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last month

‘Check out my @thestartupsquad swag! Thank you Brian!’ Alex I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brian and he got to share his amazing organisation- The Startup Squad. They inspire young girl CEO’s and have a special way of teaching business skills with an awesome and inclusive book series called ‘Girls Mean Business’. The first thing my daughter said when she got her ebook was ‘oh mum she looks like me and means business!’ ...with the biggest smile. It is no surprise that his work has been featured in the news especially with his #100inspiring100 initiative. I want to thank my favourite rocket scientist @thejasmaven of @thesteamcollab for introducing us and I cannot wait to inspire more #girlpreneurs alongside you both in the future! Make sure you follow their pages and get the book series for your little ones. #inspiringothers #girlsmeanbusiness #representationmatters #booksforkids #startuplife #girlceo

last month

Pan-Africans a Party of you came from this continent. What can we do together you ask? Watch and if something stirs up in you, search for those who identify with the vision you were given and let’s make it happen together. Let’s finally give those of African descent a place to own and call home. Produced by Mduduzi Masuku Written by Sihle Bam #nowherebelikeAfrica #nowherebelikehome #lioncontinent #continentofuntappedpotential #nomorelooting

last month

Think about this when you choose to share space with someone. Never feel that the issue is you or about you. The behaviour of a human being is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. It is the responsibility of the other to be aware and choose to work on and begin a journey to heal themselves. Forgiveness is peace, peace onto you and peace on to the other as you bless them and let them go. #selfcare #forgivenessisfreedom

last month

38 is off to a great start! Year 4 in my @thehtmamjourney , one of 3 great lionesses @shebaventurepartners , showing skin love, thanks to @chocolate .cinnamon, co-inventor and about to launch @myhygear , #eMBA 2020 class at @quanticschool . What more can I say but Thank you Lord. So many did not make it to their next birthday this year, my heart is with your families. I kick off this year with peace, love and a clear position of what I must do for and within my family, my colleagues, business partners, my community as well as myself. I will lead with love, strength and gratitude. Thank you to those who love me healthily, as I am and push me to be a better human being everyday. Thank you @syvanti for #Lockdown11 wellness program- 14 pounds lighter and 38 feels amazing! #38goingon28 #chocolatecinnamonface #peaceofmindisthebottomline #theshebaeffect #sunsetbirthday #bobaanddonuts #htmamjourney #ifeelgood

Jun 2020

Over the past few years I have been overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions about how Pan-Africans are treated in America and around the world. As a Nigerian Brit, I am one of the lucky ones to have options to leave when things get too much. For those who don’t, I made a decision to make a difference in my community wherever I lay my hat by sharing my skill set and experience to help. At first it seemed like a mammoth task. Then little by little my African brothers and sisters joined in to create a path home for the mistreated majority. These past few days have been heartbreaking but also cleansing. Many of us will lose acquaintances because of where we stand publicly but that’s ok. Pan-Africans rise despite chains, despite been denied basic decency and human rights, we excel because we have no room to slack and when we focus, we win. I pray for unity for every single one of us to march with one voice not just in protest but in action to create an independent space where we are valued by one another. Where we acknowledge the pain of one another and use it as fuel. George died in the worst way but look how so many around the world walk with us to shed light to the darkest trait of humanity, racism bred from insecurity, fear and hate. So thank you George for being the light we needed to demand change on a global scale. Your life till your last breath had meaning! You and the others who suffered the same horrific ordeal before you will not be forgotten. You have fueled us even more. To your family, I wish them strength and hope they find a little comfort in those who protest peacefully in his name. Pan-Africans, we need to love one another and work together for the benefit of us all. Love wins every time and I pray this is reflected in the final outcome of this moment in history. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter #lovewins

May 2020

When I started @thehtmamjourney a few years ago, I knew at some point it would be challenging but I kept going because my goal was financial peace. If I could take the worry of money off the table, what could I do for myself and others? Well I am finding out and sharing this space with you all once again. So catch up with Series 1-3 and I cannot wait to share how year 4 has gone. I have guests coming in and panels to talk about what peace of mind, the #htmam kind looks like for them. My hope is from our stories, you will find yourself and be encouraged to achieve what some will call impossible. #achievetheimpossible #financialpeace #thehtmamjourney #htmam #adesolaakindele #asakindele #thehtmampodcast #howtomakeamillion #millionairemindset #millionairequotes #letsmakeadeal #7sourcesofincome #multiplestreamsofincome #financialfreedom #financialliteracy #financialindependence #dreamscometrue

May 2020

It really is. Let go and live. 💜

May 2020

Your reaction is everything. Did you really feel pre-Covid 19 was so perfect? A world without distractions means we have time to face the life that we have. Couples rediscover each other and make decisions they have put off because of lack of physical proximity. Singles take a moment to evaluate what they really want. Families are all together. Parents experience the value of teachers and build patience to cook a stone. Some workers realize slowly they have value beyond four walls while some realize the truth of how their employers value them. The air is so much cleaner. Nature is thriving while humans are not. We know who our neighbors are. We call loved ones and friends because #covid19 has bought us time the most precious commodity to build the life we desire. Time to be with and see what truly matters. For those who experience the negative side of this pandemic, panic and revolt is not the answer. Instead seek an alternative. It isn’t easy but think- ‘what else could I be doing with my life right now in this new world to benefit others and reward myself?’. Have you seen the new breed of entrepreneurs? A simple example, face mask makers! Covid19 has revealed the future industries that will survive a pandemic and that human capital may need to be replaced. It has shown that hygiene is now fast becoming a commodity. Not great for many to hear but if you settle to reflect on the positive and adapt, take the time to become self-aware, you will come out if this a better human being. #saturdaymusing #thesaeieffect #selfawareness #emotionalintelligence

Mar 2020

So much joy that you can’t put it words. Simply be grateful for the precious time you have and do not waste a second blaming others or feeling sorry for yourself. I am so happy to share with mum this delicious #Shiraz from @jamjarwines that we strolled and picked up from @worldmarket ! #celebrategoodtimes #familytime #sohappyyouarehome #letscreatemagic #theshebaeffect

Feb 2020

Starting the week on a high after guest lecturing at San Diego State University today. Topic was Emotional Intelligence, Personality and Entrepreneurial mindset. I also shared the importance of Self-Awareness in entrepreneurship with a sprinkle of mental health. Will post videos on Friday. Thank you Tanya and the students who attended. #goalachieved #thesaeifactor #thebiabookpledge #nomadlecturer

Jan 2020

What a decade of amazing grace! What a journey to get to me. I was not planning to be a mum but it happened and it is the best job ever. This decade I gained more brothers and sisters, this decade I got to love and appreciate my immediate family, this decade I lived the single mum life(which is awesome by the way ), this decade I began a soulful journey, this decade I beat depression and worked on anxiety, this decade I stopped doubting myself, this decade I found peace by accepting who I was and working with what I had, this decade at my lowest ebb, I discovered the greatest part of me- love! Thank you to everyone who crossed my path, thank you to those who love me as I am now, better than I ever was but not at my best yet. I found myself, I found the light within and wish you all an amazing year, let’s make this one epic! #epic2020

Dec 2019

Your reaction is everything. I choose to end the day happy no matter what I experience. I start with a gratitude session reminding myself what I am grateful for. Then recite the Lord’s Prayer. This is specifically for forgiveness of self for my errors and others who I let affect me during the day. Then I listen to a guided sleep meditation on @insighttimer . It takes about 15mins just before I catch my zzz’s. It has made me a happier person who looks forward to the next day positively. #neversleepangryorsad #attitudeofgratitude #endyourdaywithasmile #glowwithcc #faceglow @chocolate .cinnamon

Dec 2019

This is 2019 summed up. Grateful for everyone in my life and those who are not. Your choice has made me who I am today. Grateful for the next phase in my career which every experience good and bad in the past 15years has prepared me for. Grateful for life because as of a few days ago my health came into question and just happy I can speak without pain again. Grateful for opportunities and knowing which ones to go for and which ones to decline. Grateful for family and friends as I have learned to appreciate every one of you as you are. Grateful for love, the force that drives us in every capacity. Grateful for time, the currency of our dreams. Grateful to the Almighty for continued grace. Grateful to feel this peaceful and happy. Hope you all have something to be grateful for in 2020. #gratitude #2019 #bringon2020

Dec 2019

I am grateful for the errors and the humbling mistakes made. #stealthmode #likealioness #theshebaeffect

Dec 2019

Love spending time with this Wonder Woman. So much to look forward to in 2020. Let’s boogie! #xmasparty #corporategigs #mummydaughtergoals #theshebaeffect #shineyour32

Nov 2019

One of my favourite #gratitude quotes. Grateful to The Almighty for this phase of my life and those I am blessed to share it with. Stay positive, look out for the lessons, love yourself, pray, recite and work towards your manifestations daily and all will fall into place. #gratefulheart #thankyouLord #peaceloading #happythoughts #selfworkmatters

Nov 2019

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Nov 2019

#Repost @blueheartinc ・・・ Today's STEM Competition Finale was AMAZING... Our young men were exposed to what it's like to pitch their app, having it judged "Shark Tank" style. @shebaventurepartners had the best time at this #stem pitch event held @ucsandiego . Young lads pitched business concepts they had worked on for 10weeks with mentors. They presented and defended their ideas with such poise, I can only congratulate @blueheartinc for the amazing work they do. We can’t wait to find how we anchor in this wonderful picture. #theshebaeffect Follow @blueheartinc @shebaventurepartners

Oct 2019

Just remember nobody is perfect so just be you with all your flaws and the best people will find you! #nobodyisperfect

Oct 2019

Look hard enough you will find and explore options and opportunities so never limit yourself to your current or past experiences. Learn, grow, become. #nolimits #exploreeverything #beopentolearning #afixedmindisadeadmind

Oct 2019

Pulling out the Afro with a massive smile this weekend! Happy Saturday all! #shesmiles #theshebaeffect 🔥🔥 #allaboutsaei #thesaeifactor