me. Any sweet spot is because of your sweetness. Any street savvy is because of yours. Any bravery is yours. Any boldness. It is yours - just shared with me. Mom, I am your breath and you are my blessing. I love you and I thank you. For all the little things, and all the big things, and all the things I'll never know. Always, ReRe

4 weeks ago

I miss this. #femalefilmmakerfriday

4 weeks ago

People who believe in justice have done a strong job of raising awareness for his murder. Now let’s voice outrage for our brother beyond social media. Among other things, District Attorney George Barnhill must RESIGN. Text JUSTICE to 55156. Also, dial Georgia directly at 912-554-7200 to make your voice heard. Our voices are our weapon. #JusticeforAhmaud #IrunwithMaud

4 weeks ago

On behalf of all who worked on this series and on behalf of the brave men we chronicled, we extend our thanks to @PeabodyAwards for this beautiful nomination.

4 weeks ago

I don’t think I ever posted these candids from last year’s #MetGala . It was a weird, fun night. Thanks to @Prada for having me. This year is skipped. Next year will be on steroids probably. Which is saying a lot because it’s already wild.

4 weeks ago

That time Daniel met Oprah and dropped an F-bomb of joy when he hugged her while Denzel gave a thumbs up and for some reason I witnessed it all up close before both icons turned to me and told me to take a picture of them all. Whaat?! #forhismom #avarewind

4 weeks ago

Queen Cicely Tyson. Camera Tests. CHERISH THE DAY. 2019. #avarewind

5 weeks ago

Proud of our sensational team at @arraynow for pulling this off. It was pretty epic. Brava to each of my comrades on a job well-done. And thanks to all of the filmmakers and filmlovers who joined. A good time during tense times. Link in bio. xo

5 weeks ago

Blessings. Bravery. Beauty. Those are my wishes for your new year of life. That you count the blessings around you. That you choose to be brave through grace and kindness each day. And that your eyes stay open to the beauty of this world, in ways large and small. I love you, baby brother. And I’m always here for you. Happy Birthday, @nicholas_maye . xo

last month

Hoping this feels like a big creative hug to filmlovers. Fifty of my favorite filmmakers of color and women filmmakers of all kinds. Answering your Q’s at #ARRAYNow . This Thursday. All day. For serious movie lovers. xo

last month

I asked some of my fave film directors on @Twitter to hang with me and talk movies all day. They said yes. What?! If you love films, Thursday is for you. @ARRAYNow presents a day-long creative convo between filmlovers and film directors. Use the dedicated hashtag #ARRAYNow and ask all your questions! [also the IG and Twitter wars are real. Look how IG has restricted views on this. Guess we take it upon ourselves to spread the word. ✊🏾]

last month

Our non-profit foundation ARRAY Alliance has launched a $250,000 funding initiative, ARRAY Grants. The goal of ARRAY Grants is to provide vital financial support to grassroots entities that serve as cultural catalysts for narrative change. Our funding focus is organizations and individuals that center people of color and women of all kinds. We can’t let them disappear during this challenging time. xo

Mar 2020

In 2020 so far, CHERISH THE DAY is basic cable’s highest-rated new scripted series. We had a landmark number of 50% women crew members. A sweet cast, led by @alanomiller and @xoshroq and the legend Cicely Tyson. Our production design, hair, makeup, wardrobe, camera, music and all other department heads were stellar. Our @arraynow executive @celadevine did her thing. My thanks to our directors, writers and editors - especially tonight’s helmer @aurog24 , cutter @aceleeroy and scribes @raynelleswilling and Teri Schaefer. The whole experience was a wild and wonderful ride. Well done, everyone. And my truest thanks to each person who watched Gently and Evan’s romantic adventure. I appreciate you and wish you love. xo. A.

Mar 2020

Just back to California after filming a project that is hands-down the most fun and fulfilling time on set I’ve ever had. Ever. The crew was magic. The cast was extraordinary. The production was a dream. The story is so strong. I loved everything about every day making it. It’s a pilot for @hbomax called DMZ. I hope folks get to check it out. We poured our hearts into it. Shout-out to my DMZ family. Miss y’all already. All my love, A. 🖤

Feb 2020

Directly from your Instagram account, you can now watch the full first two episodes of CHERISH THE DAY right inside your timeline until Friday! My first time doing this with a full show and I love it! *Just click the link in my bio.* And enjoy! 🖤

Feb 2020

Thanks, @IMDB . For watching and really seeing. This made me feel proud. xo