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4 days ago

:: ✍🏾 Rest. Give yourself permission to rest. Chances are you have never been as physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially and emotionally fatigued. All at the same time. It's a lot. So rest 😘. :: #AbbyInvents #COVIDThoughts #Month5

2 weeks ago

:: Vibrating higher this week. Celebrating one year in medical imaging. Plus, I'm incredibly proud to be 1 of 125 @ifthenshecan Ambassadors featured in the world's largest, FREE resource library of photos and videos celebrating diverse, contemporary women in STEM. And if that wasn't enough, Girl Scouts USA dropped 24 new STEM badges and yours truly is featured in the *new* STEM Career Exploration badge. Grateful. Just grateful 🙏🏾 #GoGod ! @girlscouts . As an #IfThenSheCan ambassador, I am part of an initiative dedicated to meeting young women – potential future STEM leaders – where they are. The #IfThenCollection will take authentic images and videos of #womeninSTEM to places where they're not often seen, but needed most! From Science Museums, to Classroom Walls, Lesson Plans and more the #IfThenCollection will make it possible for young women and girls to SEE themselves as the next #STEM pioneers. Check out the library full of images, videos, and more! www.ifthencollection.org Hair: @elomshairstudio #SimonDaysDoScience #IfThenSheCan #GrowthMindset

3 weeks ago

:: Outreach is my oxygen. That's what these past four months of quarantine has taught me. Just as we need oxygen to live, I need STEM outreach to thrive. Its infinite feedback loop of give and receive breathes life into me and dreams into future inventors. . What I give/share is my STEM journey and my stories ( #AbbyInvents ). By sharing, I inspire future inventors. In response, kids get super excited and I receive their energy. Their energy fuels me to become a better engineer.  . The lack of in-person outreach these past four months has caused me to become off balance. There's been a shift in my mood and my physique. I have become disconnected. I work better when I do science, art and outreach equally. Without art (my writing ), I feel mentally drained. Without outreach, I feel like I've lost my life's purpose. Without science, I feel bored. Being a multipotenialite is what makes me, me. So this virtual living continues to be a struggle. . This July, I decided to give the virtual world a try. And, I said YES to a few speaking engagements (swipe to see ). Beginning to see a light. A little light. Hope it gives me the oxygen I need. Thank you educators, librarians and parents for inviting me into your home. The gratitude is MUTUAL. Even if I only see Future Inventors virtually, my heart does somersaults when I do. Their curiosity and energy diffuses from their laptops... through the interwebs... through my monitor and... into my being. And, it's that energy that helps me jump back into meetings x meetings x meetings on edge computing in medical imaging.  #IfThenSheCan #SimonSaysDoScience

last month

:: I knew Abby's name before I knew her story. I woke up one morning in 2016 with her name on my lips and I was so excited. I imagined her as you see her today, afro puffs, curious eyes,.... What story could I craft worthy of an inventor named Abby. . . Truthfully, Abby Invents was not the first book I thought I'd publish. In 2015, I spent months writing about a little girl who dreamt of becoming a doctor. Little Doctor Me. Try as hard as I might, the words felt flat. Character development was blah. So I tucked it away and prayed that the universe would guide me to write a story that would inspire girls like me. #FailureFriday . . Tonight, I opened my inbox and was gifted a magical email, radiating love and light. Twelve future girl inventors want to write me letters. Twelve future problem solvers dreamed a new dream because of my words. Just as Abby wrote a letter to Inventor Maya in the book, they'd like to write a letter to Inventor Arlyne. 😯 Incredibly grateful to YOU for sharing Abby Invents within your network. Eternally, eternally, eternally grateful to YOU. #AbbyInvents #IfThenSheCan #GoGod

last month

:: Meet the daddiest daddy who ever daddied - my Daddy! . . [AGE 14]: When I was choosing my subjects in high school, he suggested that I choose Literature too. After all, I loved reading so why shouldn't I do Literature and Chemistry and Biology. His rationale, you need to be able to communicate the science. 18 years later, I became a children's book author. . . [AGE 22]: When a student told me that I only got into University of Michigan because of affirmative action, I immediately felt small. Demoralized. Less than. What if I wasn't good enough to be there? Daddy - do you think that's true? He stewpsed. Said who the hell cares what people think. What matters is you're here now so show them what you are going to do with the opportunity that you've been given. The opportunity that you and I both know you worked hard to get. So I did. . . [AGE 25]: When my experiments were failing despite being in lab until 11pm one Thursday in May 2011, I called him near midnight and he answered the phone. Heard my tears and said fly home tomorrow. So I closed my eyes and bought that $600+ same day ticket from Detroit to Atlanta just so I could be enveloped in his hug. He fed me omlettes and cocoa tea all weekend and when I came back to Michigan, I was filled with cocoa tea, confidence and clarity. Enough to figure out the problem in my experiments and go on to win all these accolades. Each award is my gift to him for believing in me, challenging me and cheering me on each step of the way. . I could go on an on about my Daddy but you get the picture. He's the daddiest daddy who ever daddied. That's my Daddy - the first civil engineer that I ever met 🥰. My academic counselor, career mentor and life coach. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! WE DID IT. We are DOING it. We will continue to DO it. 💕💪🏾 #FathersDay #TwoEngineersInAPod #LikeFatherLikeDaughter #SimonSaysDoScience

last month

:: Bestie and I were chatting last night, sister-to-sister, engineer-to-engineer. Ours is one of those beautiful friendships where you finish the other person's sentences. WE have decided that the first terminology we'd like to see OBLITERATED from engineering is "master-slave" technologies. Yup, you read that right. The English language has billions of words. Why are we still using this phrase in academic and professional settings? 🤮🤮🤮 . In engineering, particularly in electronics, the "master" device controls one or more "slave" devices. I kid you not. Google it. I was first introduced to the concept as a chemical engineering undergraduate, most likely in my process control course. No one seemed to mind but I cringed every time I heard it or read it in black and white. . A year & a half ago, I sat in a 5-6 person meeting. I was the only woman and only black person in that meeting. Here we were discussing the architecture of a computing system and one colleague says, "this is a master-slave configuration." My eyes widened, brow tightened, teeth clenched but no one noticed. Should I tell them this is making me uncomfortable? If I tell them I dislike this term, they may say that I'm too sensitive or playing the race card. Sigh, let me just get through this 30 minutes then pour myself a drink! . With the "sudden" 🙄 awakening of the world to systemic racism, perhaps I'll speak up next time. My ask of you is this: when you hear this horrid term, offer the following alternatives: PARENT/CHILD or PRIMARY/SECONDARY. Easy-peasy. Let's use better words, shall we? #IfThenSheCan #Engineering #systemicracism

last month

:: ✊🏾 Systemic racism in all sectors: tech, banking, pharma, academia, healthcare, policing, publishing, law enforcement, prisons, et cetera et cetera has gotta go. Our BLACK is LEGENDARY ✊🏾 #AbbyInvents #BlackGirlMagic #ImplicitBias

May 2020

When your brain tells you that you can't do something, try responding "I can't do it YET." By adding YET, you are giving yourself permission to grow...permission to fail a few times before you CAN. #SimonSaysDoScience #IfThenSheCan #MissionUnstoppable

May 2020

There wasn't one event that said, "Arlyne, go be an engineer." What I do know is that I did not want to have a boring career. Never, ever, ever. So when I heard a chemical engineer say that an engineering degree meant that I could never be bored, I immediately switched majors from chemistry to chemical engineering. "FULLjoyed" myself during my interview with @izzylapidus on CBS Mission Unstoppable @cbsunstoppable #SimonSaysDoScience #IfThenSheCan

May 2020

:: Binged The Last Dance docuseries on ESPN. Larry Bird had me at "I think he's God disguised as Jordan." 🤯😆 Have you watched it yet? #AbbyInvents #TheLastDance

May 2020

:: Many successes in the lab begin with a failure. Here's one of my favorite failures. Circa 2011, my PhD advisor suggested we zap cancer cells with ultrasound. Hypothesis went something like this: "If you zap cells with ultrasound, then pores will generate in cell membranes allowing delivery of cancer therapeutics to the cells." Easy-peasy, right? Nope! Every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 time we zapped the cells, they died 🤦🏾♀️. So one day John (my postdoc mentor ) challenged us to flip the script. "Since we're so good at inducing cell death, let's just keep zapping them dead." We were clearly frustrated. But, John had a point. Go where the science leads you. We dubbed Thursdays, "Ultrasound Thursdays" and we studied ultrasound-mediated cell apoptosis aka we zapped cells with ultrasound and studied how they die. Next thing you know, we get featured on the inside journal cover of Advanced Functional Materials as co-first authors. Failure begets success. @framptonlab #FailureFriday #NormalizeFailure #SimonSaysDoScience

May 2020

:: "Everyone is crying out for peace, yes, None is crying out for justice. I don't want no peace, I need equal rights and justice. I need equal rights and justice. I need equal rights and justice. Got to get it! Equal rights and justice." 🎶 ~ Peter Tosh . . We've been singing about injustice for centuries but here we are in a damn pandemic, still crying out for justice. 🗣 In a pandemic! . . So here we are having yet another one of those #LivingWhileBlack conversations. This time it's 🗣 "Babe, when you go running (in this highly-policed county ) & (in this non-diverse state ) ... 🙏🏾🙏🏾." #IRunWithMaud #JusticeForAhmaud #AnotherBlackManGunned #AnotherLifeBecomesAHashtag #AhmaudArbery

May 2020

:: How I feel after watching @michelleobama on Netflix's BECOMING. My new, nightly bedtime story. Thank you, Michelle, for gracing us with your words 💕 #BecomingDrSimon #AbbyInvents

Apr 2020

:: Had a full circle moment while in social isolation. See, everything I create has younger me as my guiding light. That's why when I sat down to write Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons, all I wanted was to write a story for my 7 year old self. Last Thursday, Moms called: "Aye, it's your turn to read a bedtime story to the kids. Mwen las (I'm tired )." Errr... we're taking turns now? So, I pulled out Abby Invents and read to Sari and Aaiden. We giggled and questioned and reasoned. When the story was over, Sari said, "Auntie Arlyne, I am going to be a vet, an inventor and a librarian!" Future Inventor Sari is 7 years old. 🥳 #MissionAccomplished #FullCircle #AbbyInvents #SocialDistanceAuntying   #WorldIntellectualPropertyDay #WorldIPDay #IfThenSheCan #WorldBookDay

Apr 2020

:: Lemelson-MIT reads #AbbyInvents ! 🤩🥳 . Lemelson-MIT has launched a Full STEAM ahead telelearning program for K-12 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guess who's included in Week 2 lessons?! SWIPE to watch how Dr. Pascha guides students to brainstorm their own inventions! Thank YOU @lemelsonmit ! Looking for a way to entertain your kids? ➡️ https://fullsteam.mit.edu/week2-k2-day1/ #IfThenSheCan #bookreading

Apr 2020

:: Hey! How are you holding up? How are YOU and your loved ones doing? 💕 🙏🏿 . Starting Week 4 of Quarantine and I'm realizing that I am an anxious optimist or maybe an optimist with anxiety? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Optimistic about the future, anxious about the present. Blessed to be part of the ~38% able to work from home but constantly worried about the 62% who cannot. Friends on the frontline, friends who've lost their jobs 😔. Contrasted by friends who are accepting professor positions 🥳 🗣 @anamaporras . . Miss having lunches and surprise visits from @pdx_black_unicorn and @carolalora at work. Enjoying virtual game nights and virtual happy hours. Gently reminding grandparents, parents and extended family to remain socially distant. 2020 = lots of feels . So how are you doing? 👇🏾 #AbbyInvents

Apr 2020

:: So much has changed since I filmed this video with @weareintel . March thru May were initially packed with book readings, a university keynote address (my first one ) and robotics. I was really looking forward to teaching kids how to program robots. As we wrap up Women's History Month and step into Earth Month, I am grateful that Mother Nature gets to take a breath. Being quarantined means we are less on the move. Less driving, less flying, less pollution, less carbon emissions, less.... Earth gets to take a breath. For the first time in decades, Earth gets a few months to heal. #IfThenSheCan #GoGod #EarthMonth #QuarantineStories #HealTheWorld

Mar 2020

:: 34 🥳🥂 :: . Celebrated my Quarantineañera with several loved ones around the world 🤗. Wasn't about to let 'Rona mess up my birthday vibes. #QuarantineBirthdays #BirthdaysInTimeOfCorona #FlagParty 🇩🇲🇿🇼🇬🇧🇺🇸🇭🇹🇦🇬🇲🇽🇹🇼🇨🇲🇬🇭🇷🇸🇰🇪🇨🇾🇻🇮🇯🇲🇸🇳

Mar 2020

:: Canceling my free trial of 2020 on July 31st. Currently rating it as 10% on Rotten Tomatoes 🥴. Second half, come through 💯. #AbbyInvents #COVID19feelings

Mar 2020

:: Can't believe that math is in the news every day. Can you? When I was a kid, I'd often wonder what mathematicians do. But COVID-19's exponential spread across the globe has shown us the public health impact of the M in STEM. . Those pleas to #StopTheSpread and #FlattenTheCurve stemmed from mathematical models in epidemiology. These models forecast disease progression and highlight the need to proactively prevent the spread of this contagion. . . After studying the initial spread of the disease, epidemiologists estimate the number of people that one person can or will infect during their infectious period. That value is the basic reproduction number or R0. Pronounced "R naught". If R0 > 1, the disease will spread. Early estimates for COVID-19 suggest an R0 of 2.5. That's why we are asked to STAY HOME. More people home, less people infected, the lower R0. Sending positive thoughts to healthcare workers and other vital workers at pharmacies, grocery stores, transit stations, gas stations, etc who are on the frontlines of this pandemic. 🙏🏿🙏🏿 Here's to hoping that our STEM superheroes swiftly develop effective vaccines against this virus. #IfThenSheCan #MathSavesLives #MathIsCool

Mar 2020

:: 🗣 Alexa, play soca music. . 🎵Life is so good to me, life is so good to me. From you wake up this morning, you's a winner. 🎵 . Was in a funk yesterday. Most of my family members are sprinkled across 3 Caribbean islands. A few are in that immunocompromised category. Been planning the logistics of a relative's chemotherapy + radiation treatment for months now. Then this darn invisible virus messed up the vibes. Made my emotions go awry. So today, I went on the treadmill and the first song Alexa played was Cheers to Life by Voice (listen in my stories ). The second was "Bring the Beat" by @machelmontano and @thebestess . Instant whining smiles. 🎶 . #tbt to Carnival 2015 #MindTrip #SimonSaysTravel

Mar 2020

:: There is beauty in stillness. Be still. 💕 #NetflixAndStayStill #AbbyInvents #StopTheSpread #FlattenTheCurve #GiveHealthcareWorkersABreak

Mar 2020

:: After reading #AbbyInvents Unbreakable Crayons, I often lead kids through a "Create Your Own Invention" activity. We sit on the floor with our pencils, markers and crayons and we brainstorm! . . A few weeks ago at The Friendly House, these inventions blew me away. Then again they always do. I'll share a few with you: " . . ✏Electo 2.0" - an electric pencil sharpener that sharpens pencils quietly an efficiently. Why? Because Izzy's teacher will not let her use the classroom's sharpener because it's too loud. . . 🚮"Trash Net" - a net that collects trash from the shores before it gets into the ocean's water. Why? Because in tsunami-prone regions the tsunami will bring all the trash into the ocean. So we've gotta stop that problem before it happens. Like everyone, I've paused all speaking engagements, book readings and robotic after school programs until we eradicate COVID-19. What I'll miss the most during this time is meeting future inventors. But, I'm using this quiet time to ideate. Quiet times are the best for innovation. . #IfThenSheCan #SheCanSTEM #FutureInventor

Mar 2020

:: Received an email from a colleague today, describing someone's first hand account of surviving COVID-19. While we are bombarded with news everyday, this is my first time reading someone's personal story. This is a pandemic. Be cautious. Stay healthy. . . While you may not be attending a party, you may be going to work, using public restrooms, going to the grocery store. No need to be fearful, just be cautious. Limit nonessential travel. 💕 #coronavirus #covid_19 #publichealth #survivor